Donald Trump’s Bullshitopedia: An Ever Expanding Catalog Of Lies

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president, he embarked on a mission that immediately sought to exalt himself, insult and disparage his critics, and reduce the intellectual tenor of American politics to the level of remedial third grade bullies.

Donald Trump

Now, after five months it has become clear that, more than anything else, Trump seems determined to break all records for blatant dishonesty and promulgation of outright lies. The sheer quantity of falsehoods, whether born of purpose or ignorance, has shattered any previous attempt to mislead by a political charlatan. There is a distinct pathological urgency to his disgorging deceptions. And his refusal to ever concede a point or to apologize, even when confronted with irrefutable evidence, is a reflection of his tunnel-blind, Olympic-grade Narcissism.

As a result of the rapidly expanding incidence of Trump’s daily forays into fiction, it has become necessary to initiate a catalog in order to keep track of his doublespeak. It is a formidable task considering the breadth of his deceit. But without such a resource it will be impossible to manage. Hopefully this will be useful for those wishing to document the brazenly disreputable utterances of The Donald. It will be appended as necessary, and contributions are welcome in comments. So without further ado, let’s dig into Trump’s lies, lies, and ever more lies.

Donald Trump’s Bullshitopedia

  1. JUST ADDED: Continuing his attacks on the media, and especially CNN, Trump tweeted that their “Ratings [are] way down!” In fact, the network has been scoring record high ratings.
  2. Frantically defending himself from the investigation into his collusion with Russia, Trump charged that Robert Mueller’s staff hires are “all Hillary Clinton supporters.” This is blatantly and provably untrue.
  3. In his statement withdrawing from the Paris Accords on Climate Change, Trump said that we can’t build [coal] plants, but [China] can. But there is nothing whatsoever in the agreement that even hints at that.
  4. Trump told the New York Post that he didn’t know Steve Bannon prior to his joining the campaign. But Trump actually knew him for many years by his own admission and he was a frequent guest on Bannon’s radio show.
  5. Blaming a “lousy process,” Trump said that he has 100’s of people awaiting confirmation. Actually it’s just 2. And he’s only nominated 24 of 533 posts.
  6. Trump claimed that his CPAC speech was “packed, there are lines that go back six blocks and I tell you that because you won’t read about it, OK.” But the reason you won’t read about it is because it wasn’t true.
  7. At CPAC, Trump said that Obamacare covers “very few people.” However, 20 million more people are covered now than prior to the Affordable Care Act. Repealing it would result in an increase of 32 million Americans without health insurance by 2026.
  8. Trump denied in a January interview that he or anyone on his campaign had any contact with Russia prior to the election. However, The New York Times and CNN both reported that Trump campaign officials and associates “had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials” before Nov. 8.
  9. Trump said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was “cut off” on CNN for “using the term fake news the describe the network.” But the senator was obviously joking and was not cut off, as the video shows.
  10. Trump took credit for Ford’s decision not to open an auto factory in Mexico and instead expand its Michigan plant. However, the company said Trump was not responsible for its decision.
  11. Trump claimed the murder rate is the highest it’s been in 47 years. The murder rate rose 10.8 percent across the United States in 2015, but it’s far lower than it was 30 to 40 years ago.
  12. Trump said the Obama administration “agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia.” The deal actually involved 1,250 refugees – no illegal immigrants.
  13. Trump took credit for cutting $600 million from the F-35 program. But Lockheed Martin already had planned for the cost reductions for the next generation fighter plane.
  14. In remarks with business leaders at the White House, Trump said, “I’m a very big person when it comes to the environment. I have received awards on the environment.” There is no evidence that Trump has received such awards.
  15. During his speech at CIA headquarters, Trump claimed the media made up his feud with the agency. In fact, he started it by comparing the intelligence community to “Nazi Germany.”
  16. Trump said that it stopped raining “immediately” when he began his inauguration speech. But it rained throughout the address.
  17. [Terrorism] “has gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported.” Unless, of course, you count all the times it’s been reported.
  18. Trump (at press conference): “You know, the only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters, okay?” Not according to every poll on the subject.
  19. A huffy Trump whined that he would have won the popular vote if “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” But there’s no evidence of even a handful of illegal votes, much less millions.
  20. In a tweet, Trump claimed that “I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!” However, the Ford plant was never even considering relocating to Mexico or anywhere else.
  21. You know [Clinton et al] came up with the term ‘alt-right.” However, the term has been in use for years and promoted by Trump’s campaign chief at Breitbart News.
