On Fox News: Protest BY Police is Honorable. Protest OF Police Is Pathetic

In another example of the acutely schizophrenic and brazenly prejudiced approach to journalism practiced by Fox News, two recent stories have revealed just how blatantly they peddle their hypocrisy.

Fox News

When members of the New York Police Department decided to express their political grievances with New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, they orchestrated the profoundly disrespectful tactic of protesting during the funerals of murdered officers. It was a repulsive strategy that heretofore was only engaged in by the nauseating disciples of the Westboro Baptist Church, whose protests at the funerals of American soldiers were repudiated by just about everyone across the political spectrum.

For some reason, Fox News, and other conservative media, flipped 180 degrees and voiced their support for the officers who turned their backs on the Mayor, turning events that were supposed to be memorials to slain colleagues into political rallies. The majority of Fox pundits and guests (including Bernie Kerik, the former New York Police Commissioner and convicted felon) had no problem with this display of self-serving partisanship at such solemn occasions.

Cut to a town hall in Oregon where a 100 year old World War II veteran was to receive a tribute for his service. During the event a group of citizens paraded through the room chanting “I can’t Breathe,” the iconic last words of police chokehold victim Eric Garner. Video of this protest was aired on Fox News along with a scornful commentary by anchor Heather Nauert who called the spectacle “Unbelievable,” while an on-screen graphic condemned it as “Harassing a Hero.” On the Fox News community website Fox Nation, they posted the item with the headline “PATHETIC: Ferguson Protesters DISRUPT Ceremony Honoring 100-YEAR-OLD Veteran.”

It needs to be noted that the vet’s tribute was just a part of a public town hall meeting where citizens are permitted to gather and be heard on a variety of local concerns. It was not a dedicated ceremony for the vet. What’s more, Fox Nation got the story wrong with the “Ferguson Protesters” label when they were actually referring to the the Garner killing in New York. On the other hand, the funerals for officers Ramos and Liu were specifically planned to pay respects to two cops who were brutally murdered in an unprovoked ambush.

So according to Fox News, it is unthinkable for citizens to attend a public meeting and express themselves on a matter that directly impacts their lives. But it is perfectly fine to disrupt a funeral in order to complain about political differences with a city’s mayor. This is reminiscent of how Fox News would glorify, and even help promote, the protesters associated with the Tea Party, but condemned and slandered those connected to Occupy Wall Street.

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On Fox News a protest BY police officers attacking a liberal mayor is reported as honorable. But a protest OF police officers by citizens is condemned as pathetic. So the legitimacy of any protest as reported by Fox News is dependent on whether the participants are aligned with the network’s biases. And while Fox often complains about big government and tyrannical politicians, they seem perfectly comfortable with advocating for a police state that cannot be criticized or held to account.


13 thoughts on “On Fox News: Protest BY Police is Honorable. Protest OF Police Is Pathetic

  1. What has been abundantly made clear by Westboro Baptist Church over the years is that a funeral is not the place to stage a demonstration or protest. And Faux News approving of the policy protest at the funeral of the two murdered cops shows I am right.

  2. 13th Century mentality is common with Fox paid Morphs. Enough said before I become Nausea.

  3. And on a completely trivial side issue — Why does Fox still have Christmas trees on the set on January 5th?

    p.s. Facebook is suppressing posts. I heard that they will not disseminate them, even to people who ask for them, unless there are significant interactions (i.e. LIKEs and SHAREs) right after they are posted. If you are so inclined, please go to this post on Facebook and share it. After I’ve done this a few times I may be able to confirm whether this is the reason. Thanks.

  4. Of course, if Giuliani was still mayor and the police protested his policies, anyone want to bet how long it takes for Fox to condemn the protest? Hypocrites…

  5. FoxNewz is 100% ideologically committed to the growth of the Police State. It is in their interest to use government force to beat down the “others” that don’t respect their “superiority”. Remember how they “covered” OWS? Peaceful protest is an “act of war” to them, if you’re not in agreement with their dogma.

    The right-wing still has a Culture War to fight, so if you’re a leftist, or gay, hippie, racial minority, feminist, atheist, humanist, environmentalist, non-conformist oddball… or even just an outspoken liberal… don’t let your guard down. This is why they defend police brutality & murder. This is why they defend torture. This is why they encourage gun-crazy rednecks to stockpile weapons & ammo… They want “their” country back, and they’ll use violence to get it!

    • This is absolutely true. The extreme right is not conservative anymore. They have become authoritarians.

  6. So easy to destroy the lies and hypocrisy here. First of all, comparing the NYPD protests to the Fred Phelps inbreds is laughably stupid. The Phelps gang showed up with “God hates America” and “God hates fags” signs amongst other filth, and they usually directed their evil signs to the deceased. The NYPD didn’t have filthy evil signs. They turned their backs in silent protest. Furthermore, their protest wasn’t aimed at the departed. It was aimed at Bill Deblasio, the person they have to work for.
    And I live near Portland where that ceremony diruption took place. You have no idea what you’re talking about. These yahoos totally disrupted the ceremony. They paused long enough for the awards ceremony to finish up, then they shouted the rest of the meeting down.

    “…condemned and slandered those with Occupy Wall Street…”

    Those punks condemned themselves. Vandalism, thefts of local businesses, fatal drug and alcohol overdoses, rapes – I repeat, RAPES at these illegal encampments…Fox News told the truth about what a disaster OWS turned into.

  7. While I had some questions about your post, your complete argument fell apart with your last sentence: “Fox News told the truth about what a disaster OWS turned into.” Talking heads at Faux News could not tell the truth on any subject if their lives depended on it. The most recent example of Faux News lying is the WBFF affiliate in Baltimore. Try to keep up.

    • The dishonest editing episode happened at a Fox affiliate, not Fox News. FNC never used the video from that episode. Furthermore, Howard Kurtz ripped into the people involved. Both the reporter and the producer at WBFF were fired as a result. So I did keep up.

      And yes, Fox News told the truth about the disaster that was Occupy Wall Street.

  8. National Faux News has been documented as taking control over news content at their local affiliates. Former employees have been interviewed about the change. You are wrong about who was fired at WBFF: it was the reporter and photographer who were thrown under the bus. This story from The Baltimore Sun should give you a clue as to what actually happened: http://www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/tv/z-on-tv-blog/bal-wbff-fires-two-staffers-kill-a-cop-video-20141231-story.html. Try to do a better job at keeping up.

    • Scott is unable to keep up because he has a handicap: he’s a fox news viewer/believer. He’s been a day late and a dollar short for a long time now.

      • “…a reporter and a photographer…”

        Whatever. They still got fired.That still doesn’t change the fact that FNC never used the video in question.

      • It really is sad. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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