ANNOUNCING Glenn Beck Unhinged: The Web Site

Today is the official launch of the latest News Corpse production that is predicted to alter the course human civilization:

Glenn Beck Unhinged: A compendium of crazy/hate speech from America’s #1 fear mongering tele-pundit/pastor.

Glenn Beck has proven himself to be a wildly dishonest purveyor of doomsday scenarios and an inspiration to violent nut cases everywhere. His repeated abuses of civility and thinly disguised advocacy of violence would have resulted in his cancellation from any reputable television network. Lucky for him he works at Fox.

Nevertheless, it is important to take action in the face of such irresponsible behavior. At Glenn Beck Unhinged you can peruse the collected discharge of mental decay that gushes from the mind of Beck. It is a one-stop resource for Beck’s demented psychobabble. Plus, you can join the growing chorus of Americans calling for Fox to fire Beck and for advertisers to refuse to sponsor Fox News until he is gone and they repudiate the dangerous and divisive rhetoric he personifies.

While this new web site is presented with a healthy dose of humor, its goal is serious and necessary. Glenn Beck has already been cited as the motivation for several violent incidents, and his language is deliberately provocative and incendiary. No one here is attempting to suppress free speech. Beck is, of course, entitled to be as hostile and racist as he likes. But free speech is for everyone, and reasonable people are also entitled to express their disgust and make their opinions known.

To those who think that lobbying for Beck’s program to be canceled is inherently censorship, you need to learn two things on the subject. First, censorship, as prohibited by the Constitution, refers to the government infringing on speech, not private enterprises. Secondly, the right to free expression is not a right to a television show. If it is, then I want mine to be weeknights at 7:00pm.

We hope this new site will become a valuable resource for people interested in learning more about Beck. And we hope that you will feel free to participate, via the “Submissions” link, with additional occurrences of his vile eruptions, as well as news, entertainment, and action items.

NOTE TO GEORGE SOROS (and everyone else): You can help support Glenn Beck Unhinged by making a donation. Every donor will receive as free gift a set of stickers of the artwork above as appreciation for your generosity and your commitment to sweeping hateful filth off the airwaves.


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