An Alleged (and Smelly) Smear Campaign Against Robert Mueller is Burning Up the Internet

The StormTrumpers are on the march. Whenever Donald Trump is in trouble, there is a rapid response team of defenders who fan out across the InterTubes to either deny that there is anything untoward afoot, or to clumsily try to change the subject with unrelated and unfounded distractions.

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Something like that may be going on now as a bombshell story broke regarding special counsel Robert Mueller. Natasha Bertrand of the Atlantic published a story on Tuesday about an alleged scheme to tarnish the otherwise pristine reputation of Mueller with accusations of sexual harassment or assault. Bertrand’s article reported that:

“A company that appears to be run by a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist offered to pay women to make false claims against Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the days leading up to the midterm elections—and the special counsel’s office has asked the FBI to weigh in.”

The story has all the ingredients of a risque melodrama. It revolves around a woman who says that she was offered $20,000 to make a public accusation of sexual misconduct against Mueller. There was no truth to the charges. The woman, who identified herself as Lorraine Parsons, said that the offer came from a private intelligence firm called Surefire Intelligence. This firm has connections to a GOP activist named Jack Burkman and a notorious pro-Trump conspiracy theorist, Jacob Wohl. Wohl had already been hyping a “scandalous” Mueller story since Tuesday morning.

Bertrand’s article contains more details along with some provocative speculation. And there is more here from NBC. At this early stage of the story it’s impossible to ascertain whether there is any substance to it. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone if it turns out to be true. This is the sort of depravity that dirty tricksters like Wohl and Roger Stone and Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft engage in on a regular basis. And Burkman is well known for having led his own investigation of the deplorable and debunked conspiracy theory about the murder of Seth Rich.

While it would be prudent to wait for more information to develop before coming to any conclusions, there is one lesson that can be learned and applied for future targets of similar allegations. The first thing that Mueller did after being apprised of this affair was to refer it to the FBI and ask them to investigate it. That’s the behavior of an innocent man. Unlike that of now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh – and his protectors in Trump’s White House and the Republican Party – who all refused to cooperate with a comprehensive probe into the charges against him.

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Presumably we will hear more about this as information becomes available. And the FBI’s report will also shed light on the matter, assuming it’s released to the public. In the meantime, it will be interesting to watch the right-wing conspirators twisting in the wind as they struggle to make excuses for the crimes that are being alleged and unveiled. Generally when they resort to this sort of underhanded activity, their nervous reactions tend to expose their eventual guilt. Keep the popcorn handy for this one.


7 thoughts on “An Alleged (and Smelly) Smear Campaign Against Robert Mueller is Burning Up the Internet

  1. This is exactly how the Russians laid out the Family Values Republican game plan. They are still pulling Trump’s strings making him dance to their anti-Semitic propaganda. Jared is no more “Jewish” in nature or practice then Trump is a real Christian. Trump’s father was a KuKluxKlan member who also hated Catholics, and was at the Nazi Rally in NYC in Madison Square Garden.

  2. This feels like a badger game.
    The badger game is an extortion scheme, often perpetrated on married men, in which the victim or “mark” is tricked into a compromising position to make him vulnerable to blackmail.

    Fake Lorraine?
    Jane Mayer, of the New Yorker, wrote on Twitter: “This started w/ a person claiming to be ‘Lorraine’ emailing that ‘she’ worked with Mueller at a law firm in 1974. The law firm she named, Pillsbury, says no Lorraine worked in its S.F. office with Mueller in the 1970’s. That’s a fact. The rest seems fishier than a tuna sandwich.”

    Fake workers?
    the Jacob Wohl-linked “intelligence” firm tied to an attempt to smear Mueller used stolen photos, including headshots of model Bar Refaeli and Sigourney Weaver’s husband, to make up fake staffers.

    Real phone number.
    Jacob gave us comment at first, but went quiet when we told him Surefire Intelligence’s phone number redirected to a voicemail account registered to his mom.

    Real email.
    With some record analysis, The Hill Reporter confirmed that Wohl’s email is associated with the Surefire Intelligence domain name.

    • There is some speculation that the whole thing was an attempt to pass off a phony story, then if someone bought it and published it they would be shamed for having been taken in. The purpose being to make the media look like bad.

      The good news is that no one fell for it. The stories I’ve seen have all acknowledged the shady details.

      • Total agreement. Trump would have had his red hats chanting “lying press”/Lügenpresse.


    Odd. Jacob Wohl says he doesn’t know nuttin’ about Surefire Intelligence, the firm tied to the bizarre Mueller allegations. Take a look at the photos below of Mathhew Cohen, head of ‘Surefire,’ and of Jacob Wohl.

    ((( Lazy Wohl only darkened the picture to obscure his true identity. Superman at least wore glasses. lol)))

  4. The right-wing rumor mill is pitiful, and exceedingly stupid. They can’t even come up with a quasi-plausible rumor. No, it’s dumbshit like Planned Parenthood selling body parts, HRC running a child slavery ring out of the basement of a DC pizza joint that has no basement, and now this inanity. And only $20K as a payoff? They are not only pitiful and stupid, they must be running out of $$$.

  5. @Annie You are on the money, DC pizza joint (Comet Ping Pong) had no basement and the rumor was that when people asked for a cheese pizza (C.P.) that was code for child pornography. I’m still confused as how Alex Jones believes that they moved the kiddy sex dungeons to Mars. Seems a bit out there.

    Getting stranger and stranger. Inglorious Basterds Col. Hans Landa, actor Christoph Waltz supposedly works for Surefire Intelligence. All these fake employees were put in place so later on someone would have egg on their face.

    Hans Landa – First Scene
    Surefire Intelligence’s “Financial Investigator” in Zurich is Christoph Waltz. What a great hire!

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