Shepard Smith Owes Obama’s Press Secretary “Every Penny He Will Ever Make” At Fox News

The military operation executed last night against ISIL in Syria surprised many in the nation and the media by its timing and force. However, there was another consequence of the mission that will have an impact on a much smaller scale, except for those involved.

Fox News

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest just became a very rich man. Last week he was interviewed on Fox News by Shepard Smith (video below) about the coalition that President Obama was building to “degrade and destroy” the terrorist organization ISIL. In the course of their discussion they had this exchange that included a very specific challenge from Smith to Earnest in the form of a wager:

Earnest: We are going to have Muslim majority countries, Muslim led countries, as part of this coalition. This is not going to be the United States against ISIL. This will be the international community, including the Muslim world, against these extremists.

Smith: Like Saudi Arabia’s going to have some boots over there, or Jordan.

Earnest: Well, I will let the individual members of the coalition announce the commitments that they’re prepared to make.

Smith: There will be no commitment from those two. On this I will bet every penny I will ever make at this network.

Earnest: That’s a substantial bet.

Smith: It is a big bet, and it is a good bet, because it’s not going to happen and the whole world knows it.

Of course the whole world now knows that the United States led a series of airstrikes last night in Syria against ISIL and other terrorist operations. The mission was conducted with substantial participation from neighboring Muslim nations. According to the Pentagon

“U.S. military forces and partner nations, including Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, undertook military action against ISIL terrorists in Syria overnight.”

So the question is: How and when will Smith pay up? Will he even acknowledge the debt he owes or his horribly off-base prediction? At the very least he should apologize to Earnest, as well as to his viewers for misinforming them.

The smug and mocking tone Smith used when challenging Earnest only exacerbates his pitiful analysis of the situation. However, he proved that he fits right in on the network that gets everything else wrong, particularly when it comes to reporting on anything this president is doing, plans to do, or has done.

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14 thoughts on “Shepard Smith Owes Obama’s Press Secretary “Every Penny He Will Ever Make” At Fox News

  1. Well happy birthday to me! I love when the Fox-bots blow it in such a major way. Will he acknowledge it? Probably not but it made my day.

  2. Shepard Smith is the only palatable host on Fox News, and he’s called out Fox’s rightwing agenda on a number of occasions.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to bring up the “bet” and make light of it in a “Daily Show” sort of way.

    • Well, he finished his program today without mentioning his lost wager, or taking responsibility.

      • Oh. Gee. I. Never. Ex. Pected. That. Gee. What. A. Surprise. (dull surprise)

        Actually, I always thought Smith was the most reasonable of the FoxPods. Of course, they all take their orders from the Boss (Hogg) — and Boss says it is not permissible to admit mistakes at Shlox. After all, they do have a zero tolerance policy at Shlox: We never tolerate admission of mistakes at Shlox (which don’t exist) – people might get the wrong (correct) impression that Shlox isn’t a real news organization, and that can’t be tolerated — or acknowledged — either.

        • Unwillingness to admit mistakes are signs of insecurity and weak character. So is remaining closeted when you don’t have to.

  3. I hope he does admit he made a mistake, HJeff. It would restore my faith in him a little.

  4. Smith will acknowledge his mistake about the same time Hannity submits to his promised water-boarding.

  5. Maybe he’s hoping no one was listening to his show when he made the bet.

  6. Yeah, I suppose you all are correct–Fox News personalities rarely acknowledge their mistakes. And even when they do, it’s usually done so in an insincere manner.
    So, yeah, Shep put your money where your mouth is!

  7. Maybe he’ll actually take credit for the joint airstrikes. He’ll say that if he hadn’t bet against it the President wouldn’t have done it. We should all be thanking him.

  8. He will do it when Rush leaves the country

  9. So, three days later, anything from Shepard Smith? I would check myself, but that would require watching Shlox Snooze, and I have a functioning brain which prohibits my watching morons on television.

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