Watergate Envy: Fox News Desperately Lusts For A Clinton Scandal They Can’t Have

The ferocity with which Fox News is chasing the story about Hillary Clinton’s email is becoming a pathetic tale of desperation and jealousy. It’s not enough that they report wild speculation as fact, they are determined to shape their coverage into what they regard as the Valhalla of scandals: Watergate.

Hillary Clinton Watergate Envy

For the record, the Watergate affair involved blatantly criminal activity like burglary, political corruption, bribery, obstruction of justice, and presidential abuse of power. It began as a plot by the Nixon White House to steal private documents from the Democratic Party in order to secure his reelection by fraud. Then it evolved into a cover-up that included threats, deception, and million dollar payoffs.

The attempt to analogize Watergate to Clinton’s use of personal email accounts on a private computer server stretch the boundaries of absurdity. Even if the allegations that there were classified documents involved were true (and there is no evidence of that at this time), there is absolutely no suggestion, by even her harshest critics, that she was motivated by any larcenous effort to advance her own interests financially or politically. In other words, there was no intent to commit a crime.

However, to hear Fox News tell it, Clinton’s email controversy is identical to the felonies committed by Nixon’s thugs, many of whom went to prison for their crimes. Today Fox News contributor Meghan McCain (John’s daughter) wondered if “this could be this generation’s Watergate.” Yesterday Fox’s Special Report aired an entire segment devoted to baseless conjecture about Watergate. Also yesterday, Fox’s judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano tried to compare Clinton’s use of personal emails to Nixon’s habit of secretly recording everything that took place in the Oval Office. He never really got around to explaining what was similar about it. It was enough, for Fox’s purposes, just to plant the slanderous suggestion. Fox contributor John Bolton also weighed in to imply some conspiratorial connection between Clinton’s current email flak and her service on the Democratic Senate staff that investigated Nixon.

There was much more of this Watergating going on at Fox on other programs as they went all out to align Clinton with what is perhaps the worst political scandal in American history. But Watergate belongs to the Republicans no matter how much they whine about it. And whine they do. Before the Clinton campaign launched it was a regular obsession with Fox to compare anything associated with President Obama to Watergate. From Benghazi, to the IRS, to Libya, to Fast and Furious, and even to UFOs, Fox saw everything through their Watergate filter. [See News Corpse’s Illustrated Guide To The Fox News Obsession With Watergate]

Now they want to transfer their shame to Democrats so badly that they have lost all rational comprehension of what Watergate even entailed. Their accusations just seem anguished and impotent. But don’t let that make you think they will abandon their fetish for projecting Watergate’s stigma on Clinton or other Democrats. They are fully committed to their rewriting of history and they know that their dimwitted audience will eat it up.


7 thoughts on “Watergate Envy: Fox News Desperately Lusts For A Clinton Scandal They Can’t Have

  1. Not sure who is more desperate, Fox News to make it stick or YOU and your desperate hope you can defend her behavior. If Fox News was the ONLY news organization to be talking about this, you would be right. But this is no longer a Fox News story. MSNBC, which I watch every morning, and others such as the NY Times, Washington Post, CBS News, USA Today, etc are covering this too – so maybe it’s bigger than you want to admit. It may not be Watergate as she is NOT a president, but it’s more than you let on. I admire your devotion to this candidate, but I think you’ve crossed into delusional territory. I’ve even heard these NON Fox news people suggest she lied in some of her responses to this issue – so wake up. Is this what it means to be a liberal as you felt the need to remind me recently – not able to see reality or to be able to report the truth? Delusional? Sounds about right.

    • As usual you have completely missed the point here. This article is not about whether the Clinton story is being widely covered or even if it’s being covered accurately. It’s about Fox’s obsession with trying to associate it with Watergate. Only Fox News has made that association repeatedly on almost every program, day after day.

      There is nothing delusional about that observation. It is a fact. And you are once again proving your utter absence of comprehension. That’s true also in your idiotic statement about admiring my devotion to Clinton. Not only am I not devoted to her, you don’t admire me. So you’re a liar on top of being unable to understand. I really should ignore your comments, like I usually do, but I’m a little bored this morning.

      • It is truly amazing how Scott consistently misses the point of your articles! His reading comprehension skills are terrible, almost as if he wasn’t paying attention in school or his school was terrible.

        • You would think he get tired of embarrassing himself, but apparently not.

          • I never get tired of pointing out how dishonest and hate-filled Mark’s worthless screeds. And did you notice? That was Steve’s comment, not mine. Eric must be a little confused. But then again, Steve did a good job destroying your post as well.

            • Scott, he is still asleep and hasn’t opened his eyes yet. I’ll let the broad coverage prove me out – again. He’ll wake up to the embarrassment of defending these rotten people – it’s only a matter of time. He’ll get tired of being a dupe, just give him time.

  2. When I think of Watergate, I think of “All The President’s Men” – what a great movie! I’ve seen it so many times it’s embarrassing. But as political scandals go, it’s really only important because it came at a time in history when Americans still “believed in” their leaders… or at least those citizens who hadn’t yet faced up to the horrors of Vietnam.

    All else being equal, I still think Iran-Contra was a far worse crime. Of course, Reagan walked away unscathed because his doddering-old-man act played so well with the most gullible factions of the voting public. And after that, it just got uglier & uglier until people just turned away in disgust.

    I still remember the revolting Anita Hill spectacle, and Newt Gingrich’s ego-pocalypse, and Tom DeLay’s K Street pig trough, and Clinton’s Blowjob-gate, and the Ken Starr Inquistion… not to mention the Dick & Dubya show which was one long FUBAR-gate that we’re still trying to dig ourselves out of!

    So the Foxtards wanna give Hillary her very own “watergate”… wooo hooo. Once again, Uh’merica gets the media it deserves.

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