Tyrant-Loving NRA/Fox News Hack Warns: ‘It’s Time for Us to Protect the Crown’ (Trump)

Members of the Fraternity of Right-Wing Crackpots occasionally make the fatal mistake of saying something that accurately represents what they truly believe. Under ordinary circumstances they try fervently to mask their ugly opinions behind pseudo-populist dogma that appeals to low-information dweebs who like being lied to. But their arrogance and undeserved self-confidence works against their own interests and sometimes results in unauthorized eruptions of candor.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

An excellent example of that occurred when Dan Bongino, a Fox News contributor and NRA spokesman, delivered a motivational speech to encourage his followers to vote in November (video below). Motivational speeches from the conservative perspective are generally rants filled with fear mongering, race baiting, and/or falsehoods designed to instill irrational anger. And this one was typical in that respect.

Bongino started on a low note by making a peculiar defense of the Trump administration’s record of failure. ““I think what’s starting to happen here folks,” he began, “is I think Trump and his team are finally getting their sea legs.” Wow. And after only fifteen months in office. This is supposed to be a pep talk? Then Bongino rattles off what he thinks are Trump’s successes: North Korea, Iran, tax cuts, unemployment, eliminating the ObamaCare mandate, cutting Obama regulations, and reversing climate change reforms. All of these are issues on which the American people sharply disagree with the Trump administration. So it’s hard to honestly portray them as successes. But Bongino was just getting started:

“I think the voter out there is finally starting to get excited, and finally starting to realize that if we lose this election, make absolutely no mistake. If we lose the House, this president will in fact, be impeached. There’s no question about it. It’s time for us to protect the crown.”

“Protect the crown”? This little slip exposes the mentality of the far-right in America. They really do think that Trump is a strongman dictator who should allowed to do anything he wants without the annoying interference of Congress, the judiciary, or – god forbid – the people. They prefer to be ruled over by a paternal tyrant, rather than govern themselves the way the Founders intended.

To be fair, Bongino did catch himself and tried to walk back the “crown” remark, but only because he was afraid of what Media Matters might say. Then he shouts defiantly “You know what I mean. Get out and vote.” What he means is that their vote is necessary to prevent Trump from being impeached. Whether or not that’s true, he’s admitting that there is a legal basis for impeachment that might succeed. That’s a great position for him to take – for Democrats. Now the Democrats don’t even need to campaign on impeachment because Republicans like Bongino are reminding the nation that Trump is a criminal who won’t escape accountability by the law if the Congress changes hands.

What’s curious about this catalog of alleged “winning” is a subject that was conspicuously left out: Guns. That’s right, the NRA’s mouthpiece didn’t even mention guns once. The entire tirade was focused on a bevy of other purely political issues. This puts the lie to the claim that the NRA is gun owners advocacy group. They are a nakedly partisan political organization that is doing the bidding of their Republican masters. That is, when they aren’t lobbying for the firearms manufacturers (or Russians) who bankroll their operation. And in order to achieve the goals of the GOP (Greedy One Percent) they are willing to abandon long-held American principles of democracy and follow wannabe dictators lock-step into tyranny.

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