Glenn Beck: Believers In Global Warming Are Socialists

Next Monday Fox News will premiere a new program hosted by fabulist radio jock, Glenn Beck. In advance of this debut, Beck has dropped a bomb on his new boss and millions of others around the world.

On his radio program, Beck spun a tale of McCarthyistic intrigue that slammed President-elect Barack Obama, his designated Climate Change advisor, Carol Browner, and environmentalism in general. The gist of his blathering (most of it incoherent) was that Browner’s association with the Global Warming initiatives of an organization called Socialists International, is proof that Obama intends to impose a left-wing dictatorship in America. SI is a worldwide enterprise that includes in its membership the ruling Labour Party in Great Britain and the center-left New Democratic Party of Canada. Browner’s connection is through her involvement with SI’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society, a cooperative effort to address global environmental concerns.

Where Beck goes completely off the cognitive cliff is when he asserts that…

“…almost everyone who does believe in global warming is a socialist. I mean, believes in manmade global warming that now can be fixed and reversed or whatever. And we’ve got the tools to fix it. Almost everybody who says, ‘I’ve got a plan to fix it’ is a socialist.”

Global Warming believers like George Bush, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Newt Gingrich may take umbrage at being called Socialists. Beck is also tagging 71% of the American people as Socialists, including about half of Republicans (Rep:49% / Dem: 84% /c Ind: 75%). To be clear, there are many Republicans who dispute the threat of Climate Change, like Sen. James Inhofe who likens its adherents to Nazis. But they are an increasingly out of touch cult of reality deniers who have also rejected scientifically validated views on evolution, stem-cells, tobacco, etc.

For Beck, this may not be the best way to start off a professional relationship with the owner of the network from which he is about to be broadcasting. Rupert Murdoch has publicly stated that he believes that Global Warming is real and he has committed his corporate empire to trying to fix it and reverse it, or whatever. Even Bill O’Reilly is on board. While he believes the causes are still open for debate, and he will gleefully attack environmentalists for sport, he concedes that Global Warming is occurring and must be dealt with:

“I have never understood the resistance to the concept of global warming. […] America needs to stop arguing over the cause of global warming and begin a disciplined 10-year plan to use fewer polluting agents, more conservation, and tons more innovation.”

But now Beck contends that Murdoch and his ilk are Socialists. Beck, however, doesn’t explicitly cite the Murdochian clan or other reasonable, environmentally conscious conservatives, because he would rather direct his fire at Obama and the Democrats in his aborning administration. And he’s not alone. Bret Baier of Fox News, the Moonie-run Washington Times, the uber-rightist American Spectator, the neo-con Heritage Foundation, and the rest of the Dark-Agist spin machine is out in full force screaming about the new “Green” red menace. Green is the new red.

This is particularly ironic because the ads promoting Beck’s new Fox program feature him becoming exasperated at people who make wild accusations about Democrats being Communist subversives. He literally cries out for them to “STOP” that sort of “blatantly stupid” ideological headbutting. Yet that is precisely what he is doing (and has done repeatedly as documented by MediaMatters).

What’s worse is that Beck swings from ludicrous allegations that environmentalists are Socialists to preposterous charges that they are also Fascists, in the span of a single rant. The Fascism jab arises from the desire on the part of environmentalists for government to participate in the solution. Well that settles it. He further alleges that the culmination of this debate will result in the resurrection of the Cold War with Russia, which he fears will not long remain cold. Think about that – Glenn Beck actually believes that the pursuit of solutions to a pending Climate Crisis will lead to war with Russia!

I’m beginning to look forward to Beck’s new show on Fox. If it contains a fraction of the flashes of delusional instability as the radio broadcast that contained the above screed, it could be one of the funniest TV shows ever. You know, funny in the way that schizophrenia or Armageddon is funny.


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  1. In 2001, in the landmark court case Coleman-Adebayo v. Browner, Carol M. Browner and the agency she administered, the EPA, were found guilty of race, color, and sex-based discrimination as well as tolerating a hostile work environment. The case provided the impetus for the passage (unanimous in both chambers) of=2
    0the No FEAR Act (Notification of Federal Employees Anti-discrimination and Retaliation) that was signed into law by President George W. Bush. The law was heralded as the first civil rights law of the 21st century. Study of Coleman-Adebayo v. Browner is now mandated for all new Federal employees within 90 days of their being hired, and every 2 years for all Federal employees. The extent of the racism and retaliation within Ms. Browner’s EPA was so pervasive that Congress and the Executive required study of it as the penultimate example of what was WRONG with government. When asked in Congressional hearings whether she accepted the judgement of the jury, Ms. Browner said she did.

    The question for Mr. Obama, is: Given her unrepentant position on the deplorable conditions she oversaw at EPA, how is Carol Browner qualified to hold administrative position again?

    • This rant is posted in comments all across the Internet in what appears to be a coordinated attempt to smear Carol Browner.

      It is a complete misrepresentation of Browner’s involvement in a personnel matter that was far down the chain of command at the EPA. When it came to her attention as a result of the lawsuit, she acceded to the jury decision and was later described as so upset that discrimination had occurred in the agency she headed she was driven to tears.

      Every large enterprise has instances of bad behavior that are outside the responsibility of the chief exec. It seems to me that Browner displayed exactly the sort of compassion that Obama, and all Americans, can appreciate and honor in an agency head.

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