  22. In a futile bid to scam African-American voters, Trump said that“Inner-city crime is reaching record levels.” However, that’s “Not even close,” according to PolitiFact who gave him his 43rd Pants-on-Fire lie.
  23. At a rally Trump baselessly accused Obama of paying a ransom to Iran for the release of American prisoners. Even worse, he said that he had watched a video showing the cash being unloaded from a plane in Iran. No such video exists and Trump later admitted it wasn’t true.
  24. Lyin’ Don told George Stephanopoulos on This Week that the NFL sent him a letter about the scheduling of the presidential debates saying that “This is ridiculous. Why are the debates against us?” But an NFL spokesman quickly denied it.
  25. Trump tweeted “Not one American flag on the massive stage at the Democratic National Convention until people started complaining-then a small one. Pathetic.” But reality differs.
  26. Attacking Sen. Tim Kaine, Trump said that “Bob McDonnell took a fraction of what Kaine took.” Only if a fraction is the same as three times as much.
  27. For no imaginable reason, Trump insisted that it was he who directed the RNC to choose Cleveland as its convention site. But the site was chosen two years ago and long before Trump ever considered running.
  28. For his 34th “Pants on Fire” lie, Trump said that “The Obama administration was actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that became the Islamic State.”
  29. In another display of manifesting his delusions, Trump told Bill O’Reilly that “somebody called for a moment of silence” for the man who killed five Dallas police officers. There is, however, no evidence that that ever happened.
  30. In a spittle-inflected rant against Hillary Clinton, Trump accused her of taking $58,000 worth of jewelry from the Sultan of Brunei. In fact, the gift was accepted on behalf of the State Department and turned over to the General Services Administration, as per the routine for such diplomatic gifts.
  31. Citing the wingnut Breitbart website, Trump accused Obama of “actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq,” a claim that earned Trump his 31st Pants-on-Fire lie from PolitiFact.
  32. Notching another “Pants on Fire” lie, Trump said in a speech that “crime is rising.” But that has not been true for twenty-five years.
  33. Trump tweeted “WHERE IS THE REPORTING @realDonaldTrump < most VOTES FOR PRESIDENT IN HISTORY OF USA." First of all, he has received zero votes for president, just votes for the GOP nomination. Secondly, Hillary Clinton received 2.4 million more votes than he did.
  34. Just two months after Trump said that countries like Japan and Saudi Arabia should get their own nukes, he denied having said it and called Clinton a liar for bringing it up.
  35. In a display of hysterical hyperbole, Trump said that it “is Hillary Clinton’s agenda to release the violent criminals from jail. She wants them all released.” Which she never said or even implied.
  36. At the NRA’s annual convention, Trump falsely stated that “Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment. She wants to abolish it. Hillary Clinton wants to take your guns away and she wants to abolish the Second Amendment.”
  37. In 2011 Trump said that he would release his tax returns if President Obama released his birth certificate. Obama did release his birth certificate, but Trump reneged on his promise.
  38. Regarding convicted rapist Mike Tyson Trump said “I heard he endorsed me. I don’t know anything about his trial. I really don’t.” Except that he repeatedly advocated for Tyson during the boxer’s 1992 rape trial, blamed the victim, and insisted that Tyson had been “railroaded.”
  39. In a rambling, incoherent speech on foreign policy, Trump said that “ISIS is making millions of dollars a week selling Libyan oil.” But according to every expert, ISIS has never been able to seize, refine or sell any Libyan oil.
  40. Trump told NBC News that he believes in raising taxes on the wealthy. But his tax plan (on his website) calls for tax cuts that predominantly benefit the rich.
  41. After Trump was castigated for advocating punishment for women who get abortions, he issued a statement reversing himself to say that it’s the doctor who should be punished and that this was “the way I’ve always felt.” Except that on Meet the Press in 1999 he described himself as “very pro-choice.”
  42. Expanding on his abortion comment lie, Trump told Fox News that he was taken out of context and blamed MSNBC for what he called “a long discussion and they just cut it out.” NBC, however, issued a statement affirming that the Trump interview was aired in its entirety with no editing.
  43. Complaining about the U.S. participation in NATO, Trump said that “We can’t go around being the policemen of the world and supporting 73% of NATO.” But we are paying only 22% of the NATO budget.
  44. At the AIPAC Conference, Trump spoke about the U.S. giving Iran $150 billion, but it’s money that actually belongs to Iran that the U.S. unfroze in exchange for them dismantling their nuclear program.
  45. Trump accused protesters of being violent saying that “They are swinging, they are really dangerous and they get in there and they start hitting people.” Which never happened. Only his supporters have been violent.
  46. A speech intended to celebrate a primary victory turned into an infomercial for defunct Trump businesses selling wine, water, steak, magazines and more. Trump lied about all of them still operating when none of them are.
  47. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Trump pretended not to have heard about comparisons of him and Adolf Hitler. But just three months before he had the very same discussion with Stephanopoulos.
