Sarah Palin Thinks She Predicted A Russian Invasion Of Ukraine (w/Video)

In addition to being able to see Russia from her house, Sarah Palin now thinks that she was able to see into the future. On her Facebook page Palin is bragging that she predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine if Barack Obama were elected President:

Palin: Yes, I could see this one from Alaska. I’m usually not one to Told-Ya-So, but I did.

Palin and her conservative comrades are taking advantage of events in Ukraine to reignite their cold war passion for conflict with the former Soviet empire. This is a brief diversion from the Putin love-fest that they have been consumed with for the past few months.

Putin/Palin 2016

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However, the evidence of Palin’s alleged prophecy was a trifling passage from a campaign speech she gave in October of 2008. Although she was obviously reading from a TelePrompter a speech that was surely written for her by McCain staffers, the substance of her remarks fell somewhat short of the clairvoyance about which she is boasting. If you look beyond the brief reference to Russia, it is apparent that her prognostication skills are sorely lacking. Nevertheless, the right-wing media machine is in full distribution mode to hype this phony grab for undeserved credit. Everyone from the so-called mainstream, yet lie-riddled Fox Nation, to the wingnuttery of Breitbart News is regurgitating Palin’s boast. But the truth is readily available in her stump speech forecast (video below) that contained what she called the “Four Crisis Scenarios” that would accompany an Obama administration. It’s a bundle of wrongness that will be hard for future political fakers to exceed.

Crisis Scenario #1 was that Obama was “proposing to meet with the regime in Tehran that vows to wipe Israel off the earth.” Of course this never happened, so Palin is starting out with a wild swing and a miss. What did happen was that sanctions implemented by the Obama administration, and diplomatic efforts to unify the international community to oppose Iran’s nuclear weapons program, forced Iran to capitulate, cease development, and agree to inspections.

Crisis Scenario #2 concerned Obama’s advocacy of “sending our U.S. military into Pakistan, without the approval of the Pakistani government, invading the sovereign territory of a troubled partner in the war on terrorism.” Indeed, Obama held open the option of taking action to pursue dangerous terrorists when our so-called allies refused to do so. However, this is the policy that rid the world of Osama Bin Laden, a conclusion that would not have been achieved had Palin’s protocol been in effect.

Crisis Scenario #3 criticized Obama’s position on Iraq when he “voted to cut off funding for our troops leaving our young men and women at grave risk in the war zone.” In reality Obama eliminated the grave risks faced by our troops when he pledged to end the Iraq war and bring the troops home. It was Palin who advocated leaving those young men and women in the war zone.

Crisis Scenario #4 is the money scenario. This is where Palin said that “After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.” Notice that Palin did not say what Obama’s response was or why it would encourage Putin in future military endeavors. For the record, here is what both Obama and John McCain said at the time:

Obama: There is no possible justification for these attacks. I reiterate my call for Russia to stop its bombing campaign, to stop flights of Russian aircraft in Georgian airspace, and to withdraw its ground forces from Georgia.

McCain: Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory.

If Obama was indecisive and lacking moral fortitude, it was in exactly the same measure as Palin’s running mate, McCain. Palin’s remarks were nothing more than the typical carping that occurs in campaigns that have nothing of substance to say. Instead, Palin asserts an absurd scenario wherein Putin would require “encouragement” to engage in military aggression, as if he’s looking to the west for validation. If that’s so, what did George W. Bush do to encourage Putin to invade Georgia?

To a certain extent Palin got lucky in that she happened to mention the Ukraine one time during a campaign rally. But overall her speech was littered with inaccuracies and failed vision. It is surprising that she would bother to remind people of her foreign policy inadequacies. She didn’t predict the citizen uprising in Ukraine, or the ouster of it’s president, or the Russian presence in Crimea, a region whose population is majority Russian and staunchly pro-Russia. And to characterize her 2008 remarks as predictive of what is taking place today is nothing short of delusional.


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  1. I predict there will be trouble in the Middle East. Check back with me in 6 years so I can say, “I told you so.”

  2. LOL – I don’t think “delusional” means what you think it means. She was predicting Obama’s feckless approach to foreign policy could lead to a Russian invasion of Ukraine. In terms of making a real-world prediction, she’s about as spot-on as you get. You’re probably so drunk on the Kool-Aid you don’t think there are any problems with ObamaCare either. You call her “delusional” because she didn’t mention Crimea!!! Dude you’re hilarious…

    • And just what exactly do you think President Palin would do about it?

