Bold/Fresh? The Bill O’Reilly/Glenn Beck Idiots Tour

On the O’Reilly Factor yesterday, the big news was released that Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck will be taking to the road for a major entertainment event: The Bold & Fresh Tour.

It sounds like the launch of a new laundry detergent to me. But no – this is the Tea Bagger equivalent of the Grateful Dead. This national extravaganza will march across this great nation from Westbury, NY, to Tampa, FL, to North Charleston, SC, to Norfolk, VA to … well actually, that’s the whole thing. Four cities in seven days. It’s gonna be WILD! As it says on…

“It’s an event that makes professional wrestling seem like a night at the opera.”

Now that’s exciting! This will not be just another evening of inspiring music, compelling drama, extraordinary talent, and cultural enrichment. Hell no! It will be a sweaty brawl with two of America’s premiere purveyors of slack-jawed invective, spitting furiously at each other in their phony, choreographed dance of dimwitted arrogance. Either that or a Marx Brothers movie.

The announcement last night revealed the name of the tour as the Bold & Fresh Tour. Then the fireworks started as Beck pretended to be bothered by the fact that the tour was named for O’Reilly’s book instead of his own. I’m inclined to agree with Beck. They definitely should have used Beck’s book for the name of this tour. It is so much more accurate to promote this as the “Arguing With Idiots” tour. But that would have been a bit more honesty than this clod couple could muster.


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  1. seems the more they [FOX personalities and other fringe types] dig in, the more they are forced to continue digging in because the alternatives are unthinkable in their Newspeak universe. That’s entirely understandable from a psychological (and of course, what is all of politics about if not psychology) perspective. What’s NOT so clear is how these charlatans, delusionaries, and delusionary charlatans decided to venture down Opposite Lane in the first place.


    • It is going to be a tell the American people the truth tour I would imagine. Please explain to me why any one in this great country would want to lose more of their hard earned dollars for his healthcare plan or cap and trade? Have the highest unemployment since 1983 and have terrorist come to New York and be tried in a civilian court?

      It is okay to disagree with a President in this country the last time I checked. I didn’t like the job President Bush did but I personally think this one has an agenda he is not being honest about.

      • Exactly. Thank God Beck has awakened you to see that Obama’s agenda is to deliberately destroy America as we know it. He wants to ruin the economy, kill off our grandmas, and set up a socialist regime.

        Because that’s such a great way to get reelected.

        • Who has to worry about re-election when we all know the world is coming to an end in 2012!

          And we all know who FOXnews will blame…


        • These two guys are already paid off.
          Will you hear them say end the FED…NO.
          But they will tell you how we should be taxed after the
          Banker Bailout via value added tax.You want more taxes to pay?If you want some true answers go to you will start to wake up.

      • this conventional conservative-spewing computer printout is a lost cause. The most we can hope for is to neutralize her propaganda and minimize her impact.

      • ooops! Sorry Lisa – the comment was not to you but the comment above yours!!

        • Nah – you had it right the first time…



    • You are an absolute idiot – Teabaggers? Sounds like the left is getting a little worried about what midstream Americans are starting to realize; Obama is a fake, a liar and a disgrace. I am so sick of this man jumping from country to country apologizing for America. They love him so much in Europe, they can have him and his agenda. I have no need for HIS kind of change. And Pelosi and Reid and ride along his coat tails – talk about the three stooges….

      • A little worried? Have you seen Glenn Beck lately?

        Seems to me it’s the right that is consumed with paranoid delusions of socialism and Kenyan-born Muslim tyrants.

      • YES! you are a smart one.

    • Yes, just look at the states that the Teabaggers are from, and what you find out is that these are the states that are waking up to Obama’s lies and to the facts that he is not very transparent. Why do you idiots keep bring up that we elected a black President. You best check things out he had a white mother so he ain’t a black man. Also you are the ones that keep bringing up his color so you are the racist ones.
      His color has nothing to do with the awful job he is doing,
      it’s his desire to destroy our great country that is bothering the American people.
      You are wrong about us giving him credit for doing anything
      right, we are giving him credit for lying to us most of the time.

      • You said it, Vern. The states that are waking up are the ones that slept through the last administration. Now they realize that we have a president who is actually white, just like all the other presidents. And it’s his desire to destroy the country because that’s such a great way to get reelected.

        Thanks for commenting. I hope to see more comments like yours.


    • Your stupid, who gives a shit if the president is black or white, he’s a SOCIALIST!

