Logo-Gate At The Missile Defense Agency Sends Wingnuts Into Orbit

These people have way too much free time and far to little anti-paranoia medication.

MDA LogoIt seems that Fox News has discovered a scandalette to occupy them until President Obama’s next TelePrompter sighting or Sarah Palin’s next tweet. This one concerns a new administration agency logo that is “scarily” similar to the one Obama used in his campaign:

“The Missile Defense Agency, which is part of the Defense Department, now features a circular red, white and blue logo on its Web site that has been characterized in some reports as “scarily” similar to President Obama’s former campaign symbol. Others have noted that it has a crescent and star design, evoking a common symbol for Islam.”

These alarmists need to make up their minds. Is this a propaganda effort to indoctrinate the mindless masses into blind Obama worship, or is it a signal to Obama’s brothers in Islam that their Manchurian plot is still operative.

The notion that this logo has any meaning other than as a symbol for stationery can only have been hatched in a diseased and fearful brain. First of all, the new logo takes its primary elements from its predecessor. There is a star met by red stripes representing the exhaust trails of a missile. That design was updated and the color scheme was reduced to America’s colors: red, white, and blue. Obviously the work of the enemy. The truth is that any logo could be accused of being inspired by the Obama logo if it contains the visual components of the American flag and is placed in a circle. That’s all the Obama logo is.

But what makes this even more ridiculous is that Richard Lehner, a spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency, thoroughly debunked this silliness. He said that not only was there no intention of copying the Obama logo, this logo isn’t even replacing the old one. It will only be used for defined and limited purposes. And the kicker is that this logo was in use prior to the 2008 election, so it couldn’t have anything to do with Obama. And it certainly wasn’t commissioned by his administration which didn’t exist at the time this logo came into being.

None of these facts, however, stopped Fox News from publishing the story, even though they had them and included them in the article. The editors at Fox must have thought that this was just too good an opportunity to start another ludicrous rumor that will shortly arrive at an email inbox near you. This is what passes for news at Fox.

Update: Not surprisingly, Andrew Booger Breitbart weighs in with an article by Frank Gaffney that actually accuses the Obama administration with treason on behalf of Islamic foes:

“Team Obama is behaving in a way that – as the new MDA logo suggests – is all about accommodating that ‘Islamic Republic’ and its ever-more aggressive stance.”

Gaffney also charges Obama with “acts of submission to Shariah” law. Admittedly, I never took these people seriously, but I am beginning to be concerned about their mental health. This is just insane.


4 thoughts on “Logo-Gate At The Missile Defense Agency Sends Wingnuts Into Orbit

  1. reminds me of my old joke (to update): Q: why do stupid people hate blacks, gays, and innocuous logos? A: it gives them something to do.

    Notwithstanding the constant need for Obama-damaging material to keep the con media busy, do these people not realize they’re mortal creatures? with limited time in this realm of existence?

    • They all think think they’ll be playing shuffleboard with Jesus.

  2. obama still traitor and scumbag liar

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