Sarah Palin Refudiates Solidarity, Wisconsin Workers

Sarah PalinAmerica’s foremost Facebook pundit, Sarah Palin, has posted a new ghostwritten bulletin addressing the tumultuous situation in Wisconsin. In it she seeks to drum up opposition to unions and the working people of America who form their ranks. She advises her “union brothers and sisters” that they “don’t have to kowtow to the union bosses” whom she says are using them. In the process she offers her own definition of “solidarity:”

“Solidarity doesn’t mean making Wisconsin taxpayers pay for benefits that are not sustainable and affordable at a time when many of these taxpayers struggle to hold on to their own jobs and homes. Real solidarity means everyone being willing to sacrifice and carry our share of the burden. It does no one any favors to dismiss the sacrifices others have already had to make—in wage cuts, unpaid vacations, and even job losses—to weather our economic storm.”

Apparently Palin’s view of solidarity is disbanding organized efforts to advocate on behalf of workers. She thinks that by dissolving the collective bargaining clout that unions provide and foregoing representation so that every worker is an island without any capacity to negotiate with powerful government and corporate institutions, somehow their interests will magically manifest themselves overnight.

Palin also advances the falsehood that unions are demanding unsustainable and unaffordable benefits. The truth is that the unions have already stated their willingness to compromise on benefits, but they are steadfastly against Gov. Walker’s demand that they also give up their right to collective bargaining. So it’s the governor who is standing in the way of fiscal reform, and the only reason for doing so is to bust the unions. Keep that in mind the next time you hear him lie about wanting to reduce the state’s deficit.

Palin’s argument that everyone should be “willing to sacrifice” dishonestly ignores the fact that it was Gov. Walker who reduced taxes on corporations, causing the current budget crisis. Now, after easing the burden on the wealthy, he is asking only the middle-class to sacrifice. And Palin’s phony attempt to manufacture sympathy for those who have already taken pay cuts or lost work is bound to backfire. She thinks that she can portray union members as enjoying lavish lifestyles at the expense of everyone else. But what the working people of Wisconsin (and America) will see is the obvious value of union membership. They will see that not being in a union puts them at the mercy of well organized employers. They will see that strength in numbers and effective representation is the best way to protect the interests of working families. Those non-union workers who have suffered already are more likely to want to join unions than bash them.

The sad thing is that Palin’s ghostwritten Facebook post will likely receive more attention than the counter-arguments that make much more sense. The media is still fixated on the ramblings of this self-serving, inarticulate failure. But worse than that, the media has a pro-business bias that is inescapable. Almost every TV network and major newspaper has dedicated business coverage. There are three cable channels dedicated to business news. Where is the labor news channel? Where is the labor section in the Sunday Times?

It is due to this disparity that the Wisconsin protests are so important for the whole country. This is the only way to force labor issues into the mediasphere. And while the GOP/Tea Party faction has been duped into opposing policies that are in their own best interest, they are an insignificant slice of the populace whose views are not shared by the mainstream. It’s time that the press stop slobbering over these pathetic miscreants and pay attention to America’s working majority.


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21 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Refudiates Solidarity, Wisconsin Workers

  1. “…is bound to backfire…”

    What will backfire are the tactics that the Dems are using. Here’s what happens in the real world: If you refuse to show up for work, then you get fired. If you get caught lying about your use of sick leave, then you get fired. This is not going to sit well with the majority of people.

    • the real world, scott? the real world? get some facts, scott. (do you know what real facts are?) then you go comment on the real world.

      • I don’t mean to offend Marilyn, but you gotta do better than that against these guys.

    • Yeah, that is what usually happens isn’t it? However, things are usually a shitload more complicated than just refusing to show up for work, especially when thousands do so simultaneously. As for the sick leave thing, I don’t know wtf you’re talking about there. Pretty sure this isn’t about lying about sick leave.

      I’ve only really worked for small businesses so I couldn’t join or start a union if I wanted to. That said I HAVE on multiple occasions, been fucked over by my small business employer and I had no choice but to take it or start looking elsewhere. After the meltdown it got much worse. No bargaining power equals no power whatsoever, no say in anything. And why should we have power over our employers? Right? It’s only what makes or breaks our whole lives. Make no mistake, when the labor market is FLOODED, abuse by employers SKYROCKETS. And if you’re not in a union, the only power you have is to quit.

      • What some people fail to realize that the unions have helped non-union workers. I have never been a union member even when I was civil service and was never forced to join one either. But here is what they have done to help all of us.

        Helped get safety laws in place.
        Helped get child labor laws in place.
        Helped establish a 5 day work week.
        Helped establish minimum wages for all of us.
        Helped establish rights in the work place.

        These are just some of the things we all have received from the benefits of unions.

        By the way one state is trying to take away the child labor law for children under 14 yrs old. Is that what you all want to go back to? Remember why these laws were put in place. Without them we’d all be up shits creek.

        • I forgot to say

          Helped get us sick leave.
          Helped get us annual leave.

          Add anymore you can think of.

          • And let’s not forget to add to your list – making a mediocre and/or poor work ethic acceptable.

            • There you are. You are an idiot. A complete fucking idiot. You just can’t reason with stupid. Believe me you are stupid and an idiot.
              You can find good and bad employees in and out of unions. I have worked with both although again I have never been in a union. That is a very stupid comment to make.

