Triple Crossed By National Geographic

As if the Able Danger affair didn’t stir up enough controversy by itself…

Peter Lance, the author of the book, “Triple Cross: Bin Laden’s Spy in America,” is claiming that a cover up is in progress that pits him against the federal government and the National Geographic Channel. NatGeo is broadcasting their version of the book on August 28. Lance has removed himself from the project because, he says:

“They hijacked my work. The documentary is now skewed so much in favor of the feds that it actually distorts the facts of the story.”

The network denies Lance’s claims, but there are additional reasons to be suspicious. First of all, the National Geographic Channel is majority owned by propagandist and right-wing media baron, Rupert Murdoch. Also, Curt Weldon (R-PA), the House Armed Services Committee vice chair, has also requested that his appearances be removed because he does not believe the documentary presents an unbiased view. His committee has held hearings looking into Able Danger.

The question now is, is Murdoch’s cable net purposefully mischaracterizing the conclusions of the book it is supposed to be adapting? We will have to wait for it to air because the author has not been allowed to preview it without first signing a non-disparagement agreement, which he refuses to do. The upside here is that the TV documentary, however skewed, may drive more viewers to purchase the book. At least there is that published document on which to base a judgment.