Fox News Liberal Marc Lamont Hill Harassed By Police

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, an Associate Professor at Columbia University has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Philadelphia police department alleging harassment and violation of civil liberties.

The incident took place when Hill was stopped by police and asked to produce his vehicle registration. After complying he asked why he had been stopped, and then…

…[Officer] DeCoatsworth and his partner searched his car without a warrant or permission and that DeCoatsworth went through his pockets and drug him out of the car by his left arm. DeCoatsworth then slammed Hill against his vehicle, pushed his fist into Hill’s back and threatened to take him to jail, the suit alleges. Hill claims that DeCoatsworth also asked whether he could afford his car and went through his checkbook.

Hill was eventually let go and told to get out of the neighborhood without ever being cited or arrested, the suit said.

Hill has been a frequent guest on The O’Reilly Factor and other Fox programs. He is one of the network’s most effective representatives of liberal viewpoints. On a network that presents phonies like Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell as Democrats, Hill stands apart as the genuine article (although I still object to his appearances and think that all Democrats and progressives should avoid Fox News).

Something tells me that this would never have happened to Dick Morris or Charles Krauthammer. And if it did it would be front page news at Fox. So if anyone tries to tell you that America has shed itself of racial discrimination, remember the story of this respected educator and know that there are many similar stories about people who aren’t college professors or TV pundits.


One thought on “Fox News Liberal Marc Lamont Hill Harassed By Police

  1. My my what progress we’ve made — not only does a TV network get to openly race-bash our president, racial profiling is de rigueur and daily more ‘semi-legally proscribed and sanctioned’. Murdoch had the monetary clout strong enough to gleefully open a massive Pandora’s Box containing every ill-educated, pathologically narcissistic side-show barker and warped wingnut freak imaginable, so that now the country is overrun by hate, fear, and confusion.

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