  48. In a CNN interview Trump claimed not to know anything about KKK leader David Duke, who has endorsed him. But he commented on him months ago.
  49. Trump replied to a charge that he had advocated military action in Libya to remove Gadhafi from power by saying that he had never even discussed it. Except that he posted on his own website that “We should knock this guy out.”
  50. During the CNN GOP debate in Houston Trump flatly denied ever saying that “the government should pay for everyone’s healthcare,” which is exactly what he said on 60 Minutes.
  51. After repeatedly claiming that he opposed the war in Iraq before it began, evidence has now emerged showing Trump in 2002 advocating an invasion.
  52. After falling behind Ted Cruz, Trump whined that “I never do well with the Wall Street Journal poll,” in which he led almost every time they ran one.
  53. During the GOP debate, Trump falsely said that he was “the only one on this stage that said, ‘Do not go into Iraq.” Which he never said
  54. Trump told CNN that “I never once asked that [Megyn Kelly] be removed [as debate moderator].” Except for that time that he did.
  55. During a debate Trump denied that he told the New York Times he would impose a 45% tariff on china saying “They were wrong. It’s The New York Times, they are always wrong.” They were right and have recorded evidence.
  56. On Meet the Press Trump told Chuck Todd that “you have 60, 70, 80 million people out there that want to work that aren’t getting jobs.” He’s only 75% off.
  57. Attacking Hillary Clinton on guns, Trump says that “I think, worse than Obama on the issue, frankly. She wants to take everyone’s gun away.” Which she has never said or even implied.
  58. Trump asserts that “[The 9/11 hijackers] put their families on airplanes, couple of days before, sent them back to Saudi Arabia for the most part. Those wives knew exactly what was going to happen.” Except only one of the nineteen hijackers was married.
  59. Trump said that 100 black pastors would endorse him. Pastors say not so.
  60. Trump said he didn’t mock, or even know, the reporter whose disabilities he mocked and knew for a decade.
  61. Says crime statistics show blacks kill 81 percent of white homicide victims. It’s more like 15%.
  62. Trump: “I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering” as the World Trade Center collapsed – which he never watched because there is no such video.
  63. People on the terrorism watch are already prohibited from buying guns. Nope.
  64. Thirteen Syrian refugees were “caught trying to get into the U.S.” but actually surrendered at the border seeking asylum.
  65. Trump denied saying that he supported a database of Muslims, even though he said it more than once on video.
  66. The federal government is sending refugees to states with governors who are “Republicans, not to the Democrats.”
  67. The Trans-Pacific Partnership “was designed for China to come in, as they always do, through the back door and totally take advantage of everyone.”
  68. The Obama administration wants to admit 250,000 Syrian refugees. He’s off by 240,000.
  69. He was on 60 Minutes with Vladimir Putin and “got to know him very well.” Except that they were interviewed separately thousands of miles apart.
  70. Climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese.
  71. Says his plan would cut taxes without increasing the deficit.
  72. “I never said that” Marco Rubio was Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator.
  73. His criticism of Ford prompted the company to move a factory from Mexico to Ohio.
  74. Says Bernie Sanders is going to “tax you people at 90 percent.”
  75. Trump said that “We have the highest tax rate anywhere in the world.”
  76. Among Syrian refugees, “there aren’t that many women, there aren’t that many children.”
  77. The unemployment rate may be as high as “42 percent.”
  78. Trump: The birther movement was started by Hillary Clinton in 2008. She was all in!
  79. Said he was never interested in opening a casino in Florida.
  80. Says Mexico doesn’t have birthright citizenship, and Americans are the “only ones” to have it.
  81. Claimed he was talking about Carly Fiorina’s “persona” when he said “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?”
  82. Under the Iran deal: “If Israel attacks Iran … we’re supposed to be on Iran’s side.”
  83. Vaccines cause autism.
  84. He never said the stuff Megyn Kelly accused him of saying in the first debate.
  85. Trump says that “The Mexican government … they send the bad ones over.”
  86. The number of illegal immigrants in the United States is “30 million, it could be 34 million.”
  87. Trump: If you’re from Syria and you’re a Christian, you cannot come into this country” as a refugee.
  88. Says his book, The Art of the Deal, is “the No. 1 selling business book of all time.”
  89. Trump: The last quarter, it was just announced, our gross domestic product … was below zero. Who ever heard of this? It’s never below zero.
  90. Trump: The Islamic State just built a hotel in Syria.
  91. Says President Barack Obama’s recent New York fundraising trip cost between $25 million and $50 million.
  92. ObamaCare enrollment lie: Obama counts an enrollee as a web user putting a plan in ‘their online shopping carts.’
  93. President Obama has spent over $2 million in legal fees defending lawsuits about his birth certificate.
  94. Hey look, [the president] wrote a book when he was a young man and it said ‘born in Kenya,’ blah blah blah.
  95. The people that went to school with (Obama), they never saw him, they don’t know who he is.