      • Excellent question. Looking forward your answer, wardamneagle15.

        • I’d be interested in hearing that myself.

    • Yes, and Paul Revere’s ride was to INFORM the British. Her grasp of foreign policy is only exceeded by her grasp of history.

    • Bush’s feckless approach to foreign policy led to the invasion of Georgia on his watch. I guess he was feckless too. But I am puzzled as to why the right-wing pundits didn’t excoriate him in the same manner.

    • No, she said that ‘indecision and moral equivalence’ (which I read as pandering and inaction) regarding the ’08 Georgia invasion would lead to Ukraine. And, she was right. Only it wasn’t Obama’s inaction but Bush’s as he did NOTHING about the Georgia invasion, which is what Palin (speech writers) was warning about. She is ‘delusional’ because she thinks herself important enough to matter. Oh, and a bitch because who else would use the pain of other people as an ‘I told you so’ moment.

  3. ‘ I’m usually not one to Told-Ya-So, but I did.’ Are you effing kidding me! You are exactly one to ‘told-ya-so’. That is exactly what she is, just the opposite of what she claims, no big surprise there! Just when you thought she was almost gone she latches on to this shit to make herself seem relevant for a while longer. When is she finally going to go away?

    • seriously. that was my first thought. the half term governor specializes in itoldyousos

  4. Do you have idea what real news is? Palin never said that she could see Russia from her house that was Saturday Night Live. So, you start this post with a lie. Nice job! And your description of the points 1-4 is so wrong you really need to wake up. Obama has shown no support for Israel over and over. Iran and it’s development of nuclear arms is underway and they are outright laughing at Obama, are you really this stupid to write something like this? And with the troops withdrawing have you seen how many of our troops are being killed now that they don’t have support? Yes, now over a thousand, but as a liberal you like our troops being killed anyway.

    • Why do you seem upset about Palin saying she can see Russia from her house? VP Al Gore never said he invented the internet but that turned into a joke also. We are ridiculing Palin because she is a moron that somehow got picked to run. From almost day 1 everything she said is sheer stupidity. She was running for the post a heartbeat from the presidency and she couldn’t think of 1 newspaper or magazine that she reads? Give us a break. She is a national joke.

      • Oh to the contrary. Al Gore specifically stated that “…[HE] took the initiative in creating the internet…” starts at :50. Creating/inventing you can split hairs over it but that is a lot closer to what Al is accused of saying than assigning a quote to Palin made by a failed comedian. You call her a joke and yet, I suppose, you think Biden is a solid example of presidential timber. Obama/Biden make Laurel and Hardy look like political geniuses Biden was insurance for Obama. A true patriot would have to take a bullet for Obama just so Biden would not step into the presidency. So GIVE US A BREAK!!!!

        • “Taking the initiative” in this instance is referring to his interest in and promotion of the project. Big difference.

      • What’s really scary is that people thought she was a just-dandy pick for VP to an aging cancer victim. Only in a Hollywood movie would someone like that even have a chance to step in an succeed as President. These irresponsible conservative voters who claim to hate Hollywood sure seem to share in a lot of its logic.

    • Seeing Russia from her house was a joke, Einstein. The same joke Palin used herself in her Facebook comment. And the rest of your rant only proves how thoroughly you have absorbed the Fox BS. So sad.

  5. What about all the people who predicted the Iraq war was going to be a disaster? I wonder what Palin’s thoughts were on that fiasco? She pulled a Russian sounding name out of her ass. I’m sure she didn’t even know where Ukraine was when she mentioned the name. She thought Africa was a country. What an idiot!!!

    • I’m sure she didn’t even write the speech. Her speech writers know where Ukraine is. She just read the TelePrompter.

  6. The world would be in a better place right now with a President McCain in the White House.

    • While I agree most any choice would have been better than Obama, McCain would have been a near equal disaster. We have no choices any more. We get Democrat or Democrat lite. Rinos and Jackasses.

    • I wonder if he would have been filibustered 307 times. Probably not, the military would then have their wet dream: perpetual war.

    • You spelled “burning” wrong. The world would be a burning place. There I fixed it for ya’, you betcha.

