WATCH: Everyone on Morning Joe Agrees That Donald Trump’s ‘Behavior is Crazy’

It doesn’t take a professional psychiatrist to observe that Donald Trump has a severe personality disorder. Although dozens of such professionals have already weighed in on the matter and regard him as both sick and dangerous. The symptoms of what some are calling malignant narcissism have become painfully obvious.

Donald Trump

Trump’s recent behavior has done little to mitigate those warnings. He can’t seem to recall from one day to the next what he has said about critical issues. He is sabotaging his own agenda with tweets that contradict prior statements or chastise his own administration. He insults our international allies and praises hostile adversaries.

The mental condition of a president is something that is rarely discussed publicly. While partisans often mock political opponents as “nuts,” that’s generally a snide put-down that isn’t meant literally. But what makes the Trump presidency so extraordinary is that these observations are now being made by prominent people in the media. And they mean it. For example, a discussion took place Tuesday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that encapsulated this trend:

Joe Scarborough: How you can tell that somebody is not well and that there’s a serious issue, is when they continually do things against self-interest. […]
Donny Deutsch: As to why he does things that seem to be self-destructive and seem to go against him, I think he clearly has a personality disorder. […]
Elise Jordan: The behavior pattern that he’s demonstrating right now is not normal. And I kind of want to dispense with political correctness for a bit and just say what everyone is thinking. This behavior is crazy. […]
Eugene Robinson: We must wonder about his emotional stability, his grasp of reality, or both.

These commentaries cannot be characterized as partisan attacks by anti-Trump activists. Scarborough is a conservative Republican and a longtime personal friend of Trump. Jordan is a right-winger and a was a Rand Paul staffer. Robinson is a liberal columnist, but he’s also a Pulitzer Prize winner, which speaks to his credentials. And they are only the tip of the iceberg.

The fact that so many people are willing to speak so openly about Trump’s mental health is telling in itself. The only historical parallel to this would be the insider talk about Ronald Reagan’s progressing Alzheimer’s. But that was all behind the scenes while he was in office and never addressed on a network news program. Donald Trump has changed all of that. And for good reason.

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3 thoughts on “WATCH: Everyone on Morning Joe Agrees That Donald Trump’s ‘Behavior is Crazy’

  1. Please leave Doanld Drumpf (R) alone, he’s doing the best he can as an old wino living in our Nation’s White House, after Russia made him ‘President’. He had an amazing “Deal” with Putin, to interfere for publicity in our Election so Donnie could make more money, yet Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Dictator, pulled an ‘Adolph’ on him by making him our ‘president’ Putin thought of Donald Drumpf (R) as the bessst for our Nation and put him in Office. Donnie had his supporters conned as well. Learn Russian if you want to get ahead in America!!

  2. The Morning Joe crowd are a JOKE! During the 2016 election campaign they couldn’t get enough of Trump. They LOVED him and every racist, stupid, idiotic, insulting, ignorant thing that he did or said. Their network, MSNBC and other news outlets followed Trump like he was the second coming of Christ. He was more than a rock star- he was their Racist All-American Standard Bearer. Now they have grudgingly begun to realize that he is a total embarrassment to this nation at home and abroad; has taken the use of twitter to an amazingly idiotic and ignorant level unbecoming of a so called Head of State; has no limit and no end to which he will go to disgrace this country; compromise its national security, destroy every good policy put in place to improve the quality of life for all Americans and I could go on and on. NOW they are calling him crazy? Too late Joe and company. ALL of YOU collectively own this horror show called, “America in the Era of the Faux Trump Presidency.”

  3. I have been watching Scarborough for several years. Although I have disagreed with much of his rants, his rages, his offensive habitual breaking into anyone’s statement when ever the mood strikes him thereby nullifying or even moving the conversation to a different topic, I DO AGREE WITH HIM ON THE POINT HE MAKES ABOUT Trump. He is or appears to be crazy.
    It is so very obvious that Trump is over his head with his role as president, unqualified to lead and the top of the list right now are all the unethical and perhaps even illegal practices he and his staff have possibly involved.

    The most frightening possibility is that there is NO ONE in his administration who is qualified to lead and if given the opportunity would support the constant movement to an oligarchy.
    Sad is it not that the American people are so brain dead that they act as a one celled animal and simply follow.

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