Why Does Andrew Breitbart Support Child Molesters?

The terminally choleric Andrew Breitbart (or Boogerman as he’d prefer to be known) is featuring a story on his BigGovernment web site that illustrates a disturbing affinity for child sexual abusers.

The article is authored by Jason Mattera, who appears to be auditioning to be Bill O’Reilly’s next ambush geek. If so, he has some pretty big clown shoes to fill: Stuttering Jesse Watters and Griff Teabaggin Jenkins. But Mattera is off to a good start with a video of him pestering Rep. Alan Grayson. The video is titled: “Why would Alan Grayson want to give your money over to Native American child molesters?”

In the video Mattera is shown slyly gaining Grayson’s trust by talking about his Brooklyn upbringing. But it doesn’t take long before he reveals his psycho side – and Grayson picks it up immediately asking, in an understatement, if Mattera is a kook. But Mattera presses on undaunted in his attempt to tie Grayson to a government program that Mattera says gives money to child molesters. The source for Mattera’s allegation is this language in the recently passed health care bill that addresses…

“(2) perpetrators of child sexual abuse who are Indian or members of an Indian household.”

What Mattera leaves out is that the bill does not give any money to abusers. It funds treatment programs to prevent future incidents of abuse. In the section of the bill immediately following the one Mattera cites it explicitly describes the use of funds, including:

(5) To identify and provide behavioral health treatment to Indian perpetrators and perpetrators who are members of an Indian household–

(A) making efforts to begin offender and behavioral health treatment while the perpetrator is incarcerated or at the earliest possible date if the perpetrator is not incarcerated;
‘(B) providing treatment after the perpetrator is released, until it is determined that the perpetrator is not a threat to children.

So apparently Mattera and Breitbart are opposed to protecting children from child molesters. They are openly advocating a position wherein criminal deviants would be permitted to maintain their perversions and pose a continuing threat to kids. Perhaps Breitbart and company don’t want such treatment mandated because they might find themselves at risk of being obligated to participate in such treatment. I don’t know, I’m just asking. But it is undeniable that Breitbart is more interested in the rights of child molesters than in the child victims.


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  1. While someone with a lack of common sense might agree with you, I busrt unto the scene to provide some objectivity. According to your mindset, should the government not provide funding for preventitive measures against any and all crimes? Bank robbers or drunk drivers? Gee, I think I’m gonna commit a crime. Government, please pay someone to talk me out of it. We need to stop being so damn dependent on the government, guys. Take responsibility for your actions. I think it’s ludacris to say that these investigative journalists would approve of Native American child molesters. They’re doin’ what the mainstream media should be doin’. And on a side note, had they performed their journalistic duties, we never would have been in this situation economically.

    • Pedophilia is mental illness. It is not the same as bank robbery. Although it may have similarities with drunk drivers if alcoholism is a factor. And, yes, there are programs to rehabilitate alcoholics, which does prevent future incidents that have the potential to be tragic.

  2. Since, according to Wikipedia:”Treatment

    Although pedophilia has yet no cure, various treatments are available that are aimed at reducing or preventing the expression of pedophilic behavior, reducing the prevalence of child sexual abuse.[21][60] Treatment of pedophilia often requires collaboration between law enforcement and health care professionals.[6][21] A number of proposed treatment techniques for pedophilia have been developed, though the success rate of these therapies has been very low.[61].”

    Since treatment is virtually ineffective, why would any intelligent person defend the expenditure of Taxpayer money on something known to fail. I guess the same people that backed generational Welfare that enslaved its recipients and still does to this day. Help the helpless, the clueless can fend for themselves.

    • So just because the success rate of treatment (which you do not cite) is not as high as we would like, you prefer to let the perpetrators off the hook and place the kids at continued risk. That’s nice.

      I would rather attempt to alter the behavior of child abusers. Any success is better than none. Are you saying that if three out of ten potential victims could be saved that it isn’t worth it?

      Also, treatment methods are continually being tested and improved. And if treatment is done in collaboration with law enforcement, that means monitoring and other preventative measures that further protects kids.

      How can you not be for that? You’d have to be like Breitbart, who would rather make a political point than have compassion for victims and potential victims.

    • So says the idiot who quotes Wikipedia. You are not a psychologist, you do not have medical credentials, because if you did, you wouldn’t be quoting Wikipedia.

