Sarah Palin Thinks The Texas D.A. Should Resign Due To A DWI? How About These Folks Too?

America’s foremost authority on quitting public service jobs, Sarah Palin, penned a new Fox News editorial to defend Rick Perry who was just indicted for abuse of power. Like every other Perry advocate, she misconstrues the facts with regard to the indictment. Perry is not being accused of issuing a veto. His alleged crime is abuse of power for attempting to coerce an elected officer to resign under threat of official retaliation.

The editorial is typical of Palin’s tunnel-blind perspective wherein every Republican charged with a crime is a victim of a partisan plot. In this case, she asserts Democrats are out to get Perry, despite the fact that the special prosecutor in charge of the case is a Republican who was appointed by a Republican judge.

Never one to be deterred by facts, Palin continues her rant by focusing on the Travis County District Attorney who Perry was trying to strong-arm out of her job. Rosemary Lehmberg was convicted of a DWI. She pleaded guilty, served her sentence, and pledged not to run for reelection. But Perry wasn’t satisfied and proceeded with his unlawful threat.

Palin isn’t satisfied either. She writes that “The appropriate and honorable thing for this powerful D.A. to do is resign.” Then she spends much of the rest of her opinion piece characterizing Lehmberg as a worthless drunk who has no business in public office. Of course, that’s a decision for the voters to make, not Palin and Perry. But if Palin insists that anyone who has ever been cited for driving under the influence be immediately sacked and run out of town, then I suppose we will shortly see her editorials calling for these Republican politicians to resign at once:

  • Republican U.S. Senator Michael Crapo of Idaho
  • GOP State Sen. Roy Ashburn of California
  • Florida Republican state Rep. Dane Eagle
  • Hinds County, MS Republican Executive Committee Chairman Pete Perry
  • Vermont Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne
  • GOP Minnesota Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald
  • Illinois Republican State Rep. Randy Ramey
  • Republican District Attorney Bradley Collins of Jacksonville, FL
  • GOP Maryland Rep. Don Dwyer
  • Idaho state Sen. John McGee
  • Missouri GOP State Representative Tom Burcham
  • Republican Georgia State Representative Ben Harbin
  • And many more…

Sarah Palin

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And if that weren’t bad enough, Palin’s husband Todd has his own drunk driving conviction on his permanent record. But don’t hold your breath waiting for Palin’s next wave of editorials. She has no intention of being consistent. Her only goal is to play defense for Perry and to demonize Democrats.

In that regard I have a little sympathy for her. After all, there are four GOP governors who have recently been subjects of speculation as possible candidates for the Republican nomination for president, who are under indictment or investigation: Perry, Chris Christy, Scott Walker, and Bob McDonnell. Certainly in Palin’s mind they are all innocent victims of liberal conspiracies. So she’s going to have a hell of a time writing editorials absolving all of them of any wrongdoing, and pinning the blame on Democrats.


11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Thinks The Texas D.A. Should Resign Due To A DWI? How About These Folks Too?

  1. So, my dear Mizz Palin, by your criteria, would you have demanded the resignation of George W. Bush? After all, he had at least one DWI (which has since been expunged from Texas records by … some good friends of the family).

    Sorry, I am asking for consistency from Mizz Palin, aren’t I. I really should know better…

  2. This is why Sarah Palin is barking up the wrong tree, as usual.

    From James Moore best selling author, TV political analyst, communications and public relations expert, writing at the Huffington Post
    “The [Public Integrity Unit headed by the Travis County District Attorney under attack by Governor Perry] had been investigating the Cancer Research and Prevention Institute (CPRIT), a $3 billion dollar taxpayer funded project that awarded research and investment grants to startups targeting cancer cures. The entire scientific review team, including Nobel Laureate scientists, resigned because they said millions were handed out through political favoritism. Investigations by Texas newspapers indicated much of the money was ending up in projects proposed by campaign donors and supporters of Governor Perry. In fact, one of the executives of CPRIT was indicted in the PIU investigation for awarding an $11 million dollar grant to a company without the proposal undergoing any type of review. Perry might have been the next target.”

  3. This assumes that Governor Perry is not entitled to become a millionaire AFTER he became a public servant. I’m not sure this is illegal or even rare for elected officials although it sure ain’t good government.

    • Good government? Don’t forget Perry pushed real hard for Texas secession. I hardly think he has the best interests of the government in mind.

      • Sorry stupid, Rick Perry NEVER pushed for Texas secession. I know you democrats are stupid and only know what lying websites like this say, but how about learning some facts, idiot.

        Trust me, IF Perry had pushed for Texas top secede, Texas would have seceded. The USA needs Texas a hell of a lot more than Texas needs the USA. The ONLY thing good about the current relationship is Texas is taking all of the jobs that used to be in democrat run sewers. Companies are moving here in record numbers.

        • No need for name-calling, Gary, ol’ boy. And it might serve -you- to get the facts straight. We Texans have the right to divide into 5 new states (see the Joint Resolution to Annex Texas to the United States of 1845) but secession is not a possibility. That notion is a tall-tale we tell to foreigners who visit. You know.. like from Arkansas or Oklahoma. Even Guv’ner GoodHair couldn’t walk on those waters.

  4. Standard Republican ignoring of the facts…

  5. Simply put, there are two sets of rules here.
    One for Republicans and another for Democrats.
    According to the GOP rules,

    Democrat gets a DUI= Resign
    Republican gets a DUI= President of the United States of America
    This is what a level playing field looks like to Republicans.
    A little background on G.W. Bush

  6. Sarah Palin isn’t the only one who wants the filthy, lying, abusing, corrupt DRUNK District Attorney to resign. The ENTIRE state wants her GONE. This worthless whore could have killed someone. She was THREE TIMES over the legal limit and driving on the wrong side of the road. If there was ever an argument for the death penalty in DUI cases, this is it.

    What’s hilarious, is even democrat party filth like David Axelrod is calling this “indictment” a bunch of BS!

    The only thing you idiot democrats have done is wake up every Republican in Texas. Many, knowing Wendy Davis will lose by 40 points to our next Governor, Greg Abbott, have been complacent. Now they are fully engaged.

    Thanks democrats, you were already the most hated creatures in Texas, now you’ve made sure no democrat will hold statewide office for another half-century! [It’s already been 20 years since we allowed a filthy democrat to hold office as it is!]

    • Wow. Not only have you missed the entire point of this article (Palin’s hypocrisy), but you have perfectly illustrated the inbred hatred that infects so much of the right. It’s funny because studies have shown that conservatives are both more ignorant and more prone to hostility, and you’ve demonstrated both.

      Thanks for making that clear to anyone who wasn’t already aware of it.

      • You have no room to lecture anybody about hatred, Mark. And you know it. You spew nothing but hate and lies.
        And here’s what Mark is leaving out of his post. Rosemary wasn’t just DUI, she was utterly blotto drunk as a skunk. AND – she was belligerent and combative to the police like she might have had some peyote in whatever tequila bottle she was gulping down.
        Bravo to Sarah Palin for speaking truth. That’s something you will never find on this site.

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