      • Right…He’s a socialist.

        Do you even know what a socialist is? You should be calling others stupid.

    • How can you give credit to a person who is trying to fundamentally change the united states. The reason they have no respect for Obama is brecause he is a big government liberal-marxist. Seriously, do you want to work and have the governmnet taking your money and giving it to people who don’t want to work or can’t find work? If people can’t find work that is what a charity is for. Obama is not giving people an incentive to find work by extending their unemployment benefits. Beck and O’reilly are not rascist just because they disagree with a black president. It’s not about the people voting for a black president that they will never get over it is the destruction of the free market system and of the U.S. itself. The system that Obama wants (socialism) is what the founding fathers didn’t want. Maybe if you read up what history really was you would learn that the founding fathers came to the U.S. to get away from opressive rulers like Obama, if he is allowed to pass any law that he wants, destroy the free market system, and rob you blind to pay for his progressive agenda. If you read the constitution you would know that almost eveything Obama believes and is trying to pass is not in it. If the founding fathers saw what he is trying to do and what has happened since they were gone, they would probably go on a killing rampage to restore what the U.S. is really about. OBAMA IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

      • Geez, you have really memorized the Glenn Beck Bible.

        What’s wrong with fundamentally changing something that has gone badly wrong?

        Beck and O’Reilly are not racist because they disagree with a black president. They are racist because they disparage minorities and discriminate against them.

        And you really need to study some history (not from Glenn Beck’s lies). Some of the founders held views you would call socialist. Thomas Paine advocated “agrarian justice” which meant that every citizen would be give property from the government. And I’ll bet you couldn’t cite anything in the the Constitution that forbids any initiative from this President. I dare you!

    • 1st Time really ever wathing Beck THE GUY IS REALLY FUNNY! O’Reilly a bit more dry. Beck just dislikes politicians in General. He bashed both Bush and Obama. Beck was definetely the more entertaining of the two. I would like to see Beck sit down with Obama once a year, completely private no press. I get really tired of the idiots bashing both Obama and Beck for being pasionate about their convictions. Obama wouldn’t have been my 1st choice of for President but he was definetely a better choice than others. The guy is very smart, just not in touch with everyone but who is. He needs to sit down and listen to other views. Health care yes but not the way the Democrats are going at it. And shame on the Republicans – go to the American People with another plan if you have one. The American People need to get involved but I am not sure if the Tea Party is my cup of Tea, but better than sitting on your duff.

  4. I think some of the right wingers on here should get out more,travel it broadens the mind,though judging by some of the comments they don’t have a brain to worry about,if they do like Beck and OReilly they sit on it

  5. Nobody has to bash Obama, that idiot screws up so much on his own he’s his own worst enemy. Anyone that actually supports Obama and his trairous clowns in Washington after seeing whats happening to this country is either an avowed Socialist, Communist or just plain mentally defective.

    Wow, I just described a Liberal in one sentence.

  6. 9/11 conspiritors just “criminals”? Cole bombing “not” an act of war. Well, if we are going to treat terrorist like any other criminal, then house them with the general population (like any other murderer) of ANY prison in this country and see how many “defendants” make to their court date. Trial in NY, the Rikers should do just fine. Remember, no special treatment, they are just like any common criminal.

  7. Such nasty commentary … and inaccurate too! You clearly do not watch these shows yet presume to know something about them. Its fitting, I suppose, since you evidently approach national issues in the same manner.

  8. You can all argue, but Bill does give Obama every respect our President should get, too bad our President doesn’t see fit to act like one when someone disagrees with him! Glen may be out there but he is just what we need to wake up middle America to what is going on in DC. All I can say is TERM LIMITS!!!!

  9. lol This site is such a joke. Some of these liberals need to realize the reason they are poor isn’t because of America, it’s because they are incompetent retards.

    • That is so true Matt, have you found that people are likely to sit at home whining about what they don’t have but when someone suggests getting a job their attitude is why should I have to work for it? I know liberals who look at me and say it’s not fair, you have and I don’t, but I work and they sit at home all day.

  10. My, oh my. What the glorious, little prophet you are Mark. It seems as though you have all the answers here. So please, allow me to pose a question to you…or a few.

    You state that the framers (not founders, mind you) of the Constitution held socialistic ideals? Would you care to elaborate?

