Hannity Asked Twitter for the ‘Worst Recent Example of Fake News’ and Got Mercilessly Scorched

No one is ever going to mistake Sean Hannity for a Rhodes Scholar. His Fox News program is nothing more than an hour of misplaced rage interspersed with unrelenting Trump-fluffing. He relies on insipid arguments embellished by goofy mugging and sycophantic guests.

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So when he gets the bright idea to post a question on Twitter, it’s not surprising that he forgets that it isn’t just his equally clueless followers who are online. And the question Hannity proffered was ripe for ridicule and acute mockery. This is what he asked:

Really? The face of Fox News, America’s premiere source for unadulterated bullshit, is asking the public at large to provide examples of the media disseminating misrepresentations and outright lies? What on Earth did he expect would be the result of that idiotic inquiry? Did he actually think that Twitter would respond with the sort of baseless blather that Trump belches out every day? If so, he must be terribly disappointed. Here are some of the typical replies that Hannity received:

The winner of Hannity’s “Worst Example of Fake News” derby was, by a landslide, Sean Hannity. Most of the Twitter responses contained the single word “You.”. Coming in second was the Seth Rich story that Hannity himself propagated for weeks, even after his comrades at Fox News admitted that it wasn’t true and deleted their story about it. That sort of admission is something that Fox has trouble doing. Even though they have no trouble with airing false reports. It will be interesting to see what Hannity does after this failed effort at crowd sourcing his research. But don’t look for him to do a penetrating exposé on the fake news he discovered emanating from the Hannity show.

AND SPEAKING OF FAKE NEWS: Today PolitiFact announced their 2017 Lie of the Year. You’ll never guess who won: Trump Calling Russia’s Election Interference a ‘Hoax’

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