Glenn Beck Fears The Rise Of Obama Cannibalism Or Something

In an attempt to deprive Jon Stewart the opportunity to mock Glenn Beck’s paranoidal delusions, and to prevent Stephen Colbert from further exploiting Bill O’Reilly’s egotistical sanctimony, Beck and O’Reilly came together to deliver their own satirical presentation of each others psychoses. And it’s comedy gold.

While discussing Miranda and terror policy, Beck veers off into his familiar frenzied hysterics over the Obama administration and Cass Sunstein – whom he has called the most dangerous man in America – but O’Reilly doesn’t care.

Glenn Beck: You should care.
Bill O’Reilly: Tell me the reason.
GB: Because they are setting up the American people.
BO: Setting us up for what?
GB: What do you think?
BO: I have no idea. What’s the conspiracy of the day?
GB: There is no conspiracy.
BO: What is he setting us up for?
GB: There is not a conspiracy here. They are already talking about silencing free speech.
BO: Silencing free speech?
GB: They are already doing it. They already are. Did you see the President’s speech on Saturday?
BO: I’m not buying it.
GB: Bill, you didn’t buy a year ago that the guy was a Marxist.
BO: And I’m still yapping, and so are you.

When O’Reilly asked Beck what we are being set up for and Beck answered with a suggestive “What do you think?” there was a knowing tone to his voice that invoked images of the Twilight Zone’s “To Serve Man.” It’s a cookbook! Beck never actually answered O’Reilly’s question, but he did assert that Obama has already begun unraveling freedom of speech. As evidence, Beck pointed to a commencement speech that Obama gave last weekend in which he warned students about being overcome by the information glut. Beck took this to mean that Obama wanted to suppress information, an interpretation that could only make sense to Beck and his devotees. And as a measure of how removed from reality Beck is, even O’Reilly didn’t think it made sense.

Equally funny was Beck’s response to O’Reilly not buying into his dementia. As proof of his predictive accuracy, Beck threw back in O’Reilly’s face the fact that O’Reilly never bought Beck’s accusations that Obama is a Marxist. The implication being that Obama’s Marxism has since been definitively confirmed. Once again, the confirmation for that exists only in Beck’s diseased head. However, O’Reilly didn’t bother to disassociate himself with that bit of nonsense.

O’Reilly hit the nail squarely on the diseased head by making the simple declaration that both he and Beck are “still yapping.” Yapping is a pretty good description of what they do and there has been no effort whatsoever to restrict them from continuing to do so. In the end, all this segment was was an extended infomercial for their Bold/Fresh tour that is currently in progress. Both O’Reilly and Beck stand to gain by hyping the melodrama in order to boost ticket sales. And they have ample airtime with which to promote their wingnut road trip. But the unintentional comedy they provide may be the best entertainment of all, despite how frustrating it must be to the folks at Comedy Central.


8 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Fears The Rise Of Obama Cannibalism Or Something

  1. Incursions upon any exceptions to BO’s agenda, are rampant and regular. A president who publicly attacks citizens for speaking-thinking differently from himself- unheard of- The demonization, of the same, and finally, now there are “so many voices in the public square it’s dangerous”. But, I wanted to ask, before we reform Wall ST- let’s reform say the SEIU and the Illinois Public Union pension funds, because they and many, many other unions have underfunded pension plans, which if September 2008, was a tsunami, then the union pension bailout is Noah’s Flood. That’s from the Bible, just in case you are that dumbed down. Finally, you hate Glenn Beck, for one thing- He is saying out loud, what is happening, and I have been surprised at BO, his incursions on thought and speech are being noticed by many more than , “extreme’ people, like you know people who don’t want to rip a live fetus, out of a woman’s womb, and throw it away. GFY.

    • Can you cite a single example of an “incursion on thought and speech?”

      Rightists are obsessed with making accusations about things that never occur. Obama has not curtailed anyone’s right to free speech, least of all Glenn Beck – or you.

      Glenn Beck isn’t saying out loud what is happening. He is lying. And people like you are naively and sadly buying into it.

  2. Crusader huh? Appropriate name. Unfortunately you are so steeped in Fox propaganda that your ability to reason is all but gone. For instance, it is common knowledge that unions are not regulated by the Federal Government. And if you really believe that the great recession was caused by union activity you really have been living in a news vacuum.

    • Somehow I think your attempt to inject facts and reason into this will not be appreciated. 😉

  3. You know it’s getting scary out there when Bill O’Reilly starts to sound like the voice of reason….

    • The broken clock doctrine?

      Last week Beck agreed that Miranda rights should be given to American citizens charged with terrorism. I don’t give much weight to these aberrations. Beck and O’Reilly have way too much baggage to get credit for being right once a decade. 🙂

  4. I think Lori’s point does stand though. This is getting scary! Back in 2001 I looked at O’Reilly as a really dangerous peddler of BS. But since Ben Gleck left CNN and came on board with Fox, O’Reilly has (by comparison) begun to sound startlingly reasonable. I don’t think its O’Reilly who has changed here.

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