Andrew Breitbart (Hearts) Al Qaeda

In a shocking new video the chronically choleric Andrew Breitbart is caught admitting that he “hearts” Al Qaeda and its network of terrorists.

This confession, startling for its candid veracity, is not particularly surprising coming from a this rhetorical bomb-thrower. His personality is rife with terrorist leanings and he is known to be as opposed to the present government of the United States as Osama Bin Laden or any other radical jihadist.

Now that the truth is out, Breitbart’s defenders must be put on notice. Chief amongst these is the Republican Party who is hosting a fundraiser in Beverly Hills next month. This event is asking deep-pocketed Republican elitists to donate between $5,000 and $60,000 to the party. The entertainment for the evening features RNC Chairman Michael Steele sharing the stage with Breitbart. There has been no comment from Steele as to whether Breitbart’s embrace of Al Qaeda or his deceitful smearing of Shirley Sherrod as a racist present any problems for this booking.

The disclosure of Breitbart’s allegiance to Al Qaeda is reminiscent of Glenn Beck’s admission that he idolizes Adolf Hitler:

Everyday we learn more of the truth about these dangerous and disreputable characters.


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  1. Maybe Brietbart will confuse Steele with one of the waiters. Just think of the good hearted fun when he snaps his finger and says “boy”.

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