Fox Nation Has To Tell Their Idiot Readers How To Think

Fox News has built a collection of mottos that all have one thing in common: they are distorted and deceitful descriptions of the network they purport to represent (i.e. “Fair and Balanced”). So when you hear Fox say “We Report, You Decide,” you can safely dismiss it as rubbish. Anyone who who watches Fox for more than thirty seconds knows how strictly they lead their viewers around by the nose. The same is true for the Fox Nation:

Notice that these headlines editorialize the Fox Nationalist view of Politico. This appears to be a recent occurrence that began last month. Fox is apparently worried that their readers won’t assign the same bias to Politico as a news source that the Fox editors do. So they tell their readers exactly what they are supposed to believe to insure that they come away with the same authorized Fox opinion. Here some more examples of this pre-digested analysis:

Left-Wing Politico Called Sexist by Palin
Left-Wing Politico: Barack Obama’s Deals May Leave Liberals Behind
Left-Wing Politico: Stimulus Sent $140 Million to Religious Groups
Left-Wing Politico: Obama’s Arrogance
Left-Wing Politico Smears Black Republican Allen West
Left-Wing Politico: Drudge Wins

It’s interesting to note that most of these headlines aren’t even representative of anything remotely left-wing. In fact, they are actually overt expressions of right-wing thinking. That wouldn’t surprise most liberals who regard Politico as a conservative-leaning publication.

The purpose of this, of course, is to inject FoxThink into their readers minds before they even read the article. The Fox Nationalists obviously regard their audience as too stupid or incapable of forming a coherent thought on their own, so Fox helps them along by providing its own brand of bias.

This is just further evidence (as if it were necessary) that Fox, despite it’s name, is not news. Perhaps a better motto for them would be “We Tell You What To Think, You Can Go Back To Watching American Idol.”