Fox News Stands By Glenn Beck’s Hate Speech 1000%

This should tell you all you need to know about Fox News and their commitment to bigotry and division.

Earlier today Michael Calderone of The Upshot posted a story describing the most recent example of Glenn Beck’s intolerance and insensitivity. It all began when Beck broadcast a brazenly offensive attack against Simon Greer, chief executive of Jewish Funds for Justice. As you might imagine, the fact that Greer runs an agency that advocates justice of the social variety is enough by itself to set Beck off. But when Greer wrote about the benefits, both personal and spiritual, of pursuing the common good, Beck couldn’t restrain himself:

“This leads to death camps. A Jew, of all people, should know that. This is exactly the kind of talk that led to the death camps in Germany. Put humankind and the common good first.”

Not surprisingly, Greer took offense at being portrayed as an instigator of Holocausts. Especially when he was merely expressing what his faith teaches him as written in the Talmud:

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am for myself alone, what am I?

Calderone’s article goes on to state that Greer had a meeting with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and senior vice president Joel Cheatwood. In Greer’s account of the meeting the Fox executives agreed that Beck had “crossed the line” and they promised talk to him. A couple of days later Greer received a letter from Beck that was something less than an apology, but which Greer graciously regarded as “a peace offering.”

But the story doesn’t end there. After Calderone’s article was published, Cheatwood ran to the press to deny that there was ever any agreement with Greer and that both Cheatwood and Ailes stand “behind Glenn Beck 1000%.” That’s right. They felt it was imperative to quickly correct the record and make it known that they believe, along with Beck, that caring for your neighbors, and your community, and the community of mankind, will lead to fascist death camps. And, of course, those who do care are budding Hitlers. Thanks for clearing that up.

Veteran Beck observers will not be surprised by any of this. His racism, and his employer’s support for it, has been documented before. When Beck called President Obama a racist with “a deep seated hatred for white people or the white culture,” Rupert Murdoch declared that he was right.

To top off this story, it was just revealed that Beck had listed on his “favorites” on Twitter a Tweet from a white nationalist that said to “Embrace White Culture” and included the logo and acronym for “White Pride World Wide,” a known slogan of white supremacy groups. After it became public, Beck deleted all of his favorite Tweets. Unfortunately for him, the evidence was captured before he was able to destroy it.

And this is the guy who compares himself to Martin Luther King and still thinks he has a moral right to hold a self-glorifying rally on the anniversary of, and at the same location as, King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.


6 thoughts on “Fox News Stands By Glenn Beck’s Hate Speech 1000%

  1. as I remarked on the MM post re: this matter, apparently the discrepancy is attributable to Ailes et. al. appeasing Greer with a reassurance before doing a 180 on the press. The fact is where Beck is concerned, there is no line to be crossed, not when the bottom line is profit which depends on defending Beck at all costs. In other words, it’s the cost of doing business.

  2. I watch Glenn Beck from time to time and I have yet to hear anything close to “hate speech”. I see a lot more anger and hatred from people on this site then from GB. As far as I know, he has as much right to speak out as any other person. I do find the lunacy written on this site more entertaining though…

    • Thanks. I’m glad to entertain you.

      However, if you don’t hear hate speech from Beck you aren’t paying attention. In the article above he said a Jewish advocate of social justice is responsible for Nazi death camps. He called the President a racist. He called progressives a cancer. He called Van Jones an avowed communist and convicted felon (neither of which is true). He called Katrina victims scumbags and said he hated 9/11 victims.

      Are those expressions of affection to you?

      • I have no issue with those statement, what’s wrong with calling our president a racist – if he believes it, so be it. I would do my own review of the jewish advocate comment if i knew who that was. again – thanks for all the laughs….

      • Let the president adn Van Jones sue him for slander if it’s untrue…Just to be sure my thougts are understood – I think all speech is constitutionally protected – even what you may feel is hate speech. So what if you think it’s hate speech, i think everyone is way too sensitive and quick to silence those with who they don’t agree – kind of like this website. Some may actually think what’s written this site is hateful, so what…the constant anaylsis on this site is really funny – I hope people are being paid for this entertainment. Actually I enjoy the reaction from these people when Fox News says something “Bad”…he he he…

  3. This York guy is mentally sick, and off base. “Free speech” has legal and moral limits; as exemplifid by the allusion to yelling “fire” in a theater, this same principle should apply when Beck et al cynically proclaim people should use their guns when the ballot box does not go to their favorite candidate.

    Let’s repeat the boycott of Fox pseudo-news sponsors…..

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