Fox Nation Forgets To Never Forget

As a remembrance on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack, Fox Nation posted the following graphic and headline:

In their rush to “Never Forget” the Fox Nationalists forgot to insert an image. It may be for the best because in the past they have managed to be thoroughly repulsive by posting images that exploit the tragedy and associate it inappropriately with unrelated people or events (as Drudge did today).

Update: The Fox Nationalists must all be at the Tea Bagger rally in DC because, 24 hours later, the website still hasn’t been corrected.


3 thoughts on “Fox Nation Forgets To Never Forget

  1. In reading some of the comments in the Media Matters link, one can be very comfortable in saying that getting drunk on hatred has the added side effect of making wildly baseless generalizations. Most of these drunkards think that 19 pissed off muslims were motivated by….Islam? You point out McVeigh’s christianity and obviously try to draw the drunkards into pointing out his political motivations after dismissing religion as his motivator, I didn’t see many so it probably worked. As one objective comment points out (more than once, which is sad) Allah wasn’t number one on the list of motives, He was however number one on the list of justification, which eludes these drunkards for reasons which pass understanding. The probability against 9/11 happening if the US had no presence in Saudi Arabia, didn’t support Israel, and didn’t support sanctions/invading Iraq (the first go around) would be prodigiously astronomical. Saying or even implying they did it for no other reason than they were muslims not only misses the point of that desperate act of evil, but also tells me you must’ve spider manned your way from your faux news moonshine box to your computer. Also pretty interesting that the anti-muslim absinthe wasn’t being brought of republicans’ freezers until a few months before mid-terms. I feel like the republican party sees this country as a board game…except they don’t read the instructions for the rules.

    P.S. I figured a way around the ads….was just frustrated (ok, pretty ripped) that one of my favorite web sites has huge opaque ads blocking half the article. I know you gotta make $$ too… sell T-shirts? Cause i want some…

    • Do I sell t-shirts?

      At the risk of making you even more upset about ads, there is a box at the top of the sidebar to your right that links to products I make and sell at my other site, Crass Commerce.

      Thanks for asking.

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