  7. I recently went back and watched some of the clips of Palin talking about seeing Russia from Alaska, this response was in answer to being asked what her world-view of Russia was. I also watched some other clips of her being interviewed by Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric…after refreshing my memory, all I can say is that it’s actually scary to think she came as close as she did to being the VP. If you have any doubt, go back and watch…you almost feel sorry for her…lots of deer in the headlight looks, you can read the confusion in her face. And these were not trick questions. She loses my sympathy though when she makes comments like she did about her ‘predictions’ of today’s situation in the Ukraine, because she was never that knowledgeable or intuitive to have that forsight.

  8. Are you really that stupid? She never said she could see Alaska from her house. My gosh, I have to wonder how some of you people can even type with your ultra-low intelligence!

    • John, it’s been acknowledged already that she never said it but as was attributed to Al Gore that he (never) said he invented the internet, it was said about Palin because SHE is that stupid. How gullible to you feel now?

      • I never attributed the internet statement to Al Gore either. I try to be honest no matter what side someone is on. When you say Palin is “that stupid”, where is your proof? What proof of stupidity do you claim? If it’s mere misstatements by her, show me a politician anywhere, including this bozo we have in office now, who has not misspoke. I’m waiting to hear anyone show proof of why she is called stupid other than prejudiced about her way of talking or hatred about her public Christianity and conservatism.

        • Have you been living under a rock? Palin’s stupidity was on display everywhere she went. Her idiocy in interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson were extended bouts with dumbness, not “misstatements.” She thinks that the Vice-President is “in charge” of the senate. She said that the 1st Amendment protects the people from the media (rather than the media from the government).

          Even Fox News reported that Palin’s own staff was frustrated by her “degree of knowledgeability”:

          Carl Cameron: “There was great concern in the McCain campaign that Sarah Palin lacked the degree of knowledgeability necessary to be a running mate, a vice president, and a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

          That was the segment where Cameron revealed that Palin couldn’t name the countries in NAFTA (there’s only three and one of them is the U.S.), and she didn’t know that Africa was a continent and not a country.

          And you’re “waiting to hear anyone show proof of why she is called stupid” ??? Geez!

          • She certainly was not Albert Einstein … much similar to our current idiot in chief who cannot deliver a speech without a teleprompter to tell him what to say. She was not ready for life with the big attack dogs. I agree with that.

            Palin was attacked by the mainstream media because she appeared out of nowhere and she delivered a home run at the RNC — she connected with average Americans and they liked her. Certainly she was not ready for politics at that scale and had to be coached, but who hasn’t? What politician does not have to be coached? Joe Biden, perhaps? A guy who has been in there for how many years and still talks stupid anytime he’s near a microphone?

            I think the media attacked her and set her up in any way they could because they wanted this first half-black man to become president even though he was grossly unqualified (and that certainly shows itself daily). Both Palin and Romney knew that you do not trust Russia and whether you will admit it or not, they were right and Obama was horribly wrong. I hope this doesn’t go any worse than it already has, but then again we have a moron who skips his own security council briefing on the Ukraine so I suspect anything is possible.

            Would she have made a good VP? Hard to say, but it’s also hard to think she could be worse than Biden. She at least ran something and if I understand it correctly, she did a rather good job for her state (prior to quitting … that was stupid of her to do IMHO).

            You mention Gibson? Is he the idiot that asked her “Do you agree with the Bush doctrine”? What a lame-assed question. The fact that we have a right to anticipatory self-defense is more than just a “Bush doctrine” and until that interview, I have NEVER heard the term “bush doctrine”. Perhaps I watched the wrong mainstream news sources?

            All in all I don’t think she’s as dumb as so many want to think she is. She’s done rather well since her run as a VP — if she was stupid, she’d have faded into nowhere.

            • Perhaps you did indeed watch the wrong news source, as I heard it talked about many times.

            • As compared to what we have in there now, Palin is a genius. 🙂

          • I can totally understand why someone would still be waiting for proof that Palin is stupid. My three year old grandson believes his five year old sister is a genius. Context is everything.

        • By the way, John, I used the bit about seeing Alaska from her house as a joke in the same sentence that I said she could see the future (which is also a joke). I even explained to another commenter that Palin made the same joke in her Facebook comment (see the quote above). You really need to check yourself before you call other people stupid.

