Bill O’Reilly’s Incoherent Defense of Trump Affirms the Acute Mental Impairment of Both

The new book by Michael Wolff, Fire and Fury, has exposed many of Donald Trump’s flaws and psychological frailties. The first-hand account from Trump’s allies in the White House is confirmation of what most Americans have observed for themselves for the past two years.

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Now, in an apparent attempt to defend his long-time pal, Bill O’Reilly has actually caused further damage. His lame brown-nosing blurb is a disastrous failure as positive PR, but it’s likely O’Reilly doesn’t even know it. In a posting on his website, O’Reilly said that:

“The media is crazed over a new book that dishes some dirt about the Trump White House, but I say so what? As someone who has known the President for 30 years, I’m not surprised by anything he says in his private moments.”

Alrighty then. So if you’re not surprised by anything he’s reported to have said in the book, you are in effect confirming the accounts of him saying the deranged things that prove him to be “semi-literate,” “a f**king moron,” and “unfit to serve.” Thanks for joining the rest of the country in recognizing Trump’s inability to comprehend the job he’s allegedly doing. For someone who brags about being Trump’s friend, it is nice to see you respond so candidly about revelations that he’s ignorant and spiraling down into ever more sever mental infirmity. However, it’s a little troubling that your reaction is a callous “So what?” We’re talking about the supposed leader of the free world. But you’re comfortable with this behavior:

“Mr. Trump is a stream of consciousness guy, a man who says whatever is on his mind. Two minutes later, he may change his mind and say something contradictory. He has no inner editing voice, that I can tell you as an ear witness!”

Indeed. Trump has no inner editor, or more importantly, outer babysitter. The “quality” of not being able to retain a thought for more than two minutes is hardly something people look for in a national leaders. And your advice for the media is somewhat peculiar. You say that “what the media should be doing” is “to strengthen this country and expose corruption in government.” Which is precisely what they are doing when they reveal Trump’s failures and flaws.

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Trump’s utter lack of honesty and principle puts the nation in peril. But you obviously have an affinity for your troubled friend because of all the things you have in common. Like him, you are a serial sexual predator who paid out a massive $32 million settlement to just one of your many victims. And being an apologist for Trump’s treason and corruption make you an accomplice. To which I’m sure your response would be “So what?”


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  1. If O’Lielly wasn’t such a kissbutt trying desperately to get his black hole of a mouth back around Der Fooey’s thingie, he would realize that “stream of consciousness” rant is the perfect reason why Trump is unfit for the office — and, of course, this would be his exact argument to demand the removal of any real president who acted as Trump does. With never any understanding of the hypocrisy he embraces like a shield.

  2. A lady of the night is more ethical than these clowns.

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