FACT CHECK: Trump Tells Fox News that Mueller’s Staffers are ‘All Clinton Supporters’

The constant stream of falsehoods that emanate from Donald Trump has made no sign of slowing down. This weekend Trump, who has not had a TV interview in over a month, gave two to Fox News. And not surprisingly, he provided some new nuggets of dishonesty to the pile he has amassed since becoming president.

Donald Trump

In an interview with Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends, the Fox News host unleashed a barrage of brutal softballs at the President. She prefaced her inquiries with flattering language about how smart he was for pretending to have tapes of himself and James Comey (which is potentially unlawful witness tampering). And she comforted him with partisan assertions that “Democrats are in denial.” But Earhardt laid it on extra thick when the issue of Trump’s collusion with Russia came up:

“Robert Mueller, do you think he should recuse himself? He is good friends with James Comey. He’s hired some attorneys that were part of Hillary Clinton’s foundation and have given money to President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. Should he recuse himself?”

Could Earhardt have composed a more fawning, servile, obsequious question? She must be so doubtful that he could come up with a coherent response, she provided one for him. Trump eagerly embraced the leading question and blindly agreed that Mueller is “very, very good friends with Comey.” Then he whined that “there has been no collusion, no obstruction, and virtually everybody agrees to that.” Everybody? Well, that’s if you don’t count dozens of legal experts, intelligence professionals, and investigators currently researching the matter. But then he went even further over the edge:

“I can say that the people that have been hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters, some of them worked for Hillary Clinton. I mean the whole thing is ridiculous, if you wanna know the truth.”

Indeed, it is ridiculous. But not in the way Trump thinks. PolitiFact reviewed his remarks and found them top be “Mostly False.” As it turns out, only three of the eight attorneys hired by Mueller were Clinton supporters. And any associations that any of them had were incidental and fully permissible under the “Rules of Professional Responsibility.” That assessment, by the way, came from Peter Carr, a spokesperson for Jeff Seesion’s Justice Department. And it was consistent with the summary ruling by PolitiFact:

“Three of the eight available Mueller hires made campaign contributions to Clinton, which undermines Trump’s statement that all are Clinton supporters. Furthermore, none of them have worked for Clinton directly. Two represented either the Clinton Foundation or an aide, never her, and working for WilmerHale, which has also represented key members of Trump’s White House.”

So Trump’s allegations (and that of many of his media surrogates) that the investigation is biased politically and motivated against him, is a bald-faced lie. If only that were an isolated incident in this presidency. Unfortunately it is the rule, rather than the exception. And anyone who takes Trump at his word is shamelessly begging to be made a fool of and deliberately deceived.

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4 thoughts on “FACT CHECK: Trump Tells Fox News that Mueller’s Staffers are ‘All Clinton Supporters’

  1. We are tired of the orange clown. Mueller, please indict TOMORROW the entire administration and the rest of the Republican congress critters who are implicated in this Russian fiasco.

    • it was good entertainment for a minute-now it’s like watching a bad movie for the 10th time…makes me want tear my hair out

  2. It’s basic character assassination and attacking the messenger. Trumpians cannot dispute the investigations themselves, they never really were able to (except call the whole thing a hoax, which they still do even now when Trump has actually acknowledged that Russia DID intervene). So they rely on fallacies, time tested and trusted fallacies like these, to “rebut”.

    It’s really the only way to defend the indefensible, ignore fact and logic, use fallacies. It’s not a surprise that fallacies are the favourite means of Trumpians trolls for any occasion, if they actually stuck to facts and logic they would not be able to gain any sort of “footing”,and that would truly be unacceptable to them.

  3. There was no leaking by James Comey. The pile of bullshit spewed by traitor trump is twice the height of trump tower. Fake Fox News is losing viewers as more people wake up to the lies they rant on their programs. It is a sad day for our Country when over 80% of what the president says is a lie.

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