Shocking Glenn Beck Expose: The Puppet Master. It’s Not Who You Think

On today’s episode of the Glenn Beck program on Fox News, Beck made good on his promise to reveal the “Puppet Master” behind every diabolical scheme orchestrated by progressives and socialists for the past century. It was a shocking expose that is certain rattle the halls of power and stir even the embers of Hades.

This was no ordinary program. Yesterday Beck alerted his radio audience that if they didn’t watch, some dreadful fate might befall Beck (Now that’s marketing!). It was an alert that began with a warning to Beck’s nemesis, George Soros:

Beck: George, just a message for you. Something that…we’re prepared in every possible way, sir. But we are doing what we feel we have to do. I ask you…because we are going out on a limb here…We are kind of a canary in a coal mine. If people don’t watch, or whatever, it puts us, quite honestly it puts us in danger. You know it’s kind of like…I kind of look at you as our attorney. If something happens, could you just get this information out for us?

Got that? If Soros or his goons should fit Beck for cement galoshes, it’s up to you, his loyal viewers, to avenge him. It’s somewhat curious that Beck is the one fearful of being harmed when just a few weeks ago it was one of Beck’s goons that was captured after a gunfight with police while he was on his way to kill people at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU.

Today’s program was classic Beck. He led off early with that old standard of Van Jones being a “communist revolutionary,” and then sweetened it with a new twist that Jones is “a guy who pines for the days of Stalin.” Of course, none of that is true, but it makes a good soap opera plot.

Then Beck gracefully pivoted to his patented “mug and shake.” This is where he presents a usually out of context quote like this:

Beck: George Soros, in the aftermath of 9/11 talked about police actions as an alternative to war. Now did anybody pick up on that? This is what he said: “War is a false and misleading metaphor in the context of combating terrorism. Crimes require police work not military action.”

After which Beck mugs for the camera and shakes his head disapprovingly. It’s his non-verbal way of letting his viewers know what they’re supposed to feel. In this instance they are being directed to feel appalled at whatever was just presented, even though there was nothing remotely wrong with it. The quote from Soros just happens to reflect the views of most terrorism experts, but that shouldn’t stop Beck’s disciples from being led to believe that there was something sinister in it.

We also got to see Beck build a case against 501(c)(3) charitable organizations as if there was some inherent evil in them. He gave as examples a few of his perennial foes like and the Center for American Progress. But for some reason he declined to mention the conservative/Tea Party groups Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, Citizens United, or the Media Research Center.

Most of this very special episode of Beck was brought to you by a four year old book that has been widely debunked: The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party. The first clue that this book, published in 2006, is less than credible is right there in the title. If this all-powerful cabal of Soros and Clinton and the sixties radicals had seized control of the Democratic Party, than how did Barack Obama beat Clinton for the presidential nomination just two years later? That doesn’t seem like a particularly menacing cabal.

But, as it turns out, the real revelation of this expose had nothing to do with any of the above. It was a all a big buildup to reveal the man that Beck regards as the “Puppet Master” pulling the strings of power for the One World Government that is hiding in the shadows. And who is that man? Well, let’s follow Beck’s clues.

The Formula:

  • Form a shadow government: Beck begins by pointing fingers at the Center for American Progress, but that’s a dodge because the real target could just as likely be the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute.
  • Control the airwaves: In a bit of misdirection, Beck cites NPR and Free Press, however they are hardly major players in the media. The top rated cable news channel is Fox News. Most of the rest of the media is owned by giant, multinational corporations run by conservatives. And radio is dominated by names like Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh.
  • Destabilize the state: Here Beck suggests that the Puppet Master would cause a political or economic crisis. Perhaps like the one that sent the country into a tailspin in late 2008?
  • Provoke an election crisis: Anyone who watched Fox News in the days leading up to the election couldn’t help but notice the incessant accusations of alleged election fraud. And no one focused more intently on the imagined scandals involving ACORN and the New Black Panthers than did Fox.
  • Take Power: Stage massive demonstrations and accuse opponents of voter fraud through radio and TV stations that you control. Does that sound like any Tea Party/Fox News coalition you might have heard about?

The conclusion could not be more clear. The Puppet Master’s identity can only be one man. It is a man that wields enormous power around the world. It is a man with ties to media and government and big business. It is a man without a country. It is a man whom Beck has every right to fear. It is without doubt the most loathsome creature to stalk God’s green earth in decades. It is…..

That’s right. Rupert Murdoch. Who else? All the pieces fit. And no wonder Beck is afraid. He could hardly come right out and accuse his boss of these terrible crimes. That’s why he had to be so cryptic, and why he still can’t bring himself to utter the name aloud. It’s why Beck had to construct a gauntlet of phony attacks on George Soros (which have been completely debunked), who was serving as the innocent decoy in this scheme.

But now the truth is out and we must all be vigilant, for Murdoch is probably even more dangerous when threatened or wounded. So pray for Beck. His courage in going up against someone so heinous when his very livelihood is on the line is inspiring and far too rare. God bless you Patriot Beck, and good luck. You’re going to need it.

This Just In: Further evidence of the Murdoch/Puppet Master connection. Beck included in his rant against Soros the fact that Soros attended what Beck called the “Fabian Socialist” London School of Economics. What he left unsaid (likely due to fear of reprisal) is the name of another LSE Alum: Sir Keith Murdoch, father of Rupert Murdoch, and apparently another socialist.


16 thoughts on “Shocking Glenn Beck Expose: The Puppet Master. It’s Not Who You Think

  1. Actually, it makes me laugh when all of the fox news crazies talk about George Soros, but neglect to talk about the right wing version the Koch brothers, the men behind the j Birch Society and the tea party.
    They HAVE a connection to STALIN, their father worked for him!!!!