      The problem with mental health in this country, is that we closed all of the mental hospitals where they used to commit people who were bat-shit crazy. Now those people, instead of getting treatment and maybe getting better, are rotting away in prisons with no help and no hope.

      And these right-wing fascist asshats, most of them calling themselves “Christian”, and I use that term very, very loosely, want to deny people help, insisting that money and business interests are supreme. In the words of Representative Grayson, may God have mercy on your souls.

  3. Since the proponents of treatment won’t or can’t cite any significant results, I don’t see how you can expect me to do so. All the experts agree that there is no cure for pedophilia; so whether in treatment or out, the children are still at risk until the treatment which has no significant results might work. Keeping the pedophiles away from the children is 100% effective and there’s a English study that shows castration is 67-98% effective. Another study found that almost found that almost 50% of those convicted were reconvicted within 20 years. So jail them or sterilize them to really protect the children. Coddling them with treatment that definitely won’t cure them is letting them off the hook.

    • I could be wrong, but I don’t think you’re an expert on the psychiatric pathology of pedophilia. Neither am I. But there are experts who assert that treatment can have an impact (but no cure, as you point out).

      I don’t know what you imagine the treatment to be, but it is hardly “coddling.” It is intensive and life-long. There is a “recovering” pedophile who frequently appears on TV to provide perspective on breaking stories of abuse. He admits that he isn’t cured and still has urges, but that continuing treatment and observation keep him from re-offending.

  4. “…until it is determined that the perpetrator is not a threat to children.”

    Child abusers should never be allowed around children, ever. There is no cure.

  5. Maybe the lowest point of this debate is that contained in this landmark legislation is an item so trivial and unrelated as to be a pathetic joke.I’d like to know who inserted this innanity.Is BenKnighthorseCampbell still in the Senate? Did MarkFoley sneak back into the House?

  6. This debacle is the worst piece of legislation and power grab in US history, BTW, I have a Lithuanian friend who is a child molester, isn’t there something in this bill that might cover Lithuanians?

  7. I can’t believe we are discussing treatments for Indian child molesters. Have we lost our bloody minds in this country! I feel like I’m in a bad version of Alice in Wonderland. Stop this insanity… I want my country back.

    • “I want my country back.”

      That’s funny. That’s just what the Indians are saying.

      FYI Babci: It’s not your country. It belongs to 350 million others. And most of them voted for Obama and Democratic majorities in both houses of congress. Why do you hate democracy?

  8. They don’t focus on sex offenders they target them. Look at the websites logo and see if it’s not true and the abuse is staggering. Keep this law and watch how people will feel about proponents of this law. You know the books are changing in the schools and the old out dated lies will not be there to teach anymore. The sex offender next door could be you best choice for watching you kid but would they? Hell no! Duping a nation into believing what we think we know through leaders with agendas while all the time feeding into design by who? Don’t say we there were no warnings from day one. My movie will come out. It will be like any other movie where the writer/editor will tell you what they think you need to know. Unfortunately some have tried to do that for years only to be ignored, called tin foil headed lunatics or just drowned out by the ones getting those nine hundred thousand dollar yearly pay checks. Now the ramification of the actions will not be ignored and, not being allowed to targeting people will make everyone safer unless it’s to target the source not the distraction from the real problem, but then where would religion be? Dump the law and the proponents of it now. Running many years’ old Lunsford tapes or Couey smears/fears from yester years won’t cut it anymore when every one can see your bulbous heads. See how many mothers and fathers run over their children with their own cars killing them apposed to the touch of a parent changing a dipper, or kissing their kid. Can you say involuntary man slaughter, Slaughter house rules need new rules now! The people pushing these laws are taking over your wallet and selling a mix bag of B**lS**t laced with larceny. As the world turns so does the tide when its black/red and full of poison like these laws.

    • Well I have just one word for that: Huh?

    • Sarah Palin is that you?

  9. Babci, so you would prefer Indian child molesters NOT be treated?

  10. Jason Mattera is a Republican shill, twisting his words to distort the truth to the viewer. Even a simpleton could read whats in the bill and understand the reality that these funds are used to treat people with child predator issues.

    If it was up to Jason Mattera he would rather see them released from prison with no treatment.

    The thing Jason fails to understand when creating videos to sell his poorly placed together book is that his side barely reads. The people that would be his target audience think books are for the “elite”.

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