Supreme Court Ruling On Trump’s Muslim Ban Makes No Friggin’ Sense At All

Monday morning the Supreme Court announced that they will allow a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States to go into effect. The ban was part of an Executive Order by Donald Trump that was blocked by lower courts, rewritten, and blocked again. In the Supreme Court’s decision the ban will be partially reinstated until the the full court considers it in October.

Donald Trump

For the record, the Court did not side with Trump on the constitutionality of the ban. They only reversed the lower court decision to suspend the Order pending a final ruling. But there is a more important reason why the whole matter is absurd. In order to understand what’s wrong with this decision we need to look at what the Order originally called for. Which was this:

“I hereby suspend entry into the United States, as immigrants and nonimmigrants, of such persons for 90 days from the date of this order. […] The Secretary of State shall suspend the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) for 120 days.”

Trump’s attempts to ban immigrants and refugees were limited in scope to 90 and 120 days respectively. That ban was was ordered on January 27, 2017. So it is has already been 150 days since the order was effective. His reason for imposing the ban was to review the processes and procedures related to immigration and the security considerations thereof. There was nothing stopping him from conducting that review for the past 150 days. Had he done so it would have been completed by now and the ban would be moot.

Why didn’t Trump conduct those reviews that he was so insistent were critical to national security? Why isn’t he conducting them now? If he really cared about the safety of the American people he would have done that while the courts were hashing out the Executive Order. This exposes the lie in his statement celebrating the Supreme Court’s temporary ruling. He said that “My number one responsibility as Commander-in-Chief is to keep the American people safe.” Obviously that wasn’t true. Because instead of fulfilling that responsibility, he did nothing at all. And that is pretty much the story for his entire short presidency.

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3 thoughts on “Supreme Court Ruling On Trump’s Muslim Ban Makes No Friggin’ Sense At All

  1. Every American does know it was 15 Saudis and 4 others who flew the planes on 9/11, 2001 to mass murder 3,000 Americans right here on US soil. GW Bush then gave them his Protection to gather and flee our Nation before being Waterboarded- which he always ordered later against innocent prisoners. Yet Saudi Arabians are still allowed fast entry into our Nation, at one time it was called “Saudi Express”. Donald Drupmf (R) has Business interests in Saudi Arabia.

  2. The SCOTUS decision made a lot of sense. It was to tell Americans that conservatives rule every part of government and screw anyone who thinks otherwise.

  3. It isn’t just that the SC’s decision makes no friggin sense, it’s that Trump’s bill itself makes no frigging sense at all at the moment.

    As highlighted, it imposes a time period on the travel ban, 120 days. Ostensibly it was, as per Trump (never a reliable source) in order to “shore up their vetting procedures for immigrants”.

    Put aside the notion for the moment that vetting procedures obviously do not need a ban of any sort in order to be revived and changed/implemented, indeed, vetting processes have been tweaked even during Obama’s time and he never passed any sort of immigration ban. With respect to the time limit of 120 days and ignoring the above notion, coming from the Trump team, the bill itself, as well as the time limit, was to “have a buffer period to prevent any of those goldarned terrurists from entering while we beef up our extreme vetting processes, top priority!” I once stated that the time limit would not make any sense unless you actually considered the above (even then it doesn’t make sense since as stated already, you don’t need to ban people in order to tweak your vetting process).

    If however, tweaking the vetting process was of utmost priority in order to prevent so called “undesirables” to enter the country, then why haven’t they done so from the get go? Why haven’t they done so till now? After all, the bill is ostensibly meant to “provide a buffer period to tweak the vetting process”. At the same time, this has been described by Trumpians mostly as something of “utmost importance” to be done ASAP. However also according to them, this bill was NECESSARY in order to get their vetting processes to become more extreme.

    So if the bill is still pertinent even now, then that means, according to Trump’s claims about the bill, that America still doesn’t yet have “extreme vetting” because that was the ostensible goal of said bill,. That also means however that something that Trump and the Trumpians described as being of “top priority” wasn’t implemented ASAP as they claimed it should have (even though it still could have been). If however, “extreme vetting” was never the purpose of the bill, then the time limit portion of the bill makes no sense at all. If things remain the same, what difference would a limit of 120 days make, whether it is a 120 days from today, a 120 days from the beginning of the Trumpian Presidency, or 120 days beginning 2 years from now or just about any 120 day period one can think of?

    In short, the Trump Muslim ban as Trumpians sell it, would only make sense if it had been implemented from the get go. Remember, they said it was of great importance that vetting should be made more extreme in order to prevent terrorists from entering the country and that it should be done ASAP. However them still trying to pass the bill even now means that such vetting HASN’T been made extreme yet despite them saying how important it was to get that done quickly. And if it is not such an urgent thing, then why are they still trying their best to get the bill passed so quickly? 120 days today, tomorrow, whenever, would make no difference without the “extreme vetting” part.

    The part that Trump proclaimed as “highly important and to be done ASAP” but which still hasn’t been done more than 120 days into his Presidency.

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