Sean Hannity Pimps Convicted Ex-Governor

The Providence Journal caught an interesting news bite while watching Sean Hannity’s program recently. Hannity had just finished pouring gasoline on the ACORN fire with his usual bombastic sensationalism. It was the routine right-wing attack formula. Then Hannity announced that it was time for a word from his sponsors…

“[A]fter he broke for a commercial, Hannity returned with what he calls his ‘Great American Panel,’ including one Vincent Cianci. The show described him as the former mayor of Providence, R.I., without mentioning how he lost his job: He went to federal prison as a convicted felon for running city hall (with the help of our tax dollars and public power) as a criminal enterprise.”

So after condemning ACORN for engaging in activities for which no laws were broken, he proudly welcomed his felonious guest without even disclosing that this “Great American” was a bona fide ex-con.


6 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Pimps Convicted Ex-Governor

  1. Ouch! Poor Sean! That’s gonna leave a mark! Actually I’m not too surprised. Fox has a tendency to hire high profile law breakers as commentators. Its part of their charming hypocrisy. Jumping up and down and pointing at some one and yelling “they broke the law…. and now here to prove it, our very own commentator… who’s also broken the law!!” Fox should forget news and stick to comedy. It is what they’re good at.

    • Indeed. Convicted felon Oliver North has his own show. Glenn Beck has admitted to breaking drug laws. Bill O’Reilly committed sexual harassment.

      However, I can’t agree that comedy is what they are good at. Did you ever see their short-lived Half-Hour News Hour?

      • “However, I can’t agree that comedy is what they are good at. Did you ever see their short-lived Half-Hour News Hour?”

        lol… that was very hard to watch. possibly the worst form of “comedy” ever put together. they actually brought rush and coulter on to do segments, and obviously, we all remember the canned laughter. how sad.

  2. Mark,

    I lived in Rhode Island and worked in the local TV biz back in the mid-90’s. Buddy Cianci had already been kicked out of office once for famously assaulting a man who was supposedly having an affair with his wife. The assault including burning the man with a lit cigarette, among other things.

    Oddly, the guy is absolutely loved up there.

    • Now that’s weird. But perfect for Fox.

  3. I live in RI, aka Rogues Island, and Buddy is one of the most personable excons you would ever want to meet. From the backroom cocaine parlor at Capriccio to the hallowed whorehouse usually known as city hall, Buddy was the king of deception. Fitting the festering fistulas of Foxdom, Buddy brings the integrity of a man spurned by life; his (sexual beard)exhooker wife, drug addicted daughter, friends turned states witnesses,most notably…his vengeful former party affiates. If Buddy could wrangle another conviction or another term in the mayors office, he might qualify for his own spot on Fox and Friends.

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