To be continued…

These are not differences of opinion. They are outright, provable falsehoods. Not a single one is remotely true. And even when Trump is shown the proof he insists that he is right and that reality is wrong. And as Stephen Colbert told us, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.” That’s the only possible explanation for Trump’s relentless lying.

Ironically, Trump is fond of calling others liars. He even called into question Ted Cruz’s faith due to his frequent falsehoods, which has an irony all its own (See The Immaculate Birther). But when Trump was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren of Fox News he told the biggest lie of all when he said “I don’t lie. In fact, if anything, I’m so truthful that it gets me in trouble. They say I’m too truthful.” Obviously everything above negates that delusional self-appraisal.

Donald Trump Lies

The fact that Trump still manages to attract supporters who are willing to look past his shameless mendacity, and worse, to revere him as a quasi-savior, is a frightening testament to the decline of American democracy. These are people who not only submit blissfully to being lied to, they embrace a philosophy of bigotry, division, fear, and the authoritarian strains of fascism. They have abandoned whatever tendencies they may have had toward freedom, in favor of a despot who reeks of false and unattainable promises of security and prosperity. It is the behavior of cultists who have surrendered to mindless discipleship and have lost the ability to discern fantasy from reality. It’s a learned response that has been ingrained from watching way too much Fox News.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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[Notes: Many of the links above are from PolitiFact. They maintain a file on Trump that presently shows he has 233 “mostly false,” “false,” or “Pants on Fire” statements. That represents 70% of the total statements reviewed by PolitiFact. Of the total number of Trump’s statements 4% are deemed to be “true.”]


