Finally! Black Leaders Unite To Challenge Glenn Beck

For several months Glenn Beck has been promoting an event in Washington, D.C., that he pretends has something to do with Restoring Honor for American soldiers. In fact, the event was originally announced as a launch party for his next book, “The Plan,” a 100 year blueprint for taking the country back a hundred years, to a time when civil rights were only meant for wealthy, white, male citizens. Beck later transformed the affair into a phony military charity that won’t pass on any benefits until the costs of the rally are covered. This way he gets to have his book launch paid for by dupes who think they are supporting the troops.

Glenn beck Restoring HonorBeck scheduled his Tea Bag rally for the same date (August 28), and location (the Lincoln Memorial) as Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have A Dream” speech. By exploiting this profound anniversary, Beck is desecrating a cherished memory of an inspiring American leader. Last March I wrote about this project and wondered, where is the opposition?

“This is the man [Beck] who recently called King a ‘radical socialist’ and questioned whether there should be a holiday in his name. This is the man who called President Obama a ‘racist with a deep-seated hatred for white people.’ This is the man who calls progressives (like King) “the cancer in America.’ The thought of Beck usurping this cherished occasion to further the goals of his Tea Bagging 9/12ers is insulting and unacceptable.

So where is the outrage? Where are the guardians of Dr. King’s legacy? Who will organize an event in our nation’s capital on that day to honor the real meaning that it represents? Will Beck be permitted to tarnish this anniversary with his exclusionary fear mongering and conspiracy brigades?”

Apparently not. At a meeting of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, several prominent African America leaders have taken up the cause to preserve the memory of Dr. King and the meaning of this anniversary. Here are some of the comments from the meeting:

Marc Morial, President, National Urban League: “We’re going to get together because we are not going to let Glenn Beck own the symbolism of Aug. 28th, 2010. Someone said to me, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t challenge him. Maybe we should just let him have it.’ I was like, ‘Brother, where have you been? Where is your courage? Where is your sense of outrage?’ We need to collaborate and bring together all people of good will, not just Black people, on Aug. 28 to send a message that Glenn Beck’s vision of America is not our vision of America.”

Ben Jealous, President, NAACP: “A group of White males wealthier than their peers called the Tea Party has risen up in the land. They say that they want to take the country back. And take it back they surely will. They will take it back to 1963 if we let them.” […] “We will be fighting Glenn Beck on Aug. 28th and we will be using that to leverage the second march [on October 2nd, for jobs and justice].”

Rev. Al Sharpton, President, National Action Network: “…there is no way in the world that I am going to allow [Beck] to have more people there than us. I hope every Black person in the country will help us to challenge this. Everybody’s got to be in Washington. We can’t let them hijack Dr. King’s dream.”

This is precisely the kind of push-back that is needed. It’s great to hear that these leaders are committed to challenging Beck. I haven’t yet seen any manifestation of their efforts outside of these remarks at the newspaper publisher’s event, but if they follow through with this level of intensity, they could turn this August 28th from a farce populated by Beck, Sarah Palin, and a throng of paranoid conspiratorialists, into a remarkable and inspirational day.

Feel free to contact these organizations and let them know that you support their efforts to challenge Beck. Then work to help produce a large turnout in Washington of people who want a true restoration of honor and justice, and the principles advocated by Dr. King.

National Urban League
National Action Network


54 thoughts on “Finally! Black Leaders Unite To Challenge Glenn Beck

  1. The black men should get out of the way. They don’t know how to even run a grammar school.

    • “They don’t know how to even run…”

      A case of the racist calling the kettle black. You need to go back to grammar school, moran.

    • Grammar school. Geez, someone’s already dialed himself back 100 years.

  2. Once again you pull off a sloppy attempt at smearing the August 28th event.

    “…a blueprint for taking the country back a hundred years, to a time when civil rights were only meant…”

    Glenn Beck has never, ever called for rolling back the advancement of civil rights in America. This is even more disgraceful and dishonest than usual for you.

    Ben Jealous’ statement is pure slander. He must be lusting after Janeane Garofalo with a comment like that. I will contact him, all right. His comment deserves to be rebuked.