              Oh, your ok with corporations work ethics? You don’t care that some want to take away child labor laws. You know that means if congress does that they can hire children under 14 yrs old and lower the wages. You know that is what they will do if they get the chance right? Then again you don’t care. I hope you loose your job so you can experience what many are experiencing out in the country. Then come back and talk. Funny how many middle class families are collecting food stamps now who used to think people who collected food stamps were lazy people. They don’t think that way now.

              What I said goes. You should thank your lucky stars that unions got YOU the rights you enjoy today.

      • Here’s a suggestion with respect to being “fucked over”. Get some skills that have more value and you can do more of what you want and get a better deal for yourself. Unions are best at protectign low skill, low motivation workers – if you have any worthwhile skills – unions are no good for you – you’ll be held back.

        • That comment demonstrates a severe ignorance of (and prejudice against) unions and their members. You think they all clean hotel rooms and pick lettuce (which are respectable and necessary services). But there are unions for nurses and writers and lawyers and pharmaceutical researchers, etc.

          Unions are simply cooperative organizations that advocate on behalf of people who would otherwise be at the mercy of giant, greedy, soulless corporations. Apparently you are on the side of the soulless corporations.

          • Keep believing that. I live in a heavy union state and have worked in the union environment since I graduated college – not as a member – 20 years and I have it right. I think you have bought the union propoganda and like to spread that BS – which is all it is.

        • Ah yes, not getting a check for several days after pay day, or even a full week is MY fault. A business suddenly closing it’s doors WITHOUT notice to it’s workers leaving us all out on our asses is because of my SKILL LEVEL. Cronyism and blatant nepotism TRUMPING my ACTUAL hard work and well surveyed skills is my fault. Man, I now know why they labeled you guys the red party; it’s cause you make us SEE RED!!

          • Also, READ the fucking comment!!!! I have never been in a union!!.………..get some skills??? HOW WOULD I HAVE GOTTEN THE JOBS IN THE FIRST PLACE???

  2. “…the real world? Get some facts, Scott…”

    I gave you facts. If you continously don’t show up for work, and/or if you get caught using sick leave when you’re not sick, then you get fired.

    • why even respond to that Scott…?

      • I dunno maybe he forgot where all the good things that happened to the working people came from the sweat off the backs of union workers.

        I was reading this morning on a blog (I can’t remember which one) that people in WI unions can opt out of having their union dues go to any political party. I wonder how many people know that? I bet not many. Did you know that 82% success rate of kids staying in school in WI. So they must be doing something right. How sad that teachers and other publics workers are being made the bad guys. Mr. Reich is right when he says the republican party is dividing workers against each other. Wake up tea partiers. You are being used.

        • Yes, all good things happened because of the “sweat off the backs of union workers” You all seem to have a very low opinion of the successful workers in this country that did it all on their own WITHOUT union help – which the last time i checked is the majority of the working people of this country. Mostly unskilled, poorly motivated people NEED unions to be successful – which is fine for some, but get off this idea that unions have everything to do with individual success. One exception I’ll give is building trades apprentice programs, which can provide a lot of good training.

          • Low opinion? Where did you get that from? Nothing anyone has said here has even IMPLIED a low opinion of anyone outside of unions. I still don’t think you’re reading skills have improved either. I AM NOT IN A UNION, nor do I have future plans to find a union job or start a union at my job now. I don’t have much choice now after the meltdown if I want to work and try to get my degree. I am not 50, I am not 40 or even 30, I am 24. I am trying to build my life at the WORST POSSIBLE time that my AND YOUR generation has EVER SEEN. GET SOME SKILLS???? I COULDN’T FIND A JOB EVEN IF I HAD DEGREE NOW. Man, fuck you Steve. You live in a goddamn bubble. No wonder you don’t get it, you aren’t feeling the consequences of the crisis are you? A diminished 401k? Comparatively, that’s an easy problem to deal with. MY FUTURE will be uncertain (yes, again) EVEN WITH A DEGREE. You think history won’t repeat itself if unions are destroyed? You think already non-union workers won’t get fucked more often when they do go? Why do you think it’s ok to lump every person together as if they all have no skills, no education, no value to society? Why are you valuable Steve? Why should I nod and shake your hand and thank god we have you instead of flipping you the bird? EXPLAIN TO ME STEVE, why you think I can simply ‘acquire some skills’ and turn into you, an anti-progress republican who says FUCK EVERYONE BUT ME AND MY REPUBLICAN FRIENDS. HOW DID YOU GET THIS WAY???

            You piss me off Steve, you piss me off

  3. Faux”News” pundits Lie about Dems and Progressives or use selective memory when leaving out important details about issues that adversly affect Republican and Conservatives every day.
    They don’t seem to be in any danger of losing there jobs. In fact, they get better ratings and garner a higher wage as a result of that dishonesty. I think that sends a bad message to our youth that it is OK to Lie–If you can get rich doing it.

    • The demographs are people 65 yrs and older. I am 63 yrs old and I see clear when I am being used and lied too. I pay attention and read allot. If I want facts I don’t go to Fox Republican Network. If you don’t know that they lie all the time than you can’t be helped.

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