Brett Kavanaugh’s Angry, Partisan, Yelling, and Crying Has Likely Torpedoed His Nomination

The single most damaging witness so far for the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United is without a doubt – Brett Kavanaugh. His opening statement was an extended, foaming at the mouth diatribe filled with invective and grievances against his perceived enemies. Donald Trump made it known that he was unhappy with Kavanaugh’s performance during his pitiful interview on Fox News. But if he thinks this was the way to rehabilitate his tattered reputation, he’s only proving that his faulty judgment makes him unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh

The most notable impression left by Kavanaugh will be that he was furious with the women who were making allegations about his behavior, and with the Democrats in Congress who are seeking the truth. But his unhinged harangue will be viewed after the fact as detrimental to his confirmation. The spectacle of a potential justice of the Supreme Court throwing a public tantrum like this only reinforces the opinions of those who believe that he doesn’t have the temperment to do the job.

No one would hold it against him that he cried during his testimony. Well, no one except the President of the United States, Donald Trump. On more than a few occasions Trump has mocked others for showing such emotion. He routinely referred to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer as “Cryin’ Chuck.” Should we expect a similarly disrespectful tweet from the President about “Cryin’ Brett”? And if Trump was disappointed with Kavanaugh’s appearance on the friendly Fox News network, what must he be thinking now after this extended display of shouting and weeping? If anything, it makes the charges that he is a belligerent drunk more believable.

Perhaps the most harmful part of Kavanaugh’s rant was his ferocious condemnation of Democrats. He implied that they had “laid in wait” and plotted to “blow me up and take me down.” His repetitious attacks made it clear that he regards the party as a political foe. He accused Democrats of conducting a campaign against him that was “well financed” by some unnamed and evil benefactor (George Soros?). He described their opposition to him in conspiratorial terms resembling Trump’s references to a “Deep State” cabal. Specifically, Kavanaugh said that his critics were deploying a “political hit” as “revenge on behalf of the Clintons.” Seriously?

With that sort of brazen and vile partisanship, how can Kavanaugh be relied upon to be a neutral arbiter of the law? His extreme prejudice is starkly apparent. And whether or not one believes he has justification to feel this way, it disqualifies him to be a justice whose impartiality is mandatory. No judicial authority can be allowed to harbor such obvious biases. He could certainly withdraw and run for the senate, where his partisanship would be expected. But he has morally resigned as any kind of judge and now needs to recognize that fact and resign in reality.

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11 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh’s Angry, Partisan, Yelling, and Crying Has Likely Torpedoed His Nomination

  1. I submit Kavanaugh’s ire and crying jag, truly an adult tantrum, is the result of those feelings of entitlement that boys of his class and education cling to. It’s all they know. And because I am a die-hard grammarian, I was starteld by his misuse of “laid”; a student in a Jesuit school would have been drilled on conjugating irregular verbs like “lie, lay” and he twice misuses the verb “lie.” (He implied that they had “laid in wait” and plotted to “blow me up and take me down.”) The parenthetical sentence is from your article and the verb “laid” should be “lay” or “lain.” Of course, he may have been staggeringly drunk during those lessons.

  2. He’s playing the victim card for sure

  3. Watch the FucksPods announce that it was Dr Ford who was “angry, partisan, yelling, and crying.” And the Reich will ignore every bit of what happened today and vote to confirm anyway. Disgusting.

    And their mindless sheep will accept every word of it.

  4. I swore I wasn’t going to watch, and I didn’t see most of the beginning of the hearing. with Dr. Ford’s questioning, although I was LMFAO during Kavanaugh’s opening remarks!! He’s such a PUTZ!!
    And what bothered me the most was his skirting around the questions when they asked for a Yes or No answer… especially since they were on such a limited time. (Go Kamala!!)
    All Politics and accusations aside, I would not trust him in such a high position when he will not even give a straight answer during his own hearing!!

  5. He doesn’t know how to give a straight answer to a question. His opening remarks, which he claimed to have written all by himself and he didn’t share it with anyone or show it to anyone other than a former intern of his, was clearly co-authored by Donald Trump.

  6. I heard him on radio. So glad to get to my destination and turn his hysterics off. I surely would not want to have any case of mine before such and emotional sidewinder of a judge. Loved the photo of his wife, who looked like she didn’t even like him and knew he was a snake-in-the-grass.

  7. Although it is refreshing to see the sniveling punk without his usual entitled-boy smirk disgracing his face.

  8. Lets gather all the above collected thoughts and posit them together…

    As a judge, Kavanaugh showed much emotional self-pity while crying without so much as even having a crocodile tear roll down the cheek. Also, at times he was belligerent, defiant at times in filibustering or remaining silent in refusing to answer questions, rested only on himself as the victim here in having his reputation destroyed precluding no fault of his own. He also proved how partisan he is in blaming and chastising the left and Democrats. That is not the quality one seeks for an open-minded and impartial judge to sit on the supreme court for the rest of their working lives.

    OK, now imagine for a moment if you will, if Ford had acted out in the same fashion…

  9. It was telling that he blamed all his troubles on the Clintons which showed enough right wingnuttery by itself to make him unfit for the Supreme Court. Political extremists have no place on the court.

  10. It’s a shame Al Franken is no longer on the judiciary committee. Franken would have put this smug, smarmy, self-entitled rich asshole in his place: “So based on your performance today, I guess people who describe you as belligerent are lying?’

  11. The man can’t tell the truth. Maryland was 21 to purchase beer. He claimed that 18 year old high school seniors could purchase beer. Only if they drove to DC where the law hadn’t been changed yet. A lie and obscurification.

    The law was different in the District of Columbia. There, until 1986, 18-year-olds could legally buy and consume beer. That means Kavanaugh was legal there for only the final four months of his senior year at Georgetown Prep, following his Feb. 12, 1983 birthday.

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