Donald Trump Knows He’s Already Lost – Pulls Ads In Crucial Swing States

For the next month the Republican Party, the media, and the Trump campaign are going to engage in a charade. It’s a farce that pretends the race for the White House is still winnable. It isn’t, and they know it. And the final act of the electoral play isn’t due to the devastating discovery of the now famous Trump Tapes. Although they certainly didn’t help. And it isn’t due to his creepy debate performance either.

Donald Trump

The best evidence of the fact that this long nightmare is over was unveiled in a little noticed news item last week. It’s significance was more profound than the attention it got would suggest. Not surprisingly, it was pushed from the headlines when more salacious news about Trump emerged. The report reveals the way Trump’s campaign is handling its own media strategy for the remainder of the campaign:

“Just weeks before Election Day, the Trump campaign has cancelled ad reservations in markets in several crucial battleground states.”

The startling thing about this disclosure is that the states where Trump is canceling their ads tells a tale of woe. They are not states where he has a comfortable lead and doesn’t need to waste the money. Nor are they states where he is trailing badly with no chance of success. Those are the usual explanations for media budget shifts in the waning days of a campaign.

However, the states where Trump is pulling back are swing states where polls show that either candidate could prevail. What’s more, they are states without which Trump cannot possibly build a path to a November victory. Here is a breakdown of the ad funding cancellations:

State $ Canceled
Florida 741,000
North Carolina 307,000
Ohio 263,000
Pennsylvania 179,000
Iowa 165,000
Maine 93,000
New Hampshire 53,000
Colorado 32,000

There are only two possible reasons for removing ad funds from these states:

1) The campaign is out of money. That seems unlikely because there has been little evidence that they have spent very much. Also, Trump has bragged for months that he would self-finance his campaign and provide as much money as necessary to win.

2) There is no plausible path to victory. That is a scenario that was becoming more evident in every new poll that’s been released for the past few weeks. And now with the revelations of Trump’s vulgarity and admission of sexual assault it is even more likely. Consequently, Trump might want to save these funds so he can reimburse himself for the loans he made to the campaign.

There are still some campaign events that could have an impact on the eventual outcome, including the final debate on October 19. However, debates are not generally regarded as opportunities for Trump to endear himself to anyone other than his current basket of deplorables. There is little time left now for either candidate to manufacture a large swing in voter preference. But when it’s all over we may very well be able to look back at this reallocation of funds as the moment that Trump conceded.

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6 thoughts on “Donald Trump Knows He’s Already Lost – Pulls Ads In Crucial Swing States

  1. Take a look at the media markets the cancellations were in. Mostly pretty red areas. Not saying this isn’t a bad sign for the Reeps, but maybe just a little less dramatic.

    • That’s not true. These are states purple states where polls have shown close races for much of the campaign.

  2. Trump knows he has already lost and that snake is burning down the house. He wants to destroy democracy and he has stated to the GOP that they knew he was a snake when they took him in. If he cannot be our dictator hell will pay. He is a psychopath, a misanthrope, dangerous and needs to be locked up. He has broken many laws and so far got away with everything

    • I can’t imagine it said more plainly or well as you have said it,my friend!! Perhaps the choice of “shackles” is a Freudian slip on his part,because, subconsciously he realizes that that’s what he belongs in,on his way to the Peanut Factory!!

  3. His temperament is etrocious, he doesn’t have the qualifications. He’s very spiteful and I can’t stand to hear him talk and watch his crazy expressions. I’m 77 years old and I have never seen amy body conduct themselves like trump. So SAD!!!!

  4. This a man I disliked ever since I became aware of him. I refused to watch ANYTHING on TV with his name in it. Even as a guest on talk shows, I would switch channels. He is not easy on the eyes and his mannerisms irked me. For a schooled man, he is ignorant and unworldly. If he weren’t rich, NO WOMAN WOULD GIVE HIM A SECOND LOOK. That says something about the woman who did marry him. He has the nerve to throw stones. THAT list is way too long to list here. But we all know the “list”. I hope it’s not too late to prosecute this charlatan. Statute of limitations could hinder. But all that can be processed, should. Can’t wait for Trump U to come to fruition. I met a few men like him in my 67 years, it just was not worth it. So let’s get him on his taxes, corruption on Trump U, inciting violence at rallies, and soliciting money from foreign countries.

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