New Poll Shows Trump Voters Devoutly Committed To The Cult Of Fox News

A new survey by the Pew Center confirms something that has been known for quite some time. Fox News continues to be the dominant provider of “news” to America’s right wing. This year that means it cast its spell on Donald Trump’s voters in HUGE way. And why not? Fox and Trump share much in common. Particularly a compulsion for lying. See the Trump Bullshitopedia, and this:

Fox News Lies

From the Pew study:

“According to a new Pew Research Center survey, Americans who say they voted for Trump in the general election relied heavily on Fox News as their main source of election news leading up to the 2016 election, whereas Clinton voters named an array of different sources, with no one source named by more than one-in-five of her supporters.”

The survey revealed that 40% of Trump voters said that Fox News was their main source for election news. That’s more than the next seven news sources – combined! The Trumpster’s devotion to Fox was five times greater than the second place CNN.

For contrast, CNN came out on top as the main source of election news for Clinton voters. However, CNN attained that spot with only 18% of Clinton supporters. What’s more, there was far more diversity of news sources among the Clinton demo. There were even 3% who admitted to watching Fox.

What this tells us is that Fox News is still operating less as a news outlet than as a cult leader. Its glassy-eyed disciples remain transfixed by every blond presenter’s smile and wink. Fox viewers are seemingly incapable of changing the channel for fear of exposure to reality, which would rattle the foundations of their ultra-conservative world.

So this may be a good time to recommend my ebook “Fox Nation vs. Reality, The Fox News Cult Of Ignorance.” It contains numerous examples of documented fiction produced by the nation’s premiere fake news enterprise.

Fox Nation vs. Reality


8 thoughts on “New Poll Shows Trump Voters Devoutly Committed To The Cult Of Fox News

  1. We need an Amendment saying that a free press is necessary, lies are not a part of a free press, and people intentionally misleading the public are subject to large fines and lengthy prison terms.
    We cannot have a successful democracy/republic when voters are intentionally misled.

    • Well, we don’t want the government deciding what’s true or not either. We just need the media to be more forthright in monitoring itself. When they encounter a lie, call it that. And don’t be shy about pointing out the lies at other media.

  2. NO. Asking the media to police the media is a ridiculous idea. Basically, that is what we have now and it doesn’t work.
    I want the government involved. I vote for people in the government. I campaign for people in the government. I have no say in the media oligarchs.

  3. The Fairness Doctrine must be reinstituted!

    • The Fairness Doctrine only applied to over the air licensed broadcasters and not cable which is not licensed by the Federal government.

  4. The Fairness Doctrine had a problem-people were getting to argue very fringe ideas and stating they had a right to equal time.

  5. Hell, Trumpthinskin thinks the fairness doctrine and net neutrality are the same thing. Therefore, all fixed news watchers will believe the same thing.

  6. I keep finding it hard to believe that there are so many ignorant people. President Donald Trump makes no sense in any reality.

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