More Americans Died From Guns TODAY Than Ebola Ever

Is it time to talk about the epidemic of guns yet?

With shootings in a Washington state high school and in Sacramento, California, the fatalities caused just by these events that the media chooses to sensationalize exceeds all of the fatalities in the U.S. from Ebola since that story began. And that’s not even counting the shootings that occur every day in communities across the country.

Guns vs. Ebola

Nevertheless, our politicians and pundits continue to be obsessed with manufactured threats that have a more theatrical appeal, but are in reality a far smaller risk. The likelihood of any American being killed by Ebola or ISIL remains remote, but guns are killing innocent people everyday. The numbers are staggering. Over 30,000 Americans die by gunfire each year, and today’s news reminds us that way too many of the victims are children.

There is a good case to make that the NRA is more dangerous to Americans than Ebola ever was. So is tobacco, influenza, pollution, and lightening. In fact, you are even more likely to die by your own hand (39,000 annual suicides) than to be killed by Ebola. So whatever you do, don’t get on any plane that you are on.

Our representatives have to stop being cowed by the NRA whose sole mission is to lobby on behalf of gun manufacturers. The influence exercised by the NRA far outweighs their actual clout with the public at large. But they continue to hold our legislators hostage. They even have a role in preventing a comprehensive response to Ebola. It is the NRA that coerced members of Congress into blocking the confirmation of President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General. Now that we need someone in that post, the obstruction continues to prevent it.

With the upcoming midterm elections there is an opportunity to reduce the NRA’s influence in Congress by voting out Republicans in the Senate. The American people need to recognize the importance of this election and resolve to participate and persuade others to do the same. Failing this we can expect the holocaust of gun victims to continue and spread long after the Ebola threat has been forgotten.


11 thoughts on “More Americans Died From Guns TODAY Than Ebola Ever

  1. I say scream all that as loud as you can – especially those running for senate on the democrat side. The republican party isn’t good for much these days – but it’s one of the few individual rights they actually fight to protect.

  2. Why don’t you tell everyone what you propose for gun legislation – something that would have kept this tragedy from happening? Background checks? Something else – haven’t heard any proposals yet that will both make people safer and respect the “peoples right to bear arms”.

    Please, enlighten me. You are very careful to avoid specifics – I’m sure it’s for a reason. Just say what you want – vague arguments about the Evil NRA don’t get us anywhere…. come on coward. Be honest for once – just one proposal that would stop kids from killing kids? Make it illegal for minors to purchase guns??? oh yeah, that’s already law. How about it be illegal to kill another person – oh yeah, that’s illegal too. Come on – open up – be the liberal you claim to be and be proud.

    • Spare me your disingenuous bullshit, Steve. You don’t give a shit about my proposals for reform (which I’ve posted many times). And if you don’t know what the arguments are, then you are too stupid for me to waste my time on. Especially when you enhance your whining with childish taunts of cowardice, as if I would respond to your double-daring me to do something. For Gawd’s sake, grow up. You really are an ass and you add nothing of substance to any discussion.

      • double dog dare – your side lost the arguments already – so something new is required. I’m fine with you blaming the NRA since it doesn’t help you anyway. You’re just mad you haven’t been able to get anywhere – the NRA isn’t responsible – it’s the people and their reluctance to accept the left’s attempt at infringement.
        Your supposed desire for universal background checks is not going to do anything to stop these kinds of tragedies – so it’s 100% infringement and it’s pretty clear – nothing more. Is pretty funny to see you frustrated and blaming whoever you can…I’m enjoying it more than you know.

        • You say the NRA isn’t responsible.Oh sure they aren’t,…..except they do things like propose for more guns in the classroom, or trying to avoid the discussion. Even if they said nothing at all you’d have to wonder why they, as a supposed authority on guns are not trying to address the issue.

          You might want to address you question above to the NRA that you addressed to Mark specifically because that’s their job, and ask them why the only solutions they propose are so problematic and why they keep trying to avoid the issue on guns.

