NCMR2007 – First Report

The National Conference For Media Reform opened this morning with speeches by FreePress’ John Nichols, and Yolanda Hippensteele, as well as the Mayor of Memphis, Dr. Willie Herenton. But the runaway rock star of the day (and of conferences past) was Bill Moyers.

Moyers delivered an inspiring and infuriating discourse on the similarities between today’s government and corporate dominated media, and the domination of African Americans imported to this country as property. He called it the “Plantation Mentality.” The crux of this view could be boiled down to this brief and powerful line from his presentation:

“This is the moment Freedom begins. The moment you realize that someone else has been writing your story and it’s time to start writing it yourself.”

That is why I began News Corpse two years ago, and that is why I relentlessly advocate that everyone recognize that each voice in the world adds to the tide that will eventually erode the barriers to Liberty, Equality, and Free Expression.

Each voice = your voice. No matter how insignificant or futile you feel, the cumulative force that we can produce cannot be ignored or defeated. Your voice is rare and precious. Don’t let it go to waste.

FreePress generally posts video, audio, and transcripts of their featured speakers after the event. Be sure to catch the whole experience of the Moyers speech. But you don’t need to wait wait to start writing your own story or, at least, putting together a first draft.


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