54 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Bullshitopedia: An Ever Expanding Catalog Of Lies

  1. OMG, this guy is crazy! Not just mixed up or confused, but he is certifiable and should be locked up in a rubber room! I personally cannot fathom anyone believing any words that are emitted from his mouth! Can anyone imagine him as president (oh god no!) and dealing with foreign leaders? We’d end up in war with every nation!
    He’s so full of himself and prideful, while all the time lying to the masses who can stand to hear him speak! What a gas bag!
    Go far far away Donald please, you’re not needed on our planet!

    • I have just on quibble with your comment. Trump is not crazy. He is deliberately lying, and then covering for his lies with more layers of lies. He has never been accountable and doesn’t believe the rules apply to him.

      Hmm, I guess that is a sort of mental illness. OK, you’re right. He’s crazy.

      • Of course his lies are deliberate, duh.

      • He has all the traits of a sociopath:
        Malignant narcissism
        Pathological lying even when it isn’t necessary (in his eyes) to do so
        No empathy
        No remorse
        Highly manipulative
        Emotionally abusive

      • Yes…narcissism of that extreme dimension is considered ‘certifiable’.

    • Yeah, let’s forget about sending chimps to Mars…send The Donald…please.

      • Too tough to get his swelled head into a capsule.

    • From One Barb to Another: right on, soul sister! This guy in charge with Korea pointing a weapon disguised as a satellite right at us???

      Not to mention…thousands of other issues.

      He IS certifiably nuts…pathological. I support the idea of brain scanning all political candidates for ANY public office, especially president, in order to see if their brains are missing a link (the frontal cortex is not connected to the ‘mainframe’ computer of the brain…)

      Every one of these GOP contenders is missing a link. God Help Us.

      • They should all be subjected to the MMPI!

  2. He’s well aware the brain dead supporters he has love his rhetoric and lies. He’s just saying what they already think; they just don’t have the platform he does. And those that say they aren’t with him but still support the “outsider” mentality deserve ridicule just as much as his diehard rubes. A liar is a liar regardless of the justification.

    It’s no wonder the establishment rethuglicans are nervous; he has the potential to be their representative thereby ensuring rethuglicans are a laughing stock.

    • Love the new word you coined: Rethuglicans. Most of those candidates are an embarrassment to America!

  3. What about the Carly Fiorina remark, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” And then later he explained that he was talking about her persona!

    • Yes, that’s a good one. He was obviously lying when he said he was talking about her “persona.”

    • Fiorina is just as bad as Trump. Who care what he was talking about. There is nothing there…nada.

  4. The idea that this loose cannon will self-destruct is perhaps rooted in reality; I think I fear the worst on that.
    The other more chilling notion is that he will get the nomination and be “trounced” in the election. That is very dangerous. This man should not be allowed the chance to lose or win the presidency. I won’t introduce “Godwin” here but you might get the point. If he can coerce the public to vote for him, he can coerce people who depend on the voters to stay in office.

  5. He claims to be worth over $10 Billion. Forbes says it more like $2.5. Quite a difference.

    He has lied about the attendance of every single rally he has had.

    When asked if there were any undocumented immigrants working for him, he said, “Not that I know of.” Undocumented immigrants BUILT the Trump Tower.

    He said his father gave him a “small” loan of $1 million in the late 60s. It was actually $2 million.

    Claims he cherishes women, “It doesn’t matter what the media says as long as you have a hot piece of ass.” “If she weren’t my daughter, I’d date her.” Had a blatant, front-page affair while married to his first wife. His children didn’t talk to him until they were old enough to put on the payroll.

    Claims to have bedded the “top women in the world.”