  2. He led off early with that old standard of Van Jones being a “communist revolutionary,” and then sweetened it with a new twist that Jones is “a guy who pines for the days of Stalin.” Of course, none of that is true,

    so Jones did not say in his own words, in 1992:
    “I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th,” he said. “By August, I was a communist.”

    he did not say this?

    • He “WAS” a communist. He has not been a communist for years. If you read his books it is apparent that he regards capitalism as the best structure for advancing his goals for a cleaner planet and a stronger economy based on green initiatives. His whole program is about free market methods of improving the environment and creating jobs.

      Stop living in the past. Judge Jones by his current work. Glenn Beck was a drug and alcohol abuser (and that was more recent than Jones’ flirtation with communism). Does that mean you would call him one today?

      • Mark, VJ is a die-hard commie…with a gentle voice to lull you and other mindless followers into his top-down and bottom-up approach to creating unrest in America. You’d have better luck selling ice in the Arctic Circle than using your “fuzzy logic” against the American people with real thoughts, feelings and purpose in this life…unlike yourself of course. LOL

        • Rfaja, you’ve left three comments in this thread that consist of nothing more than childish insults and Beckisms. I’m not surprised because people who have bought into Beck’s lunatic circus generally are incapable of having a coherent discussion.

  3. have any of you people researched the history of gorge soros. Do you see the events of the destruction of the economies of the four other countries that he has colasped.Do you not see the horrible influence that this man has had on the diffrent governments in the world. Do you not hear the words that are coming out of the mouth of this atheus unGodly man. Do you not hear what he said that he wants to do. Why is he in contact with the last four or more of the us presidents and what has he convinced our government and all our poloticains and our president to do, (to bring the people into this one world government. Taped videos tales no lies, what you see and hear on them is what it is. The poeple that is to bring down the us government are in place, after you blind people have cryed out for thier help and have answered you by marking you on hand and forehead then you will see gorge soros stand up porclaim himself to be lord over america. I can hardly believe that one man and his ideals will be the destruction of our way of life as messed up as it is. read up on the people that govern we the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. READ….READ….READ. THE AMERICA THAT I GROW UP LOVING IS UNDER ATTACK FROM WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT.

    • Wow…That’s some powerful conspiracy theorizing. Soros is the Anti-Christ??? Wow!

      • Mark, Mr. Robinson is correct. Either you are an idiot or you want America to have hyperinflation and rioting in the streets…the destruction of the USA is happening now. Stand up and smell the corruption bought and paid for by the self-proclaimed conscious of the world, George Soros.

  4. Soros is up to his old tricks, but this time he is messing with America! He, and the misfits who do his bidding, will not succeed because Glen is sounding the alarm and warning the public. He’s 80 now so hopefully he will have a heart attack very soon and wont be able to bother people any more.

    • Another comment that reveals the sickness of the right. Thanks for stopping by.

      • So Mark, how did you become so sick?! Must have been hard on you as a child, always being the last in line for brains etc. But now you’re really making your debut!! Right here online, you’re actually trying to stand up on your own two feet and speak with the adults…congrats on the attempt, as pathetic as you are leftist.

        • Good lord you people never, NEVER fail to vindicate my opinions of you. You do nothing but preach freedom and liberty to the fullest extent but attack anyone not of your opinions. Last time I checked anybody can adhere to any party they choose. You view the free market as this flawless gem of human existence but allow corporations to grow so large that if they FUCK EVERYTHING UP the entire country is drastically affected, even those not associated with those businesses in any way. Last time I checked, too big to fail is TOO BIG. One guy is gonna destroy this country? NOT POSSIBLE. His connection with four former presidents? Former presidents can’t do anything big enough to affect anything other than libraries or desperately weak and attention hungry nations that kidnapped our citizens. Read about this guy? Great. Where should I start? Got any links? Got any actual substance for us other than telling us how convinced you are that his past is super shady? All I see are people telling me he’s shady, that’s all I ever see on comments like these. Say nothing specific or offer any direction as to where to go find this info that convinced you so thoroughly does not instill confidence in your point of view. Even in Mark’s satirical articles he provides links and references to go see where he came to his conclusions. All I see is rampant fear of one man’s delusional conspiracies that you take seriously enough to think the country is ending. The America you grew up loving? I LOVED EVERYTHING AS A KID. You people act like the country shouldn’t have changed a single iota from 1947. I got news for you, THE WORLD SUCKED THEN. I’m no longer afraid of getting nuked, I have never feared any non-white race, and I’m pretty sure women wouldn’t enjoy a return to that time. Fear and distrust of science, higher education is the enemy, ignorant and proud of it, needing a second class of citizens to look down upon, and anything that anyone does in government that isn’t Republican will lead to the country turning into the movie The Road…

          You really wonder why we don’t take you seriously? YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN AN ADULT CONVERSATION. You have Glenn McCarthy brand soap on your brain.


          • shit, sorry mark. edit and or remove if you need to, was on a roll there…needed to rant.

            • I thoroughly understand. Sometimes you just need to let it out. I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring the morons who can’t form a coherent thought. But it does get frustrating sometimes.

  5. If anyone wants to know the real truth it is in-between the lines. I am not a republican nor a democrat nor a libertarian if anyone wanted to ask. I vote by value and whomever is the closest to what I believe in. If it’s a democrat then a democrat, if a republican then a republican and so forth.

    The real truth is that Rupert Murdoch AND George Soros are in on this together. Don’t believe me? Look at what George Soros has done with his life (aside from money). Then look at Rupert Murdoch. They do have connections with eachother that go far back.

    If anyone is listening…neither side in general is good for our beloved country.

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