        • He never said he invented the internet. His words were, “During my service in the United States Congress I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” This statement is actually very much true and backed up by internet pioneers including Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn who said, “”No one in public life has been more intellectually engaged in helping to create the climate for a thriving Internet than the Vice President.”

          He promoted the legislation that allowed for the funding and expansion of ARPANET and eventually the internet. He never used the word invented, and the actual people who did invent it and would have the most to say about such a claim have gone on record defending his statement as true.

    • No, she did not say she could see Russia from her house. She was asked what her world-view of Russia was…her response was that you can see Russia from some points in Alaska. She didn’t even understand the question. That is why it became such a joke. And no, I am not stupid. Simply go on-line and watch some of her early interviews,…like I said, you can see by her expressions that she doesn’t have a clue. And of course rather than admit that, she accused them of attacking her. Once the McCaine team coached her, she perfected what a lot of people call her ‘word salad’ where she strings together a bunch of words that she knows inflames idiots like you, but never really says anything substantial.

      • I will have to check on that response as I do not know if it’s accurate but if it is, I am sure it is there. I do know that all politicians make stupid statements and more than once. It seems she was brought out willy nilly by the McCain camp for some reason and once she started connecting with conservative America, McCain backed down and sort of rolled over. There was a definitive point in his campaign where you could see him change. (and I didn’t like him, either).

        • As I recall she was asked about her qualifications on foreign affairs. Her answer was that Alaska was right next to Russia so Alaska was the first line of defense, or something to that effect. She tried to leave the impression that since she was governor of Alaska that made her that defense. It was a foolish answer that set the tone for her level of competency during the run-up to the election. The joke about her seeing Russia from her house, I believe, was a reaction to her “watching Russia.”

          • McCain realized that when the masses of rabidly conservative people began saying “Hey she’s just like us!” they were absolutely correct and it scared him.

      • She understood the question. Her point was that none of the other contenders had the up close and personal perspective of being so close to the then perceived no 1 threat to the US geopoliticaly. You will see things more clearly if you will stand up straight and think for yourself. ALL Network News/ MS Media is all propaganda to divide and indoctrinate. You are critical of Fox and rightly so, why do you not decry the bias and propaganda of CNN, MSNBC et al? You have merely chosen to drink your flavor of kool-aide

        • “Up close and personal” just because you can see one landmass from another? I can see the ocean from here does that make me an oceanographer? I just looked outside and saw the weather so now I must be a meteorologist. This is fun.

      • “she strings together a bunch of words …. but never really says anything substantial.”

        That, and the fact that she is white, with a nice rack, anti-feminist, and calls herself a Christian, is all the average male GOP voter needs to know.

  9. The only point Palin had is at the top of her head. There is no way possible to defend her during the 2008 campaign or anything she has said since. She was an embarrassment to the campaign staff on a regular basis and they said so. It was obvious that she was not presidential-level intelligence and called into question McCain’s methodology for choosing her. She more than any other person, including McCain, was responsible for the loss by Republicans for that race. This was more than obvious during her interview with Couric. By attempting to defend her you damage your credibility which is compounded by sidetracking this discussion with criticism of the media. Nobody needs support from any news organization to prove that Palin is unqualified for any political office or to comment on any issue facing this country.

    • Actually I believe you’re quite wrong. Many beleive McCain threw the election for some yet unknown reason … it was not because he picked her. She cannot be that stupid as she has done rather well since her run as VP. Stupid people would have just folded up and gone away, nary to be heard from again. She is a strong, fundamental Christian woman who apparently lives what she espouses, and I think that causes the left to hate her for it. As long as she’s not forcing her beliefs down my throat, I commend her for living what she says. Very few do today. Most people are hypocrites.

      Was she VP material? Perhaps not, but then again, I think there is a good argument she would be as good or better than the dingdong we have as VP right now.

      My credibility is not in danger and if you knew me, you’d know that. I am about honesty and I don’t play partisan politics. I think Bush sold us down the river with the Patriot Act and I think Obama is putting the final nails in the coffin concerning much of our freedoms. If someone can show me I am wrong in a thought, I will certainly reconsider as I am intelligent enough to know that I do not have all the answers. I defend her because I think she was dealt a very unfair blow by the media … I realize they don’t play nice but they attacked her like no one else. I wonder why they don’t do that to Obama? Every interview this guy has had consists of questions like “Who do you think is going to win the finals?” What kind of a question to a president who is dragging us deeper and deeper into debt is that? What happened to a media that actually didn’t take sides and keeps the government in control and in check?