    • Glenn Beck shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as MLK! I am sickened by Beck’s racism and bigotry. Here are my three favorite examples: his statement that he doesn’t have many black friends because he couldn’t talk openly in front of them because they would take his words wrong (translation: you can’t trust black people, they’re irrational, I just avoid them); his statement to Keith Ellison “prove to me you aren’t working for our enemies (translation: black American Muslims are scary terrorists, funny, don’t remember him asking Joe Lieberman any such question, I guess we don’t have to ask white American Jewish people); and finally, his mocking imitation of Malia Obama asking her father why he hates white people, and his associates mocking imitation of Barack Obama answering, because I’m half white, honey.I don’t think I need to translate that last one, do you? If I thought Glenn Beck was representative of the white race, I would have to resign. Instead, I think I’ll just book my ticket to DC to stand next to my brothers and sisters against this hateful message.

      • This is hardly a must see, and not remotely breaking news.

        Alveda King is not a representative of the King legacy. King’s successors, and even his own children, do not agree with her. Being the child of one of King’s siblings does not bestow on you any special authority or wisdom.

        In this appearance with Beck she makes ridiculous and false claims, such as that Justice Ginsburg advocated abortion for “unwanted” populations. Beck, of course, agreed with her. For the record, Ginsburg was talking about OTHER people who held that position, and she was warning against it. She was not taking that position herself. But Ms. King, and Beck, and now everyone who watched that program, will believe something that is patently untrue.

        That is so typical of the dishonesty of Beck and his kind. Also, Beck never even disclosed that the preacher sitting next to Ms. King is a Republican congressional candidate who is getting valuable exposure thanks to Beck.

        • Disclose “…Republican congressional candidate…” he does and adds from Texas. You didn’t watch the entire clip.

          There are political differences within most families, as in mine. So in order to Bash Beck, it forces you to discredit MLK’s niece, nicely done.

          Let the viewer decide.

          • I watched the whole show when it aired live. But you’re right, I did miss the disclosure about Broder. However, it is still a valuable contribution of expensive airtime.

            If you have a problem with me rebutting Ms. King, then you and Beck ought not to hold her up as representing MLK. It’s unfair to suggest that there is something wrong with my responding after she jumped into the fray of her own free will. I’m just telling the truth.

  3. He’s called King a lot of names. Imagine all the things he could call Jesus! Why he spreading that social justice stuff, even speaks like it’s gospel. Long hair, only owns the clothes on his back. “Hey hippie, why don’t you get a job”.

  4. Well here is one white person who supports the black community. Beck and his friends are true racists. They don’t even hide it. If you tell me different then you are a liar. Shame on you who support this bigot racist. Dr. King never wanted violence. He always marched peacefully. I didn’t know how important he was until after he died for freedom. If the black community and liberal america don’t start supporting each other we will be in deep trouble. If we get a Palin type president god help us.

    • Just out of curiosity, why are there so few blacks in the Mormon church with Glenn? I’m sure that’s not by accident.

      • where is your brain
        the better question would not be aboout color but why there are not more more mormons

        fyi– the conversion rate in africa is amongst the highest
        of any area in the church

    • Matt your a complete fool! He had Dr. Martin Luther King’s great niece on his show and did a show about our Black founding father’s …go to youtube and look it up you moron!! Your the one that is racist!

  5. No, I am not a liar. And Beck is not a racist. I fully support his right to add some common sense to the American discourse.

    • Yes, you are a liar. People like you usually wear white sheets. Your afraid to show your true colors. You like to talk in crowds but your scared shitless if a minority walks in front of you and you cross the road. All talk liar. Look in the mirror you think like Beck who is a racist. Your projecting your hate. Your afraid of a president who was elected with a 54% majority and what do you crybabies do? ACORN stold the election waaa waaaa waaa. Oh by the way it was found out just last week that you republicans can’t play nice without cheating. ACORN was cleared of all charges. So what are you afraid of Beck?

    • “I fully support his **right** to add some common sense to the American discourse.”
      so do i, but considering that gb is paid so much to avoid any kind of rationality, you’re going to turn further than blue if you hold your breath waiting for ‘common sense’ from gb.

      ** my emphasis

    • Glenn Beck called Dr. King a racist. You can’t get any plainer than that!

