Tastes Like Watergate: An Illustrated Guide To A Fox News Obsession

If there is one thing you can credit Fox News with, it is their tenacious determination to stand by even the most ludicrous figments of its overactive and politically twisted imagination. Once they sink their teeth into a story, nothing – and certainly not exculpatory facts – will dampen their resolve to peddle their delusions to their dimwitted viewers.

The string of pseudo-scandals that Fox has nurtured for most of the past six years has not produced a single shred of evidence of any wrongdoing by President Obama or his administration. Even with the aid of a bitterly partisan and hostile Republican majority in the House of Representatives conducting dozens of hearings, issuing subpenas, calling witnesses, compiling thousands of pages of documents, and staging theatrical press events, they have still failed to make a case against the President or any of their other targets.

What they have done is to compile an impressive record of psychotic obsession with prosecuting the White House for whatever they thought might stick if rubbed in hard enough. And in an effort to make the slander even stickier, they stirred in a generous heap of Watergate analogies. For instance…

Fox News Watergate Obsession

Never mind that none of these alleged scandals were ever proven in any way, despite hundreds of hours of congressional hearings and investigations by the right-wing press. It’s interesting that Fox is fixated on aligning Obama with disgraced former president Richard Nixon. The only thing they are succeeding at is reminding people that it is Republicans who are responsible for this sort of criminality. But that won’t stop the folks at Fox. Look for them to dig up some new affair that they will equate with Watergate. Maybe he has been covering up his actual golf score, or perhaps the scandalous revelation that he has been dying his hair gray to garner sympathy (oh wait, that one has already been done).


6 thoughts on “Tastes Like Watergate: An Illustrated Guide To A Fox News Obsession

  1. The money sure must be good for some of these “journalist” and employees because you know some of them (not all) are cognizant of the embarrassment they endure because of what Ailes makes them say and do. Not feeling sorry for them, mind you; they made their beds so they can lay in them.

  2. Every pseudo-scandal you mentioned has been proven 100% accurate and factual without a single doubt amongst the true believers. These true believers also know that the Obama Administration has not been forthcoming with the requests for transparency and disclosure that will assuredly set the record straight and prove them having been right all along. If the Administration did come clean, well it would certainly be their Watergate now wouldn’t it?
    I think I’ve fallen into the Fox trap!

  3. I’ve never heard of the conspiracy involving Obama’s hair. Now that is funny. Are these the same people who insist that Ronald Reagan never dyed his hair while he was president?

  4. Mark’s non-stop defense of this worthless, incompetent administration – delusional or dishonest?

    • Scott’s delusional and dishonest attack on Mark-serious? or ironic?

  5. Isn’t it amazing that the FoxPods invoke Republican Richard Nixon only when they can argue that Obama is worse? Especially since all of the crimes committed by the Plumbers would have been standard operating procedure in today’s Republican politics. Irony – thou hast no shame…

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