Top 10 Reasons George Soros Should Refuse To Debate Glenn Beck

In a challenge dripping with sarcasm and scorn, Glenn Beck pretended to invite George Soros onto his show for a one-on-one debate. Of course, it was just another of the phony clown shows Beck puts on to the delight of his fans who think his act is real.

But just in case Soros had an afternoon free and, in a moment of weakness, thought it might be a hoot to jostle Beck’s diseased brain around for hour, I offer the following:

Top 10 Reasons George Soros Should Refuse To Debate Glenn Beck.

  1. Why would he waste an hour arguing with a third rate Muppet imitator?
  2. He’s already booked on The Lying Weasel Crybaby Hour.
  3. Sarah Palin and Byron Williams are hiding in the Green Room with chloroform and duct tape.
  4. He wants to see Beck debate Keith Olbermann first.
  5. Rupert and the other billionaires would make fun of him.
  6. The cast of Jersey Shore would be more challenging.
  7. He’s afraid of catching something before Obamacare kicks in.
  8. His facts are no match for Beck’s delusions.
  9. Being called a socialist 12 times a minute isn’t really a debate.

And the #1 Reason George Soros Should Refuse To Debate Glenn Beck…

  1. Glenn Beck will be there.



5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons George Soros Should Refuse To Debate Glenn Beck

  1. I’ve made this plea before, in other forms, but the next time some guy at a party or BBQ or whatever makes a George Soros comment, ask him who Soros is. Then ask what specifically he has done that is bad. Betcha very few can answer specifically either of those two questions.

    • Some of them may be able to recite what they learned from Beck (He’s a spooky dude).

      But you could apply that theory to anything the right reflexively bashes. Ask them what it is in the health care bill they don’t like. Ask them to cite an incident of voter fraud by ACORN. Ask them to define Cap & Trade. They don’t have any answers.

      • Hell, I read the news every damn day and I still don’t know what cap and trade really is. 😉

        • Essentially, businesses could monitor the amount of CO2 they put out and “trade” some of the excess outgassing to a company that is producing less for a profit. Of course, the thing is so full of loopholes that businesses can just keep on polluting and selling each other their caps. Gore had a decent idea before it became the joke it is – then it got jacked by a couple of Ponzi types and the whole thing went to hell.
 A flat-out carbon tax would do wonders.

  2. Ask them their opinion of Woodrow Wilson too.

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