If Trump Refuses to Hold Kellyanne Conway Accountable, the Media Must Refuse to Book Her

If anyone needed more evidence of the Trump administration’s flagrant criminality, it came Tuesday morning when it responded to allegations against senior advisor Kellyanne Conway. She was just found by the Office of the Special Counsel (not related to Robert Mueller) to have violated the Hatch Act that prohibits White House personnel from engaging in political advocacy. Twice.

Kellyanne Conway

What makes this such a great example of the administration’s casual relationship to crime is not just the illegal behavior, but the official response to it. Disregarding the OSC’s findings and referral for disciplinary action, Donald Trump’s White House chose to let Conway slide with no consequences for her actions whatsoever. Even though this is at least her third violation and she has supposedly been counseled. The White House said that:

“Kellyanne Conway did not advocate for or against the election of any particular candidate. She simply expressed the president’s obvious position that he have people in the House and Senate who support his agenda.”

That, of course, was totally untrue. Given her repeated breaches of federal law, and her absence of remorse, it is inconceivable that she would avoid punishment. Had an aide to President Obama done this, Republicans would be calling for his impeachment. Well, if Obama were caught jaywalking they’d call for his impeachment. But an unrepentant, recidivist federal law breaker like Conway doesn’t even get the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Consequently, Conway’s punishment should be meted out in the only other venue that matters to her: the media.

There is absolutely no justification for any responsible news enterprise to book this lawbreaker. It is on the news that Conway commits her crimes. So why provide her the opportunity to repeat her offenses? The victims of the Hatch Act are not just citizens who are deceived, but also news outlets that are exploited. So it is entirely appropriate for them to protect themselves and their audience from further harm.

What’s more, Conway has never respected the journalists with whom she associated. Her record of brazenly lying to reporters is well documented. She is, after all, the woman who coined the term “alternative facts.” Or as Chuck Todd observed, “falsehoods.”

Considering the frequency with which Conway has lied to the press, they would have been justified in banning her even before these legal judgments. In fact, that’s just what the hosts of Morning Joe did last year. Now that banishment needs to be extended to the rest of the media.

Since the criminals in the Trump administration believe that the law doesn’t apply to them, justice needs another outlet. Let Trump find someone else to lie to America. He has plenty of Deplorables around him who have no problem wallowing in that swamp. And leave them and Conway to Fox News where lying is a job requirement.

In the meantime, enjoy Michelle Wolf’s deconstruction of the Conway Method from the Daily Daily Show, where she notes that “For decades politicians have blown bullshit on TV. But Kellyanne Conway has changed the game.”

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3 thoughts on “If Trump Refuses to Hold Kellyanne Conway Accountable, the Media Must Refuse to Book Her

  1. Conway represents the most foul, corrupt White House in our history. Traitor trump flaunts the law on a daily basis and the gop sycophant quislings cringe and slink away. This must end. Traitor trump, his corrupt mob family and all their associates must be removed from government, tried, convicted and imprisoned for life. Perhaps that will deter another wannabe dictator.

    • Tell us how you REALLY feel, Tilphousia. 🙂

      (I love your passion)

  2. How could anyone be shocked by Trump’s behavior or anyone in his administration? We all saw him and his “birther” issue for several years. we all saw the vile, racist, sexist and yes, mimicry of hanicapped people for the lenght of his tenure too date. Now if we continued to watch we would have also seen all the incredible , stupid, partsan , non-functional people he put into delicate positions along with some of the most uninformed and unknowledgeable people in the United States into positions that actually required prior knowledge of those positions so they could begin their tenyure by hitting the ground and moving in the right direction.

    So, how can anyone be shocked when it is announced that any of these people violate whatever rule they choose to ignore and expect the White House and their minions to say anything other than “FAKE NEWS” once again?

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