The News Corpse Film Salon

As a public service, News Corpse has compiled a selection of progressive-themed films that are scheduled to be released between now and election day in November. These films all have themes that could potentially impact a voter’s perspective on important issues of the day. There truly is something for everyone – documentaries, dramas, comedies and music. So feast on these cinematic treats and, while there is no talking allowed in the theater, it is encouraged everywhere else.

The Ground Truth
The terrible conflict in Iraq, depicted with ferocious honesty in the film, is a prelude for the even more challenging battles fought by the soldiers returning home.

My Country, My Country
My Country, My Country follows the agonizing predicament and the gradual descent of one man caught in the tragic contradictions of the U. S. occupation of Iraq and its project to spread democracy in the Middle East.

American Hardcore
Hardcore was more than music-it was a social movement created by Reagan-era misfit kids. The participants constituted a tribe unto themselves-some finding a voice, others an escape in the hard-edged music. And while some sought a better world, others were just angry and wanted to raise hell.

The U. S. vs John Lennon
Exploring Vietnam-era struggles that remain relevant today, The U. S. vs John Lennon tells the true story of the U. S. government’s attempts to silence John Lennon, the beloved musician and iconic advocate for peace.

Like [Michael Moore’s] other movies, what we start with is not always what we end with. Along the way, we discover new roads to go down, roads that often surprise us and lead us to new ideas. I don’t think the country needs a movie that tells you that HMOs and the pharmaceutical companies suck. Everybody knows that. I’d like to show you some things you don’t know.

Man of the Year
Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) has made his career out of skewering politicians and speaking the mind of the exasperated nation on his talk show. He cracked jokes at a fractured system night after night…until he came up with a really funny idea: why not run for president himself?

Fast Food Nation
Don Henderson (Greg Kinnear)-a marketing executive at Mickey’s Fast Food Restaurant chain, home of “The Big One”-has a problem. Contaminated meat is getting into the frozen patties of the company’s best-selling burger. To find out why, he’ll have to take a journey to the dark side of the All-American meal.

Iraq For Sale
Acclaimed director Robert Greenwald takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of profiteering in the reconstruction of Iraq. Iraq for Sale uncovers the connections between private corporations making a killing in Iraq and the decision makers who allow them to do so.

Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing
The film follows the lives and careers of the Chicks through the writing and recording of their first album since “the incident” – and three years of political attack, making music, birthing babies, bonding, death threats, and laughter. At the end, the film presents a complete reconsideration of who people think they are, who they want to be and who, ultimately, they really are as women, as public figures, and as musicians.

Al Franken: God Spoke
The makers of “The War Room” turn their cameras on yet another burgeoning political career. Al Franken: God Spoke is a cinema verite pursuit of Al Franken, shot over the course of two years, which follows the former Saturday Night Live comedian from his highly publicized feud with Bill O’Reilly to his relentless campaign against George Bush and the right wing.

The War Tapes
In March 2004, just as the insurgent movement strengthened, several members of one National Guard unit arrived in Iraq, carrying digital video cameras. The War Tapes is the movie they made with Director Deborah Scranton and a team of award-winning filmmakers. It’s the first war movie filmed by soldiers themselves on the front lines in Iraq.

That should keep you busy.