    As for your rhetorical challenge; no, I cannot find a single passage in the Constitution that would forbade an initiative of this president. However, I have this bit of wisdom I wish to impart to you…

    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such a form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    And that, my liberal friend, is from the Declaration of Independence.

    • First of all I said founders because that’s what I meant. There were many people who could be regarded as founders who did not have a role in drafting the Constitution (framers).

      Amongst the ideas that could be considered socialist are Thomas Paine’s advocacy of free land to every citizen. He also supported a guaranteed income from the government. And Ben Franklin and others sought public libraries and schools. And the first legislators provided printing subsidies to newspapers as well free postage to promote freedom of the press.

      I am well aware of the quote from the Declaration of Independence. It is a passage long revered by us liberals. However, note that it is not part of the Constitution and if you wish to invoke it you might be in alignment sympathetically with the colonial rebels, but you would be in violation of Constitutional law. I’m just sayin…

  11. Here are two guys that have more money than they ever dreamed they would at the top of thier game. They give to causes, thier fair in reporting whether they build on thier audiences or not, they bring out points that are often missed by the mainstream media and most importantly they watch out for America. On top of all that thier doing a “Martin and Lewis” type tour that America will never forget. These are Americans that i look up to.

  12. The bill of rights does not say anything about health care being a right as was stated during Kennedy’s funeral. (How low can you go)
    The right to pursue happiness does not mean that the government has the right to pursue my happiness. It means that I have the right to pursue my happiness. So please, big government, stay out of my pursuit of happiness. No to public health care. Yes to health insurance reform. I’ll give my money to charities that I choose. Federal or State tax is not on my list of charities. I watch Fox news because they don’t waste my time with useless dribble about who is cheating on whom in Hollywood minus Tiger Woods, and how many ways you can open a wine bottle without using a corkscrew. I’m going to be at the Bold Fresh Tour in Norfolk. Looking forward to it.

  13. The Bill of Rights doesn’t say anything about public schools or Social Security either. In fact, it is not a list of things the government gives us, but a list of things the government may not take away. So anything we want to add is out prerogative.

    Join me in the 21st century. We are not required to live our lives by rules laid down over 200 years ago. Hopefully we’ve advanced a little bit since then.

    And if you believe in liberty, then why not support a public option for people who want it? You can still choose something else (and it will probably cost less). What’s wrong with making more choices available? Or do you just like living under the tyranny of the insurance companies?

  14. Mark,
    I said that people are using the bill of rights to make the statement that health care is a right. It’s not a right. It is a privilege. I think you agree with that. I do however agree that I have the right to not have my health care taken from me. That is where it ends for me. Yes, we do have public schools, but most people use the public school system and don’t mind paying taxes for it. At the time the public school system started, there were no other options for most people.
    Today, many people already have health insurance and will not opt for the government option. Why? Because they know that the quality of health in the public option will not be as good as privet. How do I know this? I have family members contracted to the military and work with military doctors. They only have time to see a patient for 10 minutes. How are you going to diagnose anything in that short amount of time. They see people all day long at that rate and by the end of the day, they are frazzled. Young people who do not have insurance will not want it because they are in good health and are struggling with the cost of living. So who does that leave to pay for the government option? Even if we solve all the problems I mentioned, it leaves us with the biggest problem. The government will add layers of bureaucracy to manage the public option.
    There will be rules upon rules and guidelines upon guidelines. Does tax code ring a bell?
    The funding has to come from somewhere. They will call it something else or hide it in a value added tax of some kind. Or they will print money to balance the deficit and just call it inflation. Inflation is non discrete and just another form of tax.
    I do believe in liberty. We have the freedom to do what we want as long as it does not infringe upon someone else. Public option will infringe upon me in the way of taxes.
    Trust me, we all will pay for it. I don’t want to live in the dark ages but I don’t want to live in the dark either. Why do we need to make such a drastic change all at once? Why not make continuous changes over time. Go after low hanging fruit first. Allow insurance companies to compete across state borders. No preexisting conditions. Go after wasteful spending by hospitals. Drive the current cost of health care down. Then we can look at a government option. By then, it may not be needed. There are two reasons the public option will cost less. We the tax payer will subsidize it and the government does not have to make a profit. I don’t live under the tyranny of insurance companies, I don’t have health insurance. I pay as I go.

    • The reason we need to do as much as possible as quickly as possible is that people are suffering and even dying due to lack of medical coverage. That’s unacceptable to me.

