Donald Trump is ‘Too Mentally Ill to Serve’ Say Members of Yale Psychiatric Conference

We’re only three months into Donald Trump’s presidency and much of the world is teetering on the brink of catastrophe. Trump has launched dozens of missiles into Syria. He dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan. He’s shaking his tiny fists at Iran and North Korea. Never mind that he can’t remember what his policies were last month and can’t keep track of his naval “armada.”

Donald Trump

Domestically Trump is just as disorganized and incompetent. A promise to repeal ObamaCare was unceremoniously abandoned after Congress refused to even hold a vote. His ban on Muslims coming into the country was halted by several federal court rulings. The wall on the Mexican border isn’t being built, and neither Mexico nor Congress will pay for it. You have to wonder if he is tired of winning yet.

These failures may just be the result of someone with zero experience trying to run a government he never liked to begin with. Or they may be symptoms of something much more ominous.

A group of psychiatric doctors and academics are meeting at Yale University this week. Their purpose is to explore whether “Donald Trump is too mentally ill to serve.” In the words of John Gartner, a former a part-time assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, “We feel, as mental health professionals, that we have a duty to the public to warn them about Donald Trump’s mental illness.”

Gartner represents a group of psychiatrists called Duty to Warn. They’re engaged in a lobbying effort to persuade members of Congress that Trump’s mental fitness precludes him from holding office. The group asserts that Trump displays symptoms of a variety of mental illnesses, including antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders. A petition advocating Trump’s removal from office has already surpassed 41,000 signatures.

This isn’t the first time that people in the field have expressed concern about Trump’s mental state. Earlier reports cited indications of Trump suffering from malignant narcissism. And a group of Harvard professors expressed ‘grave concerns’ about his “inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.”

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What’s more, a concerned, bipartisan coalition in Congress has proposed legislation mandating a new post of White House Psychiatrist. And when members of congress come together to agree on something this controversial, there’s a fair chance that the concerns have merit. In Trump’s case, the symptoms are so obvious it doesn’t even take a profession to recognize them. His paranoia, hypersensitivity, childish tantrums, and fits of delusions couldn’t be more evident. Unfortunately, neither is the risk that his mental flaws pose to the nation and the world. He needs serious professional help, and if he doesn’t get it we’re all going to need help before too long.


7 thoughts on “Donald Trump is ‘Too Mentally Ill to Serve’ Say Members of Yale Psychiatric Conference

  1. The man is dangerous since he truly believes he is smarter than everyone else. He is so ignorant he can not accept he may be wrong. If it weren’t for the Russians backing him along with 6 others on his cabinet with close ties to Russia, he would not hold the Office. Vladimir Putin is still laughing at our Nation since he picked his boy to screw over the US.

    • And somehow the Republican Party is cool with this.

  2. Trump is insane. He may also have dementia. Those plus the drugs he takes for sex and his hair are not a good combination. His enormous ego coupled with a complete lack of self control could result in a thermonuclear war that devistates the entire planet.

  3. It’s interesting that not one of these so called doctors has never met with Trump in order to diagnose him properly.

    Liberals are running out of hate so now they have to deem Trump insane in order to keep their voters angry.

    All of this nonsense from the Left is becoming tiresome, much like their use of words like “racist”, “Hitler” and “Nazi”.

    Keep this up and the 2018 elections will punish you severely.

    Have a nice day.

    • Mazrcos, you are in denial of the obvious. All those terms you claim the left are using describe his activities and actions very clearly. He has made racist remarks. he has followed the methods used by other heinous people to stir the hatred of a crowd by depicting others as the scapegots of their problems. He has been accused and denied all the charges against him of sexual predation and even the Billy Bush utube video when the were discussing grabbing a female’s genitals.

      I can go on and on but this is a bit tiresome.
      He is by far the worst president we have ever had and the least informed about the world, our American global history and most certainly , well … figure it out because it is so difficult for anyone to comprehend how blind to his terrible antics and mismanagement of our government are to those on the right.
      Perhaps those on the far right are so intent on becoming a radical right wing country that they see this president as the one to forge the horrific exclusionary practices and mind bending plutacracy of such a government.

      As flawed as our form of democracy may be, I do not want to go back to the dark days of the past.

    • Which of course you FoxPods had absolutely no problem with when that expert medical advisor, “Doctor” Keith Ablow diagnosed anyone he didn’t like and saw no reason to actually personally meet with some kind of persecution disorder. That was all right, I guess.

      Gee, I wonder what “Doctor” Ablow thinks of Der Fooey. Oh yeah, we KNOW what HE thinks!

      Typical FoxPod hypocrisy.

  4. Why did this revelation take such a long time to announce. Most of us knew this from the time he began running for president. We also assumed that his “birther” debacle was because he always has to be the center of attraction.

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