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Glenn Beck - There Will Be BloodMedia Matters is partnering with People for the American Way to apply some of that free market pressure on the companies who are sponsoring Glenn Beck’s crusade of terror.

Petition to tell major advertisers to DROP FOX!

This petition is in response to a recent event wherein a Beck fan, Byron Williams, was taken into custody after a shootout with police. Williams told the officers that he was on his way to kill people at the ACLU and the Tides Foundation after having been “informed” by Glenn Beck of their evil, un-American activities.

Subsequent to Williams’ arrest Beck has actually escalated his attacks on the Tides Foundation and others despite the obvious risk that his rhetoric poses. As David Brock of Media Matters says…

“Instead of recognizing the danger and taking appropriate action, Fox News is allowing and encouraging Beck’s violent rhetoric, abdicating the responsibility the public expects of a powerful broadcaster. That is why targeting Glenn Beck’s advertisers is no longer enough — we need to hold the entire network accountable.”

It is time to tell major advertisers to DROP FOX!

Please take a moment to sign the petition and then tell your friends. The campaign to get advertisers to stop placing ads on Beck’s show has been phenomenally successful with respect to persuading almost 300 advertisers to pull their ads. He is now sponsored by a motley crew of Gold peddlers, senior services, disaster profiteers, and other News Corp enterprises (who, of course, don’t pay).

However, there has not been much effect on Beck’s bosses at Fox News and News Corp who are arrogantly ignoring the voice of their viewers and their advertisers in order to persist in broadcasting irresponsible and dangerous content on their programs. That’s why it is so important now to make our voices heard in the upper floors of the Fox hierarchy. Don’t put it off. Sign the petition now. It could literally save lives.


5 thoughts on “Sign The DROP FOX Petition From Media Matters

  1. Just signed it, hope it does some good. It should at least get their attention, no?

  2. Please stop supporting this demagogue, and the vitriolic Fox network.

  3. Progressive Insurance just fell off my family’s auto insurance. It will be replaced by a non-left leaning company. I will go through the list and boycott all companies associated with this effort — forever.

    FOX and Beck will remain part of our family’s media consumption, INDEFINITELY. Let the Progressive DEFUNDING BEGIN!

  4. Now, after the Tuson, Az. shooting, will you pay attention to us!
    Last summer, when black congressmen were spit on and called names that set racial progress back, when elected officials stood on the balcony, cheered the crowd and waved the Confereate flag, offices were shot at, and stoned, Democrats asked Republicans to join them in asking for violent rhetoric to be addressed. They said they didn’t feel it was necessary. Now that a violent shooting in Az has taken place, they are finally speaking out! It would have been so easy to ask Sarah to stop saying “Dont’t retreat, reload”, it would have been so simple to ask that the L.V. candidate Sharon Angle stop saying she would support “second amendment remedies” to votes that go against what they want, or for FOX news to stop calling Dr. “Tiller the Killer”, and that he got “what he deserved”. What did they all think would happen? Now FOX is scrambling to say they don’t know how this happened. It is now January 2011 and what I have noted is only a tiny portion of the FOX mantra. when will responsible parties start acting responsibly? Only when they are made to count their losses. Please stop advertising on the FOX network.

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