    Claims he was #1 in his class at Wharton. He wasn’t even on the Dean’s List.

    His bankruptcies, he acts like it was no big deal. He defaulted on loans and thousands of vendors and employees were not paid.


    His claim to be the greatest businessman in the world — If he had simply invested the money he inherited from his father, he would be far wealthier than he is now.

    When called a “stubby-fingered vulgarian,” he said, “My fingers are long and beautiful, just like other parts of my body.”

    PROVE IT!!!!!

      • The dickhead, er Donald, that is.

    • There is a lot about psychopathy on the Web now…just Google psychopathy and you will find a plethora of information.

      It is the belief of many forensic psychiatrists that presidential candidates (especially Republicans) be required to have a brain scan while running for office (in order to detect psychopathy).

      If the present group of Republicans, especially Trump, are not evidence enough of psychopathy, I do not know what else could substitute.

    • His poor daughters. They HAVE to be ashamed and mortified at him. Like Cruz’s daughter…the press witnessed (more than once) that she pulled away from him and had a look of total dismay on her face.

    • Let’s not forget his apparel line: shirts made in Bangladesh, ties in China. Here he is, squawking about how he’ll “bring American jobs home”, yet claims having his businesses overseas is just “good business”, as manufacturing in America is too expensive. He brushes off any criticism of it like it’s no big deal. So much for empathy!

  6. This list could be a lot longer, but you’d end up writing a book that’s probably already been written.

    Actually I’m going to go look for that kind of book right now!

    • The books: “Snakes in Suits” Sociopaths in the workplace
      “The Sociopath Next Door”

  7. Thank you for this fount of information.

  8. He said there were 25,000 people waiting in line to see him in Burlington, Vermont. The police said there were 2000 on line. He gave away 18,000-20,000 tickets to the event. Maybe that’s where he got his number from.

  9. It is very unfortunate the understandings of the american people,you talk about somebody with such a negative reinforcement .The things that come from the emotional wisdom of yourselves is the same on both sides of the platform.I am a Canadian citizen,all of you,democrats and republicans should really take a good look in the mirror and understand why your country is so messed up!!!!!!!!!!

    • In other words, if the truth hurts, lie???

      • that issue of,’if the truth hurts, lie’,is done by every polititian that has walked the planet,some caught more than others.EVERYBODY is tired of it ,but they have seem to come to the ACCEPTANCE of it. Donald Trump may be an arrogant, lying, self rightous bigot in the big picture,but,he doesnt LIE about being one !!!!! there is a reason for his popularity.He isnt even that grand of a business man.BUT, he tells things that involve both sides of the spectrum.There still even is some reality in what he says ,right or wrong. Im looking at this from an outsiders perspective .Im fifty years old and have lived in Canada all of my life,my family immigrated here in 1896,The early settlers worked their LIVES off,so when there is discontent for certain ethnic groups to come and settle in a better place ,it should be welcomed and not feared.BUT we live in a completely different society than did our ancestors,so there is obviously going to have to be diiferent acknowledgement of immigrants in todays world.The issue of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has to be put to rest.I have followed American politics,and studied American history,all of my life, because i am Canadian, and you are our neighbors,so I am always interested in what is going on next door,because it will have implications for me and my family.T he political gong show that America is involved in will not change unless there is a very big shake up.As much as Donald trump views immigrants with the negative attitude he does, it brings him to the center stage,and that is good BUSINESS sense.Looking at the world stage,there are people that would have the knowledge that trump knows he doesnt have.He is a business man ,so to look at the business dealings of United States with the rest of the word,i would put my bet on him to pull America out of the finnantial disaster that has been thirty years in the making,…………….but maybe im just a CRAZY CANUCK!!!!!.The best of luck with everything!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS!!!!!!

        • Way too long and too imaginative. Donald “daddy rich” Trump is an example of the worst in human nature – arrogant, bigoted, dishonest, etc. Anyone who supports him is not, apparently, capable of assessing: reality, honesty, a modicum of modesty, ability or truth. This fool will never be president – guaranteed.