      The U.S. is the ONLY western industrialized country that doesn’t provide health care to its citizens. I have personal experience, while traveling, with the excellent care offered in parts of Europe. As rich as our country is, I believe that we should be able to provide some sort of care. And I’m not talking about implementing a European program. I think that we could come up with one that is different and better if we put our minds to it. And if it costs me something as a taxpayer, I’m fine with that because it would benefit so many of my fellow Americans as well as me and my family.

      I sincerely hope you stay in good health. But without insurance you are putting yourself at risk and you could become the sort of burden on society you dislike. Unless you’re related to Warren Buffet, you probably couldn’t afford surgery to repair a brain aneurysm or some other life threatening problem from disease or accident. Who would pay your million dollar medical bill?

      Without a national program in place, treatment like that is both more expensive and less effective. Come Chris, we’re better than that. At least I hope we are.

      • I would like to know where these people are suffering and dying. There is no hospital in this wonderful country of ours that will turn you away because you do not have money. Yes there might be private medical companies that won’t take you but every state has cities with Mercy Hospitals that will not only take care of you and forget the bill but let you come back again and do it all over again. If you want to say well there are people homeless on the streets who are dying and in need of medical attention it’s not my fault as a tax payer and worker that these people want to be on drugs or just refuse to get a job. I do not want to support someone simply because they don’t want to support themselves. The Homeless only have themselves and you to blame for aiding them. Survival of the fittest.

  15. Mark,
    I’m with you on everything except I don’t trust that the Government will do what you have presented. Look at all the corruption on capital hill now. I don’t dislike our society.
    I just think we can do better without running to the government.
    No one knows what is in the health care bill and that scares me. Once it is law, we can’t change it. Why, I don’t know but that is how it has been. Lets not get in over our heads on the first day.

    • Fair enough. I am not all that confidant in the government’s ability to execute either. But I still think we should make good faith efforts and then keep our eyes glued to them.

      Also, many government programs have been created and then changed/improved later, including Social Security and Medicare.

  16. Mark,
    First, I don’t want this bill in it’s current form. I am a small business owner and so do not like the affects this bill will have on my business. Sorry, I couldn’t read all 2015 pages so I had to skip around to the parts that affect me. Basically, I won’t be required to provide insurance but if I don’t and my employees qualify to have their premiums subsidized by the government we’ll be subject to a fine. I’m sure you already know that to qualify income can be up to 4x’s the poverty level. Have you done the math on that??? Be honest now, and please don’t forget that insurance benefits paid on behalf of the employee will no longer be tax exempt. Don’t forget about Medicare and social security withholding – that will increase as well. Worker’s comp premiums will go up (that’s compensation based – just in case you didn’t know).

    The government has proven to be very ineffective at managing social programs. I know people that continually abuse and take advantage of the system. People that work harder at living off “the government” than actually attempting to contribute to their own needs much less to society.

    Obviously, there are differences of opinion on this issue, but in a democracy the majority rules. From everything I see and hear you are not in the majority. If you didn’t know this before the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts last week should clarify this to you. Please don’t be petty and childish by saying that we are not a democracy but a republic. Our representatives in congress are supposed to represent “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES” not special interest and NOT personal agendas.

    I grew up in a family of seven. My family was not wealthy by any means. I’ve often worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. During my first pregnancy I worked third shift in a convenience store. The house my husband and I first lived in was so cold in the winter you could see your breath if got behind on keeping the fire stoked. My husband and I hauled a lot of firewood out of the back of an old 1973 Camaro. We weren’t on food stamps and I didn’t try to get aid we worked and had a goal.

    Today my husband and I own a very successful construction business, a business that has been pretty hard hit over the last year. Nobody gave it to us, we worked, we have a strong work ethic – something very lacking today in this gimme, gimme society that you seem to want to perpetuate.

    I gained an appreciation for “The American Dream” from my 8th grade Civics teacher – he was black by the way. My America, is a place where success is not only possible but almost guaranteed if you apply yourself. I have always been grateful to be born in the USA.

    What I see going on in Washington now threatens my America.

    Remember Mark it was a Democratic president that said “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Do I need to tell you who it was?

  17. That’s a great story of commitment and perseverance. However, not everyone’s circumstances are the same. Some women go through situations like yours alone. Some people don’t have the same ambition or management skills to run a business. Some people are disabled. We are an American community and we ought to look out for one another because we are all just one slip of fate from the same sorts of hardship.