      • Comment deleted. [Admin: Please stop posting repetitive comments and links. Your comments are welcome, but not over and over. Thank you.]

  6. You are the one who is lying. Nearly every word you just farted onto the keyboard was a lie. You are the one who is spewing hate and hypocrisy, just like racists Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright and Louis “I hate Jews” Farrakhan. That is why the left is collapsing. The Dems will lose both houses in November, and President Obama will be voted out in 2012.

    • You and AFM are both throwing around a bunch of unsupported allegations. Let’s try to raise the level of debate.

      How can you defend Beck’s sudden embrace of King when he has previously called him a radical socialist and called all progressives (which King was) a cancer in America?

      Also, if in November the Dems retain control of both houses, will you admit you’re wrong?

  7. There will be plenty of PROUD Black Americans there anyway, WITH the Tea Party! We are certainly not “wealthier” than our peers by any measure, but simply don’t buy the Liberal Lies, which only serve to enslave ALL Americans (and our future generations) on a different kind of plantation, but a plantation nonetheless.
    There is no greater honor to Martin Luther King than putting the focus on what we can and have achieved as a people, and taking the focus OFF Racism, which is the oft-used, tired, very old, and extremely pathetic tool of the left. It’s what the Liberals reach for FIRST, when one differs with radical, and yes completely colorless, ideology. Intelligent society demands better than that, and America is waking up. We are ALL in this together, and we helped put Obama in office, so we can also have buyer’s remorse, without being an instant ‘racist’.
    I’m also very proud Mr. Beck is showcasing Black heros’ of American History, because in an effort to stoke that racist divide (which serves Liberal’s purposes), the Left has literally erased that from our school history books. MLK would certainly be proud of celebrating our black heros, instead of burying the legacy of those who believed in our constitution and his vision of true equality.

    • To:Michael T…Great post! Could of not said it better! It’s just the beginning. MLK will be proud, there will be millions of faces, every man,woman and child of every race gathering peacfully restoring MLK dream. We are ready…are you ready America?

      • Dr. King will hate Glenn Beck Shi**ing on his grave.

    • Do you really think that there will be plenty of Black Americans at Beck’s Tea Bagging? Where have they been for all the others?

      And to be proud of Beck’s mythical history tour is just loony. At one point he claimed that Liberia was founded by blacks as a tribute to America, when the truth is it was freed slaves who couldn’t wait to get out of the nation that had enslaved (and still discriminated against) them.

      How can you believe that Beck would honor King when he has previously referred to him as a radical socialist and a cancer on America? Beck’s views are 180% opposite of King’s. MLK fought for affirmative action (which Beck opposes) and against the war in Vietnam (which Beck supported after the fact). MLK said that this is “the age of social justice.” What do you think Beck would have to say about that?

      You are being used and deceived. That’s so sad. It’s a good thing that 90% of African-Americans disagree with you.

    • Taking the focus off racism.that means Beck is not showing up , hun?Will they bring their guns. Many teabaggers said they would bring them next time.

      • Why do you hate? Why would you hate a gathering of “all” Americans? Could it be you feel you are not? I truly feel sorry for you. You might learn something from MLK. “Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true”. ….I wonder what is your excuse?

        • Wow. Sounds like Dr. King was talking about Glenn Beck. I’ve never read a better description of him.

          I don’t know what gathering of all Americans you are referring to. The only gathering being discussed here is the one by Beck, who has devoted his life turning Americans against other Americans. I feel sorry for anyone who has succumbed to Beck’s lies and his gospel of division and hate.

        • Mark, you name Beck as your demon. Wow, you really are afraid of him aren’t you? Beck is not your demon. It is your own inferior complex that frightens you, you want blame this fear on one man. You praise MLK, but in the same breath you condem your your fellow Americans for gathering peacefully at the foot of Lincoln on August 28, 2010? You want a reason, you want to justify why would 1 million people gather in our nations capitol? ain’t Beck. I am your neighbor, I am your mother, your father, your sister and your brother. I know it is hard for you to believe, it is okay. You don’t have to, we the people will forgive you. We understand.

  8. No. Dr. King was talking about you. Radical lefties speak hate and lies. That’s all they know how to do.

    • Well…Beck thinks that King was a radical leftie. He even called him a radical socialist and questioned whether he deserved a holiday in his name.

