How Can There Be Global Warming If It’s Snowing?

Six months ago the rightist media was tripping all over itself to proclaim that Climate Change was a hoax. Their evidence was that in the midst of winter it was cold along the North Atlantic coast. Apparently they were snowed in so badly they couldn’t get weather reports from anywhere else in the world, like Australia which was suffering from record high temperatures and drought. And therein lies the problem. These climate deniers are so stupid that they repeatedly mistake weather for climate. This is what they were saying at the time:

“It’s going to keep snowing in DC until Al Gore cries uncle.” Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)

“It’s breaking Al Gore’s heart because the snow is also burying his global warming theory.” Eric Bolling, Fox News

“It’s interesting […] that people are going, ‘how can there be global warming if it’s snowing and it’s fairly cold?’ ” Steve Doocy, Fox News

“[It] must send chills up the spines of global warming adherents, for whom this winter has been marked by discontent.” Washington Times

“Just another nail in the coffin of this whole Global Warming thing.” Rush Limbaugh

“It is strange that he [Al Gore] has just disappeared in the largest snow fall in Washington, DC history.” Glenn Beck

“At some point maybe somebody in the government will wake up and say, ‘Hey, it’s colder. It’s not hotter.'” Ben Stein

“It is some of the coldest air in this part of the country in 20 years. Proof that all of this hype over global warming could be just that – hype.” Neil Cavuto, Fox News

The temperature data for the month of June confirm that it was the hottest June EVER! So what I’m wondering is why haven’t these same phony meteorologists come forward to issue corrections and announce that Climate Change is a real and growing problem based on this chart for August 3, 2010:

Could it be because they are: 1) Hypocrites; 2) Liars; or 3) Idiots?


11 thoughts on “How Can There Be Global Warming If It’s Snowing?

  1. Actually, it’s: 4) Lying Hypocritical Idiots.

  2. Apparently never heard of that old saw, “too cold to snow.”

    • yes, I’ve heard that – that as air molecules spread due to colder air, they’re simply too far apart for precipitation meaning that snow itself would indicate warmer temperatures. then I heard that’s just a myth. Now I’m wondering whether the so-called myth was the actual myth.

  3. Forget about the difference between weather and climate question. Do they know that global warming is a known phenomenon. Climate change is the issue. They don’t even understand the scientific ideas, much less the indications. Bob got it right: all of the above.

  4. What cracks me up is when the reichies declare that “global warming is cyclical” … meaning, science has proven that the Earth has gone through many periods of warming and cooling over the time since the Earth was created.

    Unfortunately for the reichies, that contradicts their “fact” that the Earth is less than 30,000 years old … since, to prove that it’s cyclical, they have to show that it has warmed and cooled over millions of years …

    • Of course. But if you keep trying to use logic to explain their hypocrisy you’re going to hurt yourself.

  5. One summer is certainly weather. Not climate as suggested.
    The difference is time. So the lunatics are idiots because of record snowfall in DC. But the HOTTEST June on record should make us consider all of the science??? Your words are below…

    The temperature data for the month of June confirm that it was the hottest June EVER! So what I’m wondering is why haven’t these same phony meteorologists come forward to issue corrections and announce that Climate Change is a real and growing problem based on this chart for August 3, 2010:

    How can you compare an entire winter, specifically a few days worth of snow and one month in the summer and arrive at the conclusion that either party are liars, idiots, stupid, or what have you. Then consider either CLIMATE change?? With only one day’s chart as an example???

    Maybe I am missing something…

    It is hot this year. Last year I ran my air conditioning 2 (two) days. So last year we were cool (not as warm) and this year we are so hot that we must resort to name calling?

    If it is science that you are using to back-up your claims then maybe we could define a acceptable (to both sides) set of standards. Base our observations and conclusions referencing these standards and postulate our theorums relative to the accepted standards.

    Sounds fair, doesn’t it??

    • You are most definitely missing something. When I proposed that the right-wing phony meteorologists reverse course I was mocking them for their original stance.

      It is absurd, even stupid, to impute from short-term empirical data a conclusion that should be drawn from exhaustive scientific research. Yet when Fox Newsies got a chill last February they used that as evidence that Climate Change is a hoax. That’s NUTS! So I turned it back on them to answer for why it is now searingly hot, a fact they completely ignore because it doesn’t fit their preconceptions. Get It?

      The bottom line is that the risks associated with Climate Change have already been documented by real scientists doing real research. It cannot be dismissed by TV spokesmodels spewing propaganda.

      • sorry I missed the irony… Maybe a little too subtle. Especially when you use a Heat Index chart as an example. I was wondering if it was safe to argue with a Wind Chill chart from last winter…

        Either way, I really don’t understand how anyone can claim to “know” anything about climate when actual record-keeping of weather data when referenced on a geologic scale is like “knowing” how long the sun will continue to shine…

        Climate definitions are developed by considering the history (be it lore, actual data, or otherwise). We have only begun to have enough data to even consider categorizing climate…

        • To be completely fair, I don’t believe that the terms “climate change” and “global warming” should be debated at the same time…

          Two different concepts.

  6. The weather’s been weird where i live too. consistently below freezing, but raining. But what really bugs me about this is that, even if climate change wasnt real (which it is), how could anyone think that unlimited pumping of toxic elements into our ecosystem wont cause massive problems?

    Or is toxic pollution “just a theory” too? Ugh.

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