          • maybe look at the PEOPLE who are supporting him,,you talk like ALL of them are wack jobs like him,maybe look at yourself and who you are actually blaming,because you are so pissed off at the things he is doing.I wonder how many war veterans are feeling your passion for dislike,but this FOOL was able to give over six million dollars to help out a cause that the republican news channel refused to and the democratic governing party is unable to,wow ..what an arrogant greedy jerk ,that Trump is!!!!!.Step away from hating an ideology, and maybe look at what your hatred is focused on

            • The six million was a fraud – keep up.

            • so when you say the six million was a fraud,my apologies i didnt know that the so called 22 agencys were not going to get any of the money,WHAT A JERK!!!!!.I didnt know that there are false accusations in American politics,wow!!!!Or i didnt know that in order to get noticed by voters you have to not only work the media, but you have to get some wealth distributed form actual PEOPLE .It is to bad that none of those agencies are going to see any of that FRADULANT , DESPICABLE money……………..Its time to hang up political correctness,and get involved with reality of RIGHT and WRONG. So I guess the real HONEST up coming presidential leader who has never distanced herself from the dirty lies in politics and political gain ,would be the ever trustworthy Hillary!!!,Oh yeah ,she got her hand caught in the cookie jar AGAIN!! .I guess one of the things that is refreshing to me ,being a Canadian ,is that i can take a non biased opinion ,and get misinformation from both democratic and republican news

    • Screw you. Our three Democratic candidates are awesome…O’Malley, Clinton, Sanders.

      Go back and play in the snow, Canuck.

      • Had me up until the pejorative for our generally great Canadian neighbors.

      • awesome reply!!!!,we certainly love playing in the snow,its unfortunate you guys dont get any…..or do you ,oh yeah I forgot !!!!!.Seriously though,when you look at all of the lies that ALL POLITICIANS engage in,society starts to think that it is the norm!!!What Trump is doing is saying things that alot of people were too scared to before,without any help and coaching from the superpacs!!!!, So it must be a segregated incident what is happenning in FLINT!!!,open up your eyes ,please,the government has become so corrupt, FROM BOTH SIDES, democrats and republican,that the common people want to blame THE OTHER SIDE,all of the time,because thats what each party tells the people.I am not a big fan of Trump,but there is nobody on the republican side that even comes close to what he could possibly do. I used to be a democratic favorite,but after the problems that have been masked by the Obama legislature,I have lost all faith in that party.The only one that makes Honest SENSE is Sanders,and that is scary because of the profound socialist vision………..But maybe i should just go play in the snow!!!!!!!!!!

        • “Socialist” is what I have in the Social Security I get every month, the public roads, the clean water, the electrical grid, etc. Socialism ISN”T the dreaded “communist” bugaboo the fascist right would have you believe. Americans who allow themselves to be led around by the likes of Ted Cruze, Donald “draft dodger ” Trump and the rest of the Republican insane clown posse would deserve what they got, but at the expense of the rest of the country and perhaps the world.

          • so i take it you are a supporter of mr.sanders then and not hillary?thanks!!

          • Exactly Peter, I am an Australian and we are fighting to save the great things that a socialist style society brought us for many years. Many European countries are introducing a universal base wage to all its citizens.
            While here in Australia the conservatives have lied their way into power with the help of the devil himself….Rupert Murdoch. The vision is to emulate America. Why would anyone who is not in the top 5% want such a thing.

  10. Dear Whoever Gets This:

    I believe we have to fight monsters like Trump (and Cruz) anyway we can. I’m a writer. Wrote these lyrics. If you can write music for it and get it on YouTube please: GO FOR IT!

    People who get my posts, please, PASS IT ON.

    Let’s all do what we can.

    Richard Marcus

    And That’s Why We Love The Donald!

