Trump Pitifully Misunderstands Tweet Then Thanks ‘Fake News’ CNN Reporter for His Honesty

From the “Too Stupid to Know You’re Stupid’ file: During his scheduled ‘Executive Time” wherein Donald Trump watches Fox News and tweets out his festering rage, the President stumbled upon a tweet posted by CNN’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta. And, naturally, he failed grasp the meaning of it and lashed out incoherently.

Donald Trump

The tweet in question was Acosta’s reporting of how the Trump White House was reacting to the end of the government shutdown. Note that Acosta is merely conveying what he was told by sources in ‘Trump world.” These were not his own opinions:

Eighteen hours later (plenty of time time to figure out what the message meant), Trump replied with gratitude for what he thought was a compliment from Acosta:

Of course Acosta was merely describing the celebrations going on among Trump and his associates. The viewpoints that Trump “won” and the Democrats “caved” came from within the Trump camp, not from Acosta. That obvious reading of the tweet was apparently beyond Trump’s ability to comprehend. Or perhaps his raging narcissism imposed itself to turn everything he encounters into praise for Donald Trump. If that behavior reminds you of a five-year old, you’re paying attention.

It doesn’t even matter the source of the imaginary praise. After all, Acosta is the same reporter that Trump viciously maligned as “fake news” from a “terrible organization.”

Never mind that. Now that Trump mistakenly thinks Acosta said something nice about him, Trump is all giddy inside and appreciative. But even so, he can’t resist his inbred tendency to insult people, so he adds “crazy” in a lame attempt at nicknaming Acosta. It’s a tag he’s used previously for Bernie Sanders, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Maureen Dowd, and at least eight times for Megyn Kelly. And in the end the only thing Trump wins at is embarrassing himself – again.

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