GOP Rep Gets His Ass Handed to Him By an Angry Veteran Over TrumpCare

Last week Republicans in the House of Representatives narrowly passed their bill to repeal ObamaCare. Their alleged plan to replace it has been widely criticized as failing to provide coverage for most Americans, particularly those with low incomes, preexisting conditions, and seniors.


As a result, they have been greeted with anger when returning to their home districts. Their constituents are well aware that gutting ObamaCare means the loss of coverage for themselves, their families, and their friends and neighbors.

At a town hall for Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) one constituent was especially upset. She let Reed know, in no uncertain terms, what she thought of his vote to take away the health insurance of Americans like herself. In a viral video she began by saying that:

“I’m a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and I have single payer [healthcare]. It has saved my life four times.”

She went on to note that single payer plans operate differently than conventional policies from insurance companies. They are patient driven, not profit driven. She lamented the Republican efforts that put money before the welfare of people. The Veterans Administration is an example of single payer healthcare. And despite recent reports of problems at the V.A., it is still overwhelmingly popular among those it serves. Most vets get prompt and effective care.

Watch this righteously outraged constituent hand Rep. Reed his ass:

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5 thoughts on “GOP Rep Gets His Ass Handed to Him By an Angry Veteran Over TrumpCare

  1. But the American Health Care Act never was a health care plan: it was a tax cut for the wealthy. It was advertised as heaqlth fcare, but it wasn’t More Republivcan blue smoke and mirrirss.

    • True. I was being generous, but you’re more accurate.

  2. No one should have to go into the military in order to get some kind of government healthcare. 50 to 60 years ago it was a different story about military people needing government healthcare, but now everyone needs it particularly considering the fact that Europe has had it since the end of World War II and that the American civilian population has been denied even basic health care services. If you want healthy recruits for the military, then you need a health care system for the civilian population.

  3. The entire “Health Care” issue is a distraction from who owns the Insurance Corporations that are jacking up rates all the time. There was a time when Patients did not have to beg for their lives if poor, but today’s Republican Congress is taking away their chances by abolishing the ACA after 8 years with no replacement by the same Republicans. They did promise on “Day One” of the 5 time Draft-Dodger’s Administration to immediately replace it with a far better one and far cheaper as Trump promised. They will not but they do like to lie a lot.

  4. Republicans like Reed do not worry about their districts. They are so gerrymandered, with just the right constituents, that the only loss they expect would possibly come in the primary.
    History has shown that voters rarely blame their own congress critters for party wide stupidity. The ONLY chance liberals have is to keep blaming the entire Republican party for this fiasco. Every negative thing that can be found in the Trumpcare bill must be repeatedly pointed out and blamed on everyone connected with it.

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