Glenn Beck Idolizes Adolf Hitler

Tonight, more truth. More truth that I, quite frankly, am shocked by. I’m going to show you a quote here in just a few minutes, something that will melt your brain. If you’re a regular reader of this web site, you are going to say, “You got to be kidding me!”

There is information that you’re just not going to see anyplace else. I have to first give you a little bit of history, because the context is so important. So, if you just bear with me for a few minutes, I have to tell you a story.

I don’t want to believe that these things are true. I would love to be wrong. I love my country. I think you do, too. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. It’s not about party. It’s about our country. What I am telling you now is that there are Marxist revolutionaries who have dedicated themselves to principles that will destroy our nation as we know it! Now, that is a heavy charge, granted. That’s why I put the phone there.

That phone is directly to Glenn Beck. He is the one that Rupert Murdoch has put in charge to lead the campaign against Barack Obama and this web site.

Call me, Glenn. Call me! I’m begging you – call me, correct me. Tell me what I post here is not true. It would help me sleep at night. It would.

…..I haven’t received any phone calls…..

There was a controversy because people said, “You’re going to put Adolf Hitler up there?” Yes, Adolf Hitler. That’s a pretty hefty charge that people in America, in our media, listen to Adolf Hitler. Well, this person is in love with Adolf Hitler. These are Glenn Beck’s own words:

“Oh, you know who my favorite political philosopher is? Adolf Hitler.”

This week, I pointed out that Beck was a fan of the socialists and of the Marxists. Ask yourself, America, please ask yourself: If I am wrong, how is it possible he has not called? You’d think being labeled a fan of a guy who killed millions of people would make you pick up the darn phone. Don’t you think?

So, the reason why this phone hasn’t rung all week is because the most important political philosopher, for Beck is Adolf Hitler. The guy responsible for more deaths than almost any other 20th century leader is his favorite philosopher. How can that man be your favorite anything? He killed millions of people! It is insanity! This is his hero’s work! Millions dead. His favorite political philosopher. That was a quote.

America, how many radicals is it going to take? How many radicals surrounding our media will it take before you understand that when Rupert Murdoch says he wants to “shape the agenda” of the news – oh, he wants to shape it, all right.

[Editor: With a very few modifications, the preceding are Glenn Beck’s actual words regarding White House Communications Director Anita Dunn]


35 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Idolizes Adolf Hitler

  1. You do know he was quoting Anita Dunn, right? SHE was the one who said that her favorite philosopher was Mao–who was a greater mass murderer than Hitler by at least 10 times. Your quotation is taken out of context; Glenn was pointing out that if she had said “Hitler” instead of “Mao,” people would be freaking out. But because it’s Mao, and Mao’s totalitarianism is the kind that people like you happen to like, no one cared.

    • You do know I was quoting Glenn Beck, right? HE was the one who said that her favorite philosopher was Mao.

      I have incorporated just as much context as Beck does.

      • yes…things always sound shocking when TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT


      • wdoesnt really matter if it is taken out of context…you see everyone…leftists (like mark) do not and never will understand sarcasm which is present in the 12 SECOND video you showed

        • That’s rich. You are seriously accusing ME of not understanding sarcasm???

          Look in the mirror, jg. On second thought, maybe you better not. You might see some some commies standing behind you.

        • yes i am…if you did, you would be able to identify the mockery in becks voice

      • you believe he is leading the campaign against obama, eh?
        well ya know what i also have the freedom to say…ur leading the campaign against fox news! ur simply smearing and trashing them…why? because thats the only weapon commies have! if someone asks a reasonable question? what happens? u trash them instead of answering

      • like i said…you dont understand sarcasm..sigh…

  2. Wow beck is a Nazi as well as a commie, the’re the worst kind!

    I certainly won’t be watching Beck anymore.

  3. So would that make Josef Stalin the Beckster’s favorite Secretary of Labor?

  4. GREAT post, Mark.

    You must have taken a course at the Glenn Beck school of journalism…

    • Heh…the Glenn Beck school of……Huh?

      • this right here is proof u dont comprehend sarcasm because u dont understand that this guy is insulting u

  5. Beck actually gave full context. He showed the entire section of Dunn’s speech, including the non-controversial parts including Mother Teresa. I read your site often – your ideology differs from mine and I like to read an opposing point of view – but this is very disingenuous. You are flat out lying here. I saw the entire segment and Beck was making a comparison.

    • Beck completely misrepresented the context. Dunn was referring only to Mao’s statement about fighting your own war. She juxtoposed it similar remarks by Mother Theresa. The audinece got the irony and laughed. Beck sought to LIE and accuse Dunn of idolizing Mao. Then, when she didn’t call his hotline (like she would ever ring up that idiot), he implies that it’s proof of her corruption.