    (Upbeat cheery country/western swing)

    Lyrics by Richard Marcus

    He’s a bigot
    He’s a racist
    He’s a bloviating liar
    He’s the Klansman pouring gas
    Who sets the cross on fire.
    He’s the minister of dread
    Preaching to the frightened choirs.
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    The only thing he’s asking
    Is that we sell our souls
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    We don’t debate he uses hate
    Bu it does great in the polls.
    That’s why we love The Donald!

    I’m sure that Adolph Hitler
    Is applauding from his seat in hell
    “I know a Nazi when I see one
    He lies and rants so well!
    It took longer than expected
    But he’ll even up the score
    With Mein Trump leading his Fourth Reich
    I’ll finally win the war, Seig Heil!
    I’ll finally win the war!”
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    CHORUS 2
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    He’s our Nazi Trumpty Dumpty
    Strutting on his border wall.
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    ‘Cause he tells us without him
    We’re all heading for a fall.
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    We’re so tired hearing “Black lives matter”
    Those angry bitches? Let ‘em bleed,
    Cripples are amusing
    Just don’t let them breed.
    He knows exactly what he’s doing
    And he’s doing it to us.
    Anyone who questions him
    Gets thrown under his campaign bus .
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    CHORUS 3
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    He plants the seed of fear in his own toxic dirt
    And that’s why we love The Donald!
    Now we can proudly pull our sheets down
    Over our brown shirts
    And that’s why we love The Donald!

    REPEAT : Till disgust sets in.

    © 2016 Lyrics by Jack Knifed Big Rig Music /Richard Marcus

    • yeah ,I would not quit your day job,but kinda comical!!.Does anyone in America REALLY know what makes a SUCCESSFUL businessman , AKA, SUCCESSFUL POLITICIAN???????????????????????????????………………maybe socialism is the answer?????????????????????

    • I can see some psycho like Ted Nugent doing this with pleasure and you know what? Trumpanzees would actually love it unironically.

    • Actually, go to, post these lyrics, give it some appropriate tags, and post the link on twitter where musicians might see it. Much better chance of someone seeing it there. Good luck!

  11. I just want to thank you for doing all this. You’re doing the Lord’s work here. #DumpTrump

  12. I sure do get a kick out of you Americans,you pretend that you are all so RIGHTOUS!! and so unbelievably HONEST!!,and then you spout such bigotries out of your mouths,that you do not even understand that you are doing it!!HA HA HA!!!,DOES IT EVER MAKE YOU WONDER WHY THE WORLD LOOKS AT AMERICA AS ARROGANT SELF CENTERED BULLIES!!!!!!!,EVERYBODY ELSE IS WRONG EXCEPT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “you Americans”? America is an extremely diverse country that has accomplished much for the world at large in spite of a few who are nutcakes such as Trump. Anyone painting with such a broad brush is likely to get spattered with their own ignorant vitriol.

  13. Please keep in mind the people you speak of are Teapartiers and represent only 25-30% of the Republican Party. They’re just the loudest, the angriest, and the most gullible. Statistically, they’re the least educated, have the poorest healthcare and lower IQ. They are not representative of the majority.
    Feel the Bern!

  14. “You Americans??” Sounds like my brothers-in-law who refer to my husband and I as “You People”

    You People….

    Who refers to anyone like that, let alone family members?

  15. like the old saying goes,”if the truth hurts”,look at how AMERICANS react to the POLITICAL MISINFORMED ZOO,that happens every four years,just sometimes worse than others.These are americans from both sides of the zoo,democrats and republicans.You want to talk about racism and bigotry,there is nothing worse that comes out of every pore of the people.Americans HATING americans!!!.Then when its all over,people say,”WELL……THATS JUST POLITICS”,take a good look at what “POLITICS” are doing to the common core of yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. thank you,that was well put!.A nice thing to be able to step back,take a breath and understand we are all NORTH AMERICANS!!! and we all want the same things in is unfortunate that the political process brings out a lot of un wanted negative emotions within ourselves

    • stfu randy. you’re out of your element.

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