    Also, the Senate race in MA proves nothing. If you are intellectually honest you’d have to admit the complexity of the situation (a special election, a poor campaign by the Dem, an angry electorate). Polls show that most voters in MA support health care reform WITH a public option (even a majority of Brown voters), so they were not voting against that. But there certainly are issues that need to be addressed by both parties.

    Lastly, a well designed health reform package will help your business by lowering costs, improving productivity, and leveling the playing field. I’m pretty sure you don’t see it that way, but that is the goal and I think it’s worth striving for.


  18. How the heck did this post become a debate platform for health care? 🙂

  19. Exactly the same way that the Scott Brown win was related to the Health Care debate.

  20. “Also, the Senate race in MA proves nothing.”
    I hope you believe that (lol, intellectually honest).
    Because everyone who believes it will have no need to worry about it.
    And by the time anyone realizes they should have, it will be too late.
    (Just like the MA race)

  21. have you people who are regulars to this site seen the number of fox (orei/bck) supporters vs the lefties? it is silly.. i wjust counted 60% more conservtvs on this reply page…wise up left hav no hope

    • Wow. What an insightful analysis.

      You don’t think the number of rightists here would be because they are Googling “bold/fresh” to get info on the tour that just started? Because that’s what my site stats report.

      In any case, to jump to a conclusion that this means liberals have no hope is hilarious. A conclusion based on a single article on a single little blog.

      I’m getting a better understanding for why the right is wrong on so many issues. They simply have no analytical skills.

  22. We “teabaggers” happen to be the working, taxpaying, thinking class in this country. We demand that our government follow the constitution in their actions. We are people who have stood around silently while the government kept introducing more and more “progressive” changes. We have finally had enough. We are tired of having our tax dollars sent out to support people who CHOOSE not to work. America and our constitution guarantees the right to the “pursuit of happiness”. Progressives tend to ignore the first two words “pursuit of”. There are many people in America who simply cannot support themselves due to various physical problems and need help. Those who stand around waiting for a check because they “don’t want a certain job” (or don’t want to work because of pure laziness), need to feel hunger. The unwanted job will suddenly look better. If we deported the illegal aliens in America right now, there would be 12 million jobs available for Americans. The excuse of “no jobs available” would be gone and millions would be off the government’s welfare rolls – but then they wouldn’t be as obligated to any party which favors expanding the welfare rolls and their vote would no longer be guaranteed. Therefore, I guess that will never happen.

  23. As for comments that the results of the Senate race in MA meaning nothing, I may try to come back to this site to see what the excuse is for the bloodbath in November. Thank God that America is still premoninantly conservative. The progressives have awaken a sleeping giant, kind of what happened at Pearl Harbor. You underestimated the reactions of the average American.

  24. I don’t understand beck and really don’t care to,but the
    fact that this tour is about white power in a business suit
    is nothing other than a KKK tour. beck is the promoter of the
    new white power movement and O’reilly is the king. they preach about
    taking their country back-read what that is saying-it about a black
    president and them on the right wing white power movement do not like
    this country is the hands of a black president, it just not right wing
    thing to see.the people that put Obama in office was young and people
    that want to see past the KKK years,but beck and O’reilly is not for
    this along with Fox news and the tea butt people. they will take their
    country back because they will get the white people all upset and
    start a race movement and they know the white control everything. the only problem is unity with blacks and mexicans,which they keep that
    in battle. yes, the KKK bold freash white power tour is the new white
    flag of KKK and their news station fox. wow, look out america, people
    now see it was not good for a black president in this time zone of
    many white men of 55 and up still of the dark days . maybe 20 more years down the road can this nation see everybody as one nation of people,but not in the era of O’reilly and beck and the fox news people.

  25. I think it is so funny that I have tried to find out other people’s opinion of this movie since I am interested in seeing it and have only been able to find these looooong bashing sessions of O’Reilly and Beck. I can’t believe people actually go out of their way to write something about how much they can’t stand other people’s views. If you can’t stand this stuff stay away from it, stop feeding into the hatred and go use your energy for something more productive in life. Bush is out of office now, get a hobby!!!!!!

