Glenn Beck Desecrates The Memory Of Martin Luther King

On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King spoke to over 200,000 people from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. He gave what is regarded as one of the most inspiring speeches on behalf of brotherhood, liberty, and the peaceful struggle for equality. He said in part…

I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

Later this year, on the very same steps, on the anniversary of that historic speech, Glenn Beck will lead his congregation of predominately white followers at a “Restoring Honor” rally to launch his next book, “The Plan,” a 100 year blueprint for undoing the progress made by people like Dr. King on behalf of equality, justice, and peace.

Subsequent to Beck’s original announcement of this event, he has latched onto a military charity to mask his profiteering with a facade of moral gravitas (and gain a tax write-off). But he has made no mention of the date’s prior association with Martin Luther King. And why would he be expected to? This is the man who recently called King a “radical socialist” and questioned whether there should be a holiday in his name. This is the man who called President Obama a “racist with a deep-seated hatred for white people.” This is the man who calls progressives (like King) “the cancer in America.” The thought of Beck usurping this cherished occasion to further the goals of his Tea Bagging 9/12ers is insulting and unacceptable.

So where is the outrage? Where are the guardians of Dr. King’s legacy? Who will organize an event in our nation’s capital on that day to honor the real meaning that it represents? Will Beck be permitted to tarnish this anniversary with his exclusionary fear mongering and conspiracy brigades?

I don’t expect Beck to endure in his crusade. He has already launched numerous campaigns that he leaves to gather dust when his attention is drawn away by some new, shiny dementia. In just the past couple of years he has announced the following TV jihads:

  • We Surround Them
  • The Re-Founding
  • In or Out 2010
  • Watchdogs
  • 9/12 Project
  • The Plan

Beck & KingBeck’s conspiracy theories erupt quickly and fiercely and they burn out the same way. This is also true for his allegiances to principles. For several months the opening credits of his TV show included a picture of King or a reference to his words. Those are gone now. It was fine when Beck wanted to exploit the reverence for which most Americans hold King, but now Beck finds it more important to insult him and suppress his legacy.

This may be just one day in summer, but it is a day that should be reserved for uplifting recollections of our better nature – not the Apocalyptic negativity of racists and enemies of the poor and huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The anniversary of King’s “Dream” deserves better than to be desecrated by the detestable likes of Glenn Beck and his dark and divisive hordes. It would sure be nice to see King’s supporters show up in DC in greater numbers than Beck’s disciples.


22 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Desecrates The Memory Of Martin Luther King

  1. Beck uses the same attention seeking tactics as an immature child. He throws out outrageous statements to inspire responses from those who would disagree with him. This gets him press. Perhaps one of the columns from the memorial will fall on his head if he bothers to actually go there.One can only hope.

  2. Since when is a rally restoring honor to government a bad thing? If you really knew what MLK stood for, you would know that he would be proud to be there if he could! And standing right beside those who you call “tea baggers”. You are the racists! You are the dividers. You are the ones with hate, lack of honor, no morals and the ones bringing this country into ruin. You need to take a hard look at yourself. But you probably won’t. You will just insult me or call me a fool. So be it!

    • First of all, the rally is not about restoring honor. It is to launch his new book. He said so.

      Secondly, you call me a racist and divider, and you imply that I’m going to call you names. But you are the one calling me (and all liberals apparently) names, saying we hate and have no honor or morals, and we want to ruin the country. I still can’t figure out how ruining the country would help me. But you still think I want to do it.

  3. He admires Martin Luther King! You have no idea what you are saying. You have inspired me to go. Not in the way you would have hoped for. I will go to support him! God Bless this country! Its not about Republican or Democrat, black or white, or any other divisive thing you can come up with. Yes all you sheep who believe that he is going there to dishonor MLK, go by all means. Show the nation the true colors of YOUR hate and bigotry. If you honor King so much then go peacefully, you have the right. But instead of “restoring honor” to the country you will only show more of your true side. PEACE< LOVE

    • Beck has called MLK a radical socialist. I’m not sure he meant that as a term of admiration.

      Again, you lay the hypocrisy on pretty thick when you talk about peace and love while calling me a bigot (without any evidence), and a sheep, and then you laughably say that I’m divisive.

      • Mark Says – “while calling me a bigot (without any evidence)”, Anybody who just read your writings has all the evidence they need

  4. Angry, bigoted white folks hold a rally on the anniversary of a major event in our civil rights history, at the same place, in the middle of a predominantly black city.
    It’s either going to be another underwhelming event or the race riot we’ll hear about for the next year

    • People who claim racism can’t debate issues. If it is racist than how come Bill Cosby donated to help fund it and Dr. Alveda King supports it?

  5. The title of the article is,”Glenn Beck Desegrates The Memory of Martin Luther King.” Half way through the article is this, “But he [Beck] has made no mention of the date’s prior association with Martin Luther King.” If Beck hasn’t said anything, how has he “desegrated” MLK’s memory??