          • The NRA reflects their members attitudes – they paid a price after their compromise on the the early 90s assault weapons ban and they haven’t forgotten it . They CAN’T pass legislation or enact law – that is the job of congress. The gun issue is pretty hot because it’s clearly part of the bill of rights and people take that pretty seriously. Mark has noted previously that our Bill of Rights isn’t absolute – I realize the courts have taken that position. But if you approach it from that perspective, then all our rights can be compromised much easier. If you want less guns around, I suggest you stop trying to push legislation restricting the rights of law abiding citizens. It only get’s people worked up and the reaction is extreme from the opposite direction. I think there are more AR15s in circulation now than prior to Barack Obama becoming president. And there appears to be more people going crazy in recent years – why is that? Not sure that is an issue for the NRA. As a person whose job it is to solve problems – government seems to always look in the wrong place and this is no exception. Mark is a good example of the ineptitude of government problem solving – if I solved problems like that I would be fired.

      • 2 things – my enjoyment is about the leftists inability to get all the bans you can on guns.

        #2 – here is an example to policy that could help stop students from killing other students like the Washington state attacks and even the Columbine type :

        Make parents responsible for their kids actions – both financially and with respect to prison – then people can buy whatever they want but they can be held responsible for their underage kids killing if it happens – I bet parents would pay more attention to their kids behavior and would be sure to secure their firearms. Individual responsibility and 2nd amendment freedom – both included. I’m sure it’s not as easy as that – but at least it gets between both sides.

        I’ll continue to enjoy the frustration you feel – if it wasn’t your hellbent desire to take away peoples rights, I wouldn’t enjoy it soo much – but you are who you are.

  3. The time to discuss guns in society has long since passed and I feel they there is little that will create the opportunity again. We’ve seem this movie before and we’ve seen how we’ve all opted to wait until a more opportune time, yet with each new tragedy the next available opportune time is always just out of reach. We need to face some hard facts. We don’t want to do anything about gun violence simply because it happens someplace else to someone else.
    We can blame Republicans. We can blame Democrats. We can blame the NRA and weapon manufacturers. We are still no closer to a solution.
    Republicans or Democrats, regardless how long they’ve been there or how new they are, all know that you never bite the hand that feeds. The NRA knows how to set a table. Then again, so do our many lobbyists.

    • There is no honesty in the debate – Mark proves it every time there is a tragedy. It’s much easier to criticize the NRA than to say what he really wants – or, better yet, he’ll be purposely vague that he wants “gun safety”, which everyone wants, but it sounds so much better than “ban all guns”. Mark won’t say because like the politicians he supports, he is a coward. If his ideas are so good – why not just put them out there- regardless of the NRA or any other special interest. If the people want it, they will vote for it – I’m sure.

      • What is ‘gun safety’ going to solve? Take a 10 minute course, get your certificate and everyone is happy.
        I have a friend with a conceal permit. He shoots with other shooting friends at designated ranges. He’s very safety conscience about his guns.
        He’s also become more afraid of ‘bad people’ ever since he took up the hobby. That never seemed to be an issue before the gun.

        What is wrong with a waiting period so a background check could be done?
        What is wrong with limiting magazine size? Do you really require a 20 round clip? If so, what for?
        Do you need high powered, high velocity magnum ammo? What is out there that cannot be stopped with a regular grain shell?
        Do you need military grade equipment?

        Do we even have the desire to care enough yet?

        • People do care – and we all want the exact same thing – less of this senseless killing. That is how the debate is framed, but very rarely do any politicians go into specifics of how they would do it. The right to bear arms is not negotiable – and those specific issues you note have nothing to do with people killing people for no reason – that is why we argue. You (general) go after those items that are not the primary cause of any of this. What i need or choose to own is NO business of yours or the governments – not one of my guns or magazines ever hurt another human being. So who cares how many bullets my guns can support at one time is irrelevant. So until we agree on the status of rights, I guess we’ll continue to not agree.

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