      So if King was talking about radical lefties like me, and King was a radical leftie, and all radical lefties are liars, then King was lying when he talked about me. Therefore I am not corrode by hate – YOU ARE! That’s logic straight from Beck’s blackboard.

  9. Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency .It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Great. So you align yourself with a foreign America-hater from the Czech Republic? And worse, you insult the majority of your fellow Americans as fools.

      Why do you hate America?

      • I didn’t say that …I just posted what the Czech Republic is saying about the Country I Love and you are the one spreading hate by posting the stuff you do about Glenn Beck..if you had any balls you would look at the link where he had Alveda King, Dr. Kings niece on his show! The fact that you are spewing racism on here is deplorable! I think Obama is the racist and all the other minions that follow him…he sat in a church for 20 years and listened to Rev Wright spew his hatred of America…you tell me who Hates America??

        • Leave my balls out of this, you perv. Alveda is the exception in the King family (and I did see the video). This is something Beck likes to do. He finds people he can dishonestly pass off as representing a group or philosophy. Like that right-wing nutcase Pat Caddell who Beck introduces as a Democrat. Caddell hasn’t been a Democrat for a couple of decades.

          And who is Obama a racist against? You do know that his mother was white, don’t you? Does he hate himself?

        • Did you delete my post…

          [Admin: Yes I did. Repetitive postings constitute spamming, which is not permitted on this site. You were previously warned about this. Not to mention abusive language directed at me and other commenters. If you cannot engage in a civil debate you will be banned.]

    • Oh Marci, I feel so sorry for you. You are the one who is a fool but you must not realize it. 🙁 Well, it’s really OK because it’s people like you that are the gift that keeps on giving….I hope you will make it through the next 6 years. If you feel you can’t, remember, you can always get your passport and leave if you are so unhappy with all the millions of Obama supports like myself. Nobody is keeping you here. An island some where awaits all the fools like you….best of luck to you.

  10. Threatening to Ban me…because you know I am right! Glenn Beck is not a racist and I proved it by posting his show on youtube about our Black Founding Father’s ..but as the movie line goes..”You Can’t handle the truth”!

    • Don’t be such a martyr (like Beck). If I were going to ban you for your views, wouldn’t I have done that long ago? I could go back and delete all of your comments right now if that were my intention. Can’t you give me a little credit for permitting you to express yourself even though we totally disagree? It’s like you’re programmed to hate me and to regard anyone you oppose as pure evil.

  11. its obvious that most people dont listen to beck, but respond to the rhetoric. i find it amazing that the greatest war of america is fought not elsewhere but seems to be the war of ideology on our own soil.

    the truth, were anyone actually willing to look for it instaed
    of buying what the puppets spew, is that beck actually supports
    the ideals of martin luther king, especially the one that said-
    ( let a man be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin) which even i as a conservative whole heartedly agree with.

    it would be nice if people would learn to tell the truth, or to deal with lifes problems strictly from a position of truth, were the truth always the mandatory prerequisite to dealing with any problem about half of the crap the citizens have to listen to would somehow have no merit. most of the wind that
    feeds party disputes would cease to blow. and our leaders would have diminished means of deceiving the people.

    party should have less meaning than it does-
    color should not matter, but integrity
    and the truth should never be a matter of convienence.

    • But by bringing it up, Beck was endorsing and distributing that view of King. It is typical of his passive/aggressive “I’m not really saying this, I’m just asking questions” tactic.

      Also, King said that he was living in “the age of social justice.” And you know what Beck thinks of that. He called it (and therefore King) a cancer in America.

  12. evidently ‘Micheal t’ is very young or has not been to many libraries.
    over the years, when not looking for the topics, i have come across books about “exemplary/admirable blacks” who weren’t “civil rights” leaders or activists. these “pride” books usually are about inventors, or combat soldiers.
    they’re also the type of books that conservative generally deride as ‘touchy-feely’ or ‘balkanization blah blah, aren’t we all americans not hyphenated americans except for the socialist smellytreehuggingislamofeministatheistwelfarequeengoatmarriage fake-americans’.