  26. My two cents. Think were forgetting this country was founded on a belief in God thru Jesus Christ which taught us about good and evil and that our laws were based on scripture. We weren’t perfect in the beginning but getting better as we moved along. Then God got thrown out, replaced by a lot of different gods and all hell started breaking loose. You know scripture says Satan is real, as real as you and me but more powerful and tells us how to see him and to run from him and trust God to protect us from him? Now this country is almost like a ship without a rudder. We started to believe we had all the answers and this is how our leaders today think, they know better. In fact, they think they know better than you what’s good for you. They don’t, they don’t have clue about peace, joy, happiness because they don’t recognize evil. Not talking religion here, heck, there’s over two thousand religions. This guy tells you how to get to god, that guy tells you how to get to god, this guy says he is god when in reality you don’t have to go any farther than the couch in your house to find him but, getting carried away here. I believe unless God is brought back into our government and we start to teach our children that they are more than skin and bone were just gonna go by the way side as so many other governments have. We need to teach that each of us are unique, one of a kind, wonderfully made that the difference between all the other bodies walking around and us is our spirits, the person behind the eyeballs so to speak and to feed that spirit because all were doing now is feeding the flesh and our spirits are dying and we’ve lost our way. God bless those who are standing up today because they know evil and are fighting against this government to stop it from leading us into Satan’s hands.

    • There is no government worse than one that incorporates God.

      Your spiritual beliefs are personal and private. The moment you allow it to be institutionalized by government you cheapen it, you dirty it, you remove whatever sense of the divine it contains. You create division and conflict and competition by various believers.

      That is why putting God into government was opposed by everyone from Jefferson to Jesus.

      So believe what you want. Teach your children what you want. But, for God’s sake, don’t mix government and religion.

      • This Country was born by incorporating God into it. You just trashed the United States of America in your first statement. And you wonder why were scared of the folks in government? Because they think like you.

        • You need to study American history. This country was born in a search for religious freedom – meaning freedom from the government imposition of religion that they fled in England. They knew what it was like to live in a country where religion was part of the government – and they wanted no part of that in the new world.

          You should REALLY be afraid of any government that imposes religion. Or any religion that seeks to control government. That’s a recipe for disaster and spiritual tyranny. Eventually they will come after your religion.

          You really need to be awakened to the concept of religious freedom. If you need the government to tell people what to believe, you have a pretty weak faith.

  27. Please go back and reread what I wrote Mark, you keep saying religion and I said under god, not religion. An example. A Jewish guy wanted to keep his store open on Sunday saying he worshiped on Saturday and that it was unfair that he couldn’t keep his business open on Sunday. The supreme court said he was free to worship any day he wanted but here, Sunday was the sabbath and no stores could be open. That’s freedom of religion and a country that honors God. Need I mention which God Mark? You really don’t get the concept of a personal relationship with God do you? Some men do and these are the kind of men I would want making law. Laws by man under the guidance of God, Not religion. That’s how our Country was founded. Read the constitution and tell me how many of the statements in it have to do with scripture.
    Maybe I should have said “Unless men who run our government start believing in the God that our founding fathers believed in and start teaching our children” but to me its the same thing. Sorry if that statement got your hair up but too bad.

    • I feel like only men or women who believe there is a God, or believe in God should be in power. It’s scary when we have people in power who do not believe that they are accountable to a higher power.

  28. Simply put, I think that Mark is off his rocker.

    • Nice of you to keep it simple for the benefit of the simple-minded Beck/O’Reilly viewers.

  29. So I thought that perhaps I should elaborate more on why I think Mark is off his rocker. I think the separation of church is what’s wrong with this country. Everybody needs a little Jesus in their lives. Maybe if certain Politicians incorporated a little more religion into their lives, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the situations we are currently in or have been in. You have Obama who took “tainted” funds from Acorn, you have Clinton who sullied up the White House, you have John Edwards who cheated on his wife who is sick with cancer, as a result of that, he has love child with his mistress. Now I’m sure some of you will ask, what about the right-wingers….they have skeletons in their closets too, but Republicans also have fairly strong religious beliefs. I feel like that’s why you don’t see them doing things as mentioned above, very often. I think that if these men incorporated a little more religion into their lives, these things probably wouldn’t have happened. We all need to have a higher power to turn to in our lives. I’m not saying that religion needs to be the forefront of Politics or of our Government, what I am saying is that it should always be there….we as a country need it.

    • Republicans don’t do it very much?????

      Vitter, Ensign, Gingrich, McCain, O’Reilly. I could go on. Even your sainted Reagan was cheating on his first wife with Nancy.

      I have no problem with religious politicians. I do have a problem with hypocrites and liars. And if you don’t like the way the Framers set up the Constitution, move to Iran where their leaders are all religious by law.

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