Trump Snubs Howard Schultz Because America Already Has ‘Not the Smartest Person’ as President

As the 2020 presidential campaign season begins to unfold, there is one prospective candidate who has never stopped running for four straight years: Donald Trump. He announced his reelection campaign before he was even inaugurated. And for the entirety of his first two years in office Trump has postured as only a candidate would by attacking his past and future opponents and boasting interminably about his imagined accomplishments.

Donald Trump

Enter former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz. The billionaire baron of a premium coffee chain told Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes that he is seriously considering an independent campaign for president. Should he decide to run he will present Trump with the kind of political gift that can’t be bought with money. He would have zero chance of winning. However, he could dilute the anti-Trump vote sufficiently to allow Trump to prevail in a close race. The likelihood of that scenario is already earning Schultz the contempt of every American who is devoted to returning the nation to sane, responsible leadership. But it has also earned predictable whining from the notoriously infantile current occupant of the White House:

First of all, due to Trump’s childish simplicity it is way too easy to observe his pedantic attempts at psychological manipulation. He is essentially calling Schultz a “chicken” in order to bait him into running. Trump might was well stick his tiny hands in his armpits, flap his flabby elbows and start squawking. Clearly he needs Schultz to run and he’s doing what he can to encourage him.

Nevertheless, Trump has provided a pretty darn good reason why Schultz should pass up this opportunity. In maligning the intelligence of Schultz, Trump reminded everybody that America already has “not the smartest person” as President. That’s a hill that Trump can confidently be the king of. So what would be the incentive to replace him with someone who couldn’t claim that high level of stupidity? There is only room for one Village Idiot and Trump’s got that pegged.

As if to underline his profound idiocy, Trump even brought up the fact that Starbucks is a tenant in his Manhattan high rise. This can only only serve to remind people of the scores of financial ethical traps that he is waltzing through. Most are much more problematic than this one, and include potentially unlawful payments from Kremlin-affiliated Russian oligarchs, Saudi potentates, and other conflicted foreign parties. It’s also pretty dumb in that Trump is revealing that he doesn’t know that Schultz is no longer running Starbucks.

In addition to the tweet about Schultz, Trump also lashed out at his own White House propaganda division, Fox News. Apparently a couple of correspondents had the temerity to accurately portray Trump’s caving on the government shutdown without getting funding for his precious vanity wall. And any criticism of Trump results in immediate punishment from the Crybaby Tweetster:

Let’s just set aside Trump’s impression of good poll numbers that are actually the worst ever recorded. What’s interesting here is that he’s surprised because he “Never thought I’d say this” about Fox News. That’s an admission that he has an open bias in favor of of his Fox friends that’s so strong it even shocked him that it could be strained in any way. However, even that is untrue. Trump has said much worse when he felt that Fox News wasn’t being sufficiently deferential to him. For instance:

That’s just more evidence that Trump will praise anyone who sucks up him, and insult anyone who criticizes him. Even if it’s the same person. And his lizard brain is too weak to notice it. All of which firmly cements his position as “not the smartest person.” In fact, they should retire the category because at this point it’s clear that he really doesn’t have any credible competition.

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