  13. Frankly, your blog is not much different from all of the Liberal garbage being pushed by all of the other media forms. As for the “Black leadership” uniting agains Beck (or any other person/group), go for it. It would be the first time a group of blacks could agree on anything except that they are black, oppressed by the whites, and being kept subservient down on the ol’ cotton plantation.
    I cannont envision any race of people following the likes of Al Sharpton, he who skipped out on a jury award against him in NY for his Tawanna Brawley fraud, the “Reverend”Jessie Jackson, the Holy man of God who commits adultery- not in his heart but true fornication creating life OUT of wedlock- and … you get the picture IF you’re not blind.
    I, frankly, would be ashamed of either of these two, or any of several OTHER Black “leaders”, speaking for me or anyone in MY family!
    They have as much credence with true Blacks as the KKK did.

  14. Man, I wish I could be there, but DC in late August is horribly hot. Hope Sarah’s hair can take it. Bring vuvuzellas!

    Not to twist history as Beck does, but have you all ever heard of the Croix de Feu attempted Redux by Wall Street? The Croix de Feu, a militia of vets begun by Coty, became the supporters of their funders; plutocrats, industrialists and financiers and their anti-progressive, anti-immigrant, anti-government, pro-corporate, pro-militia, pro-coup platform. The Croix de Feu’s March on Paris in 1934 led to riots and overturned the leftist government.

    Wall Street was facing down Glass-Steagall, and their spread on reparations and WWI war debt was reduced to oleo by nations abandoning the gold standard. So, they followed the Croix de Feu fashion by co-opting American Legions and ginning up their own American Liberty Legaue for civilians. But they had a hard time turning the Hero of the Bonus Marchers to lead their March on Washington for the Gold Standard. Why not for the bonus, he asked? Because the vet doesn’t need his bonus in “Rubber dollars,” says Wall Street’s bagman.

    The Hero led them on until he had enough to string them up before the McCormack-Dickstein Committee Hearings investigating fascist activity in America. READ ALL ABOUT IT! When folks called de la Rocque’s militia fascist, he came back at them with the FOX approved, “Red Fascist!” This event is some twisted attempt to fulfill their first failed dream. But exploiting vets to pay for their own book launch is pure Wall Street. Look how Beck shills for the Gold Standard. This here is a sorry excuse for the Croix de Feu Redux Part II! Here’s hoping it’s another failure.

    But ya’ll need to take a warning form Quentin. You know how in Inglorius Basterds the occupying Germans meet a flambouyant end? Q made much of that theatre’s specifications. Seats four hundred. General de la Rocque laid out four hundred of his Blue Shirt militia in a Limoges theatre anticipating a highly provoked counter-demonstration by the Left. Plenty of Lefties got their heads cracked, but the Croix de Fue got away unscathed. De la Rocque used the “attack” to justify his Blue Shirts sweeping the French countryside teaching communal farmers to see the Right. Is that not IG upsidedown and backwards? Way to fight the Feu, Q! Those freaks will be testing the limits of gun control. Anti-Beckys should come armed with vuvuzellas!

  15. What the NAACP doesn’t seem to recognize is that in this country, we have to live with other Americans. By this action, they are displaying bigoted attitudes [which is exactly what they are unfairly accusing the Tea Party of]. This is not going to lead to any success on their part. Truthfully, they’ve aligned themselves with the extreme leftists by taking this action.

  16. I love you Glenn! I HAVE READ THE US CONSTITION AND THE DECLARATION of INDEPENEDENCE! And I love them documents. I am proud to be an American.

  17. Abortion stems from a religious argument, in which the facts remains that it has been around forever and will be around forever. As a white woman, I’m appalled at this Klan rally. Glenn Beckkk is preaching nothing but racism & xenophobia. This is a new low for the idiotic Repukenikkans. All they have is hatred against people that are different than them (gays, Muslims, illegals which they think are all brown Mexicans). Palin is a circus clown that obviously doesn’t believe in birth control or teachings of safe sex. Her daughter is living proof of that. Women should be forced to read up on the history of what we had to struggle through, killed and beat to get to where we are today. We should support other minorities and not allow the neo-cons and kkkonservatives to regress our society!! Long Live Martin Luther King Jr and his legacy!!

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