    • I can spell… I swear. “desecrated” is the word, not with a “g” D’oh!!

    • It is precisely because Beck didn’t mention MLK, after scheduling the rally on 8/28, that he desecrates his memory. That’s the whole point. Well, not the whole point. It also has something to do with Beck being a racist and a egotistical self-promoter.

  6. Being a distinguished disabled american veteran, who believes in an equal america, and don’t see the issue of the color of a mans skin as denoting anything whatsoever of the man, I am disturbed by the bigotry of affirmative action, and after having read all your verbage about how you are going to intimidate freedoms of Glen Beck to do or say whatever he wants, Its still a free country, I am going to attend rally on 8/28 not because of what anyone has to say, but will go there to do my part in their right to say whatever they want. If you threaten me in anyway whatsoever I will do whatever I feel necessary to protect my rights as an american citizen. And if your life is lost along the way, then consider it your own fault for threatening a very dangerous old man

    • Thanks for validating my worst fears of Glenn Beck’s effect on society.

      Nowhere have I ever “intimidated” the freedoms of Beck or anyone else. He is perfectly free to do and say whatever he pleases (within the law), but so am I and anyone else who feels compelled to show support for Dr. King and the real values of equality. You seem to think that only Beck has rights and that no one else can speak freely if they disagree with him. It IS still a free country, even for people who are disgusted by the sort of lies and racism that Beck represents.

      You may be disturbed by affirmative action, but that’s only because you have probably never been the victim of institutionalized racism.

      Your barely veiled threat just reveals that you are an overtly hostile “old man” who seeks to harm people who have not threatened you. And that’s exactly the sort of sentiment that Beck thrives on and encourages. It’s the sort of sentiment that promotes violence and makes Beck a dangerous demagogue by provoking people like you.

      It’s too bad that as a veteran you don’t honor the rights of all Americans to express themselves freely and that you feel it is necessary to respond by making threats. That’s not what our veterans fought for.

      • Foresight with wisdom is a blessing from God. Ur, blessed.

  7. You are a liar!! MLK was not a progressive. His niece, Alveda King, supports Beck and appeared on his show. She is the one that let him know it was the anniversary. Look the episode up on YouTube. The progressives such as Al Sharpton said the MLK was about social justice/ spreading the wealth – KING WAS NOT!! King was for equal opportunity and equal justice. You all will look foolish protesting a rally about honor.

    • You obviously know nothing about Dr. King (something you share with Beck). King said:

      “[W]e will be able to go this additional distance and achieve the ideal, the goal of the new age, the age of social justice.

      And who cares what King’s niece says. Do you agree with everything Ron Reagan, Jr. says because of who his father is? Alveda is in disagreement with King’s children. Beck is just exploiting her and she may just be desperate for attention.

  8. I am now inspired to lock arms and stand for peace and equal justice for all at Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. I just booked my hotel.

  9. How dare this bastard!

    zapcomix says:
    6/22/2010 at 8:22 pm
    “The title of the article is,”Glenn Beck Desegrates The Memory of Martin Luther King.” Half way through the article is this, “But he [Beck] has made no mention of the date’s prior association with Martin Luther King.” If Beck hasn’t said anything, how has he “desegrated” MLK’s memory”??

    Please don’t play stoopid games. Beck is fully aware of what he is doing. Mofo!

  10. God Bless Glenn Beck for bringing America the truth….
    The Constitution is not out dated and any politician that lies when he or she takes office,When they swear to defend and uphold the Constitution should be IMPEACHED Democrats and Republicans a like.

  11. Comments like what I have read here make me glad I am Canadian. Every comment here, even the title of the article is designed to be divisive and to split peoples opinions. There is no olive branch, no turned cheek. There is no attempt to understand the other side. There is only “I am right, and you are wrong.” A great man once said “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” He was right. It seems the greatest days of the USA are behind it. It is interesting to be a bystander watching the decline of one of the greatest nations on Earth.

    I’m so glad I live in one of those socialist nightmares you all worry about. It is a great vantage point to watch you all tear yourselves apart.

  12. Well, it’s over now… soooo…

    Where is all the railing against this evil “splurge of humanity”?

    Oh, that’s right, once you hear what he ACTUALLY SAID, I guess there is no issue, unless you are AGAINST any of the following:

    Honor, truth, God, Faith, equality, the U.S. of A., individual freedoms, religious FREEDOM (no only Christian, but Muslim, Jewish, Budhist, etc.), personal charity, personal responsibilty, supporting our retired, active and fallen armed forces personnel.

    Also, there was NO politics at all, he didn’t mention a new book, and there was actually a prayer FOR (yes FOR!!!!) our President and elected officials….

    I mean, how EVIL can you get!!!???

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