Warning Signs: Is Donald Trump the Next Mass Murderer? (See Something, Say Something)

It is unbelievable that it’s become so redundant and tedious to respond to yet another senseless massacre of children. But that’s where we are now in America. There have been eighteen school shootings so far this year, and it’s only February. And what have our “leaders” done about? Well Republicans have taken millions of dollars from the NRA and passed, with Donald Trump’s signature, a bill making it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns.

Donald Trump AR-15

There are actually ways to prevent these killings, but they are being actively suppressed by right-wing politicians and organizations. They say that after heinous shootings it is “not the right time” to discuss taking deadly weapons of war out of the hands of dangerous miscreants. But apparently, it is always time to offer “thoughts and prayers” (which worked so well the last time?). The callousness of people who refuse to seek common sense solutions are escalating the body count. They insist that there is no gun problem in America, only mental health issues.

The risks imposed by psychological deviants are all too real. But there is more to the matter than that. These sick individuals are helped by arming them with ever more destructive methods of killing. But if conservatives, who love their guns more than they love their kids, aren’t willing to do anything about that, than let’s take a look at those who truly present a danger to our society.

The preindicators for mentally disturbed persons who could pose a risk of becoming the next mass murderer are well documented. And, frighteningly, they are all observable in our president, Donald Trump. We have been told by law enforcement authorities that when we “see something, say something.” So in the spirit of community service it is critical that we take note of these warning signs:

Donald Trump:

  • Has amassed a lethal cache of deadly weapons. And he he’s seeking to expand it even more in his current budget proposal.
  • Has spoken casually of committing grievous crimes of mass violence and the use of nuclear arms: “If we have them, why can’t we use them?”
  • Has posted violent images attacking Hillary Clinton, the media and more on social media.
  • Is filled with resentment toward perceived enemies and yearns for revenge.
  • Incites violence among his followers and even offers to pay their legal fees.
  • Displays a near constant, uncontrollable rage.
  • Feels isolated and threatened by a world that he thinks is out to get him.
  • Has delusions of grandeur and imagined respect.
  • Associates with unsavory characters who share his flaws (i.e. Vladimir Putin, Rob Porter, Bill O’Reilly).
  • Dreams of vindication and making his persecutors sorry.

Allowing someone with these troubling psychological deviancies to remain in a position of power is asking for trouble. Trump tells us almost everyday that he is seething with animosity that could boil over into hostility. And the more he feels pressured and under attack, the more likely he is to explode into a tantrum of hatred and vengeance. That’s especially dangerous since he currently has the worst approval ratings of any president on record. Add to that the fact that is being investigated for serious and impeachable crimes. If ever there was someone who might be viewed as a threat to society, it is Donald Trump. And now that we’ve seen this, it would be irresponsible and potentially catastrophic not to do something about it. #Impeach #25thAmendment

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4 thoughts on “Warning Signs: Is Donald Trump the Next Mass Murderer? (See Something, Say Something)

  1. On Media Matters, they had the simple question, “when IS it a good time to talk about guns”?

    And the simple answer is probably the most disturbing (which I posted on MM): only AFTER Hair Dumpfenfuhrer experiences his first assassination attempt. Only after a ReThug Sacred Cow is threatened will the ReThugs finally realize something MUST be done, if only to protect the one they worship from being a victim.

    This reminded me of the case of the Yorkshire Ripper. Since his primary targets were prostitutes, no one raised major concerns. After all, no one cares about prostitutes, right? The first time he killed a woman of high enough class, however, suddenly everyone was going “we’ve got to DO something!” But it was still almost 13 years from the date his murder spree started before he was finally taken off the streets.

    In many ways, it’s the same situation here. How can we get the ReThugs to finally DO something? Threaten a high-enough ReThug. And even then, since they’ll bleat “Second Amendment!” no matter what, even though they will never understand that their All Holy Second Amendment doesn’t give them jack.

    What do you think?

    • Well, a shooter attacked a bunch of Republicans playing baseball at a park and nearly killed the House majority whip.

      That didn’t make them any more likely to turn on their NRA masters. I don’t think we can change their minds. We have to change the Congress.

      • I guess not. What a world we live in today….

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