The Stupidest Man On Fox News Is Spooked By George Soros

Steve DoocySteve Doocy, unquestionably the stupidest man on Fox News (which is no easy achievement), expressed his astonishment that George Soros might be executing an insidious plot to Jiu-Jitsu Fox News by turning its own wealth against them. Here are excerpts of an exchange this morning between Doocy and right-wing crank/author Ron Arnold:

Doocy: Did you know that George Soros made over $2.3 million by investing in News Corp, which is our parent company? So, is he using those profits to attack Fox News? Some people are wondering that.

By “some people” Doocy means himself and his producers. Arnold took up Doocy’s question and responded precisely as he was expected to when they invited him into the studio:

Ron Arnold: That’s absolutely true. Over a period of about four years the Soros Fund Management had about $4 million at one time, ended up with about $2.3 million when they sold it off. And now they’re simply using the cash to try to get rid of News Corp’s Fox News. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

Just to be clear, Soros is being accused of parlaying a $4 million bit of a $20 billion fund (that’s 0.002%) into a windfall with which he could blow away Fox News. That’s not much more than a rounding error. The accusation also implies that the fund itself is bankrolling the Fox attacks and not Soros personally (who could write a million dollar check on his own account like most of us pick up a Venti Latte with extra foam). There is no evidence that Soros’ Quantum Fund, or any other investment, has engaged in any such partisan expenditures, and probably would not be permitted to do so. What’s more, the $2.3 million cited as the proceeds from the sale of News Corp stock appears to represent a loss of principle, not a profit as Doocy stated. But Doocy’s Fox & Friends have no use for trivialities such as facts while they are trying to fabricate a scandal. Doocy continues…

Doocy: It looked like George Soros was trying to control the media.

Saints preserve us! An international billionaire financier might actually be trying to wield tyrannical control over our free press. I wonder if Doocy has ever met his boss, Rupert Murdoch, an international billionaire who actually does run a media empire and sits on the board of the Associated Press. Soros, on the other hand, has no management interests in any media concern. He has made some charitable donations to NPR and Media Matters, but has no executive role or even a seat on their boards. However, even if he did, is it Doocy’s contention that NPR and Media Matters constitute a mortal threat to News Corp, AP, and the rest of the Corporate Media cabal? Apparently so.

Arnold: Well, he certainly was. And you’ve got to remember he’s got a very good friend in the Tides Foundation’s CEO whose name is Drummond Pike. They go back a long way, Soros and Pike. And I’m pretty sure that the only reason that that million dollars went to Media Matters was because Drummond Pike stepped in. Because Media Matters has been trying to get money out of Soros for years. He said no.
Doocy: It just seems incredulous [sic] that he would be making money in News Corp stock and then turning around and taking the money to try to run a division of News Corp out of business.
Arnold: Yes, it does seem incredible but you have to remember, cash trumps hypocrisy. It’s all about the money as far as he’s concerned.
Doocy: That is a crazy story.

Now follow this logic: Soros didn’t even want to fund Media Matters. He was persuaded to do it by his pal Drummond. Yet he is still portrayed as seeking to control the media despite his lack of interest. And while Doocy and Arnold find it incredible, they explain it away by asserting that “It’s all about the money,” which contradicts their whole theory as to Soros’ obsession to dominate the media. That is indeed a crazy story.

Of course I didn’t expect any of this to make sense from the beginning. Doocy’s Olympian ignorance pervades every subject he approaches. The truth is that this just a teaser for Glenn Beck’s upcoming “Puppetmaster” special on Soros. Fox News is a focused and effective marketing machine and they always go to great lengths to promote their own phony stories. Doocy is like the teaspoon of Aspertame before the full-on dose of poison that Beck will dispense tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “The Stupidest Man On Fox News Is Spooked By George Soros

  1. George Soros is the “MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN” and if you reviewed his life you would see how he operates. Never a front man never an excutive or on a board. From his early life he was always the cowardly manipulator as his father taught him, never admitted who he really was…..

    • What a bunch of BS talking points. You obviously don’t know anything about Soros. He is a self-made billionaire. He started with nothing, graduated from the London School of Economics and came to the US and built a fortune as the front man for his own investment company. How is that not being an executive?

      I swear, Beck’s stooges are getting stupider every day.

      • As a matter of fact, Soros had a great deal of help on the way up, starting as a drone arbitrager at a small private investment bank, Arnhold & Bleichroder, in London after finishing his economics degree at LSE, was sent to its New York branch, worked there for years before his employers allowed him in 1967 to start an offshore fund called First Eagle, long positions only, $6 million of other peoples money, quarter-million of his own arbitrage account, did well, the bank allowed him to create Double Eagle, a true hedge fund. Years later, when Soros was 39, Double Eagle became Quantum.
        The money discussed on Fox News was from Soros Fund Management, not Quantum, and you can read its SEC Form 13F-HR holdings reports for free at If you follow SFM’s News Corp holdings for the 4 years it was in the portfolio, you’ll see typical Soros buy-ups and sell-offs well ahead of the market.
        You can find two of them posted on my website, and you can read my book Freezing in the Dark – I interviewed Soros’ program manager and had him vet my chapters on Soros before publication.
        Now you have a few more facts that you can check for yourself.
        Best wishes,
        Ron Arnold

        • Every self-made person has a great deal of help on the way up.

          Thanks for the info you provided. Let me just point out that none of it supports your contention that Soros used proceeds from News Corp investments to fight Fox News. The percentage of the News Corp shares was a fractional figure that had zero impact on Soros’ capacity for philanthropy. You could just as easily say that the proceeds from any other investment in his portfolio was used to fight Fox.

          Your attempt to link the two was designed to be deliberately misleading and sensationalistic. It’s dishonest and there is no basis for it in fact.

          You seem to be an intelligent person who could make a coherent argument for your position, so it’s sad that you would go on TV and pitch this garbage.

  2. $4 Million dollar investment turned into $2.3 Million dollars? The question is: Is Fox”News” using the $1.7 Million dollars they bilked from one of there investors to attack that very same investor?
    Or was Fox”News” such a bad investment that Soros’ decided to pull his money out while he still had some money left too pull out?

    • “Is Fox”News” using the $1.7 Million dollars they bilked from one of there investors to attack that very same investor?”

      Brilliant point! Now you’re thinking like Fox.

  3. Mark, the fact that you’re attacking someone you consider the stupidest person on Fox and therefore on TV ( I’m sure you believe that too) doesn’t put you much higher on evolutionary tree of enlightenment.

  4. “…stupidest person on Fox…”

    Hate-filled website.

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