      • I know several, and have heard of more, rock-ribbed Republicans who either did not vote, or voted for Obama because they were so dismayed by her. I am sure there are many more.
        She was brought in an effort to make inroads on the women’s vote, shake up the race, and stop Obama’s momentum. Steve Schmidt has gone public with his regret in so doing, and the manner in which she was vetted.

      • “She has done quite well” at what? What has she done that has required smarts on her part or hard work? She doesn’t write a single word published under name. Remember how much her special needs son was with her through the entire campaign? Seen him lately? I guess he doesn’t make a good prop in non election years. She is a grifter plain and simple.

        • That’s exactly right, she doesn’t actually DO anything but blow hot air. She quit the governorship because the campaign gave her a taste for fame and money that she would never have enjoyed had she completed her term.
          I am not religious myself, but I have family who are, and are conservative, and who believe that religion is a PRIVATE MATTER. As it should be. The more people like Palin push their “values,” the more I notice that their behavior puts the lie to what they say. Their religiosity is merely a shield they use to deflect their reprehensible behavior. And Palin is right up there with the worst of them. She doesn’t fool me for a second.

  10. No, John, trying to prove Palin is smart by making snarky remarks about President Obama shows how stupid you are. I realized that as soon as you mentioned the teleprompter. Having seen President Obama in person I can attest that he has an easy, off-the-cuff speaking manner with a very quick wit. If you want to see someone in desperate need of a teleprompter you should have stayed lucid during 8 years of Bush.

    • If he’s so good without a teleprompter, how come he stumbled immensely on television when it stopped working? Millions saw that, too.

      I didn’t attempt to prove Palin was smart by her remarks, but it did show she was smartER than this idiot we have in office now. Romney was as well. They were more enlightened that the pipelines that go through the ukraine are a bit important and Russia still is a nation to not be trusted. The cold war may have been over, but you shouldn’t let your guard down. Barry has. Iran is going to bite him in the ass, too.

      • Focus, John. This thread is about Palin.

      • Little miss “it took 6 years to get a degree in journalism” isn’t even as intelligent as the President’s children let alone the President himself.

  11. John, almost forgot that other comment you made about Palin: “She is a strong, fundamental Christian woman who apparently lives what she espouses…” Another stupid statement. Can’t you Sharia Christians realize when someone is conning you? Haven’t you ever stopped to think, politicians who wear their Christianity on their sleeves, are they trying to impress me or Jesus? It’s the same with politicians getting out of jail who are suddenly born again Christians. Get a clue, idiot.

    • I’m sorry to have wasted my time with leftists like you who figure you have it all figured out. You go keep kissing ass of the idiots that are spending our country into oblivion; of course, you’re probably on the taking end of that so you love it. That’s ok … your day will come.

      I’ll not respond nor read any more from people like you whose mission in life is to attack their opposition instead of having a rational discussion.


      • Typical response when you can’t refute what is said. Go to the “but you collect welfare” routine like it means something. Call names and insult people all the while bemoaning the fact that the left doesn’t play nice.

  12. Oh, John. Do I have a great stat for you. It’s about your favorite Christian, Palin. I guess you know all about her PAC (Political Action Committee). Out there raising money to get more Teapublicans elected. Well, their financial report is out and she raised over $1.1 million. She spent over $1.2 million. I bet those candidates she helped are really happy. How much did they get? $5,000. Yup, just $5,000 out of the $1.2 million spent. And then there was that “Unclassifiable consulting” and “Administrative travel and lodging.” That came to a little over $130,000. When are you going to start to believe that Palin is a con woman? She’s in it for herself! And people like you, John, are eating it up. Priceless!

  13. Palin like all Conservatives love a strong-man dictator. They crave and yearn to have a powerful man tell them what to do. And when a Vladimir Putin, just like Dick Cheney, exerts his will upon the world and they swoon and get all hot and bothered just like Palin and Rudy Ghouliani and so many right-wingers have done.

    Conservatives love Dictators.

  14. Palin is strutting around because she got one out of four predictions right. Basically, she’s a .250 hitter acting like she belongs in the Hall of Fame.

    • And even a broken clock is correct two times a day.

  15. The vast majority of these comments were written by imbeciles. John, I’m surprised you lingered that long.

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