      That’s insane. And all I’ve done here is the same thing he did to Dunn.

      • oh did she? dunn didnt limit her favoritism to the quotes she provided…she just said mao was one of her favorite political philosophers

      • she did not refer only to the statement! she flat out stated that mao was her favorite political philosophers!

  6. That’s all they got. “Well, if they don’t correct us, then it must be true”. That should be the Fox Mantra.

    The Glenn Beck zombies just eat it up! “You know, Glenn makes sense. He can’t possibly be lying, because they haven’t called him.” Can you see the drool from their mouths?

  7. Dunn…….Mao – the one I turn to the most.

    Beck showed the entire section of the speech, not just the one line about Mao and MT being her favorite political philosophers. And yes, the audience laughed when Dunn stated that Mao and MT are not usually coupled. That cute line doesn’t change the content.

    And, I don’t think they really expect Ms. Dunn to call the bat phone,but it is fun.

    She’s toast – just waiting for a little time to pass before the bus comes.

    • Yes, Beck played a section of the speech — and then mischaracterized it via his “interpretation” for the next 50 minutes.

      I also played a section of Beck’s speech and then gave my interpretation.

      BTW, Dunn is an “interim” communications director. She took the job last May with the stipulation that she would would only stay until the end of the year. So by her own conditions (made long before any of this controversy) she will be gone in a couple of months. I’m sure that Beck will claim that he was responsible.

  8. Leave it to Beck not to know how to quote or read an entire reference by someone with a different viewpoint.
    How did this guy get on TV?
    Fox gets more outrageous every day. I can’t wait until they crash and burn when 20% (that’s what remains of the GOP) of the remaining electorate die off. Maybe we should send them all to Afghanistan………

    • uhh…you know how beck showed her speech INCLUDING the part pertaing to choices and individualism? thats called IN CONTEXT. and you see…maybe if you didnt show just 12 seconds of the vid..well..maybe (just maybe if they can get past u brainwashing them) the other bloggers would understand why he said it…so if you have any freaking guts post the rest of it

  9. what’s ironic about calling a mass murderer one of your favorite political philosophers without context to a bunch of high school students? Ironic? how about incredibly obtuse and sophomoric.

    • The irony is obvious to anyone with an open mind. The irony was the juxtaposition of Mao with Mother Theresa as they both offered advice to people struggling to succeed at something. They both said to follow your own path and find your own strength.

      That was the only thing Dunn was referencing with regard to Mao. Beck was deliberately lying to portray her as worshiping Mao.

    • so they didn’t laugh along with her and get the joke?

  10. This is the most retarded website I’ve ever seen.

    • And yet, you are here and commenting.

      As the author, I have to be here. You’re here by your own choice. If you think this site is that stupid, how stupid does that make you?

  11. I watched that show and he was refering to Anita Dunn remarks. Why don’t you show the whole segment?

    • Why doesn’t Glenn call me and deny it? If it weren’t true, wouldn’t he call?

  12. yeah, this is site is the most retarded thing I have ever seen, but it’s so entertaining to see you try and defend it, you’re like that little kid trying to build and rebuild a sandcastle on the beach too close to the water….LOL. Hahahah, geez you leftist communists really need to get a life, or better yet, get a new country, you don’t like it here then pack up and leave, Hugo Chavez or Castro I’m sure fits your philosophy and I’m sure they would be glad to have you. Go and live under a dictator for awhile and see what freedoms you no longer have. Keep reaching brother, keep reaching….LMFAO!!!

    • Wait a minute…It’s you rightists who insist that Obama is a socialist dictator. So why don’t YOU leave and let us commies live here in peace.

      I’m sure you would love it in Italy where fascist media mogul Berlusconi runs things. It would be like having Rupert Murdoch as your leader. Or you could go to the newly liberated Iraq, which I’m sure you supported wholeheartedly.

      Bon voyage and keep loling.

  13. No matter what anyone says this guy mark is gonna bash conservativism probably because it wouldn’t put money in his pocket. He probably has some kind of special interest in the democrats completely destroying the american economy.????? The FED creating money out of thin air. peoples vote will speak louder than this deuche’ bags words ever will. come 2010 and 2012, he’ll be looking a new job.

    • You figured me out. I am working with Democrats to destroy America. And we will succeed.

      Our evil plan is going along like clockwork. First elect a dark-skinned, Kenyan, Muslim to the White House. Then take an economy that was driven into recession by the previous administration and drive it down even more. Then place everyone under the control of a Marxist dictatorship and repeal the Constitution. All the while trying to give health care to illegal immigrants and kill off everyone’s grandma.

      How did you figure it out?

  14. Turn about fair play.

    Fun to see Fox News tactics used scumbag Beck.

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