Just Like Trump: Fed Board Nominee Herman Cain is a Sexual Harasser Made Famous By Fox News

Apparently Donald Trump hasn’t been ridiculed enough yet for being an ignorant, propaganda mongering, reality TV sloganeer, who is mindlessly attached to his State TV brain trust at Fox News. Fox is a network whose mission is to advance the interests of corporations and the wealthy, along with an agenda of hatred and division. In other words, the social and political platform of Trump’s Republican Nationalist Party.

Donald Trump, Herman Cain

To that end, Trump is reported to be moving forward with his expected nomination of former pizza chain executive, Herman Cain, to the Federal Reserve Board. In many ways he’s the perfect nominee for Trump. He has no relevant experience in the work performed by the Fed. But he shares an embrace of incoherent right-wing myths that have been roundly repudiated by knowledgeable economists. And the two biggest reasons that Trump is tagging him for this post are his ignorance of macroeconomics and his prominent exposure on Fox News.

However, there’s another factor that may be boosting Cain’s profile with Trump. He was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment during his failed bid for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. And if you think that isn’t part of Trump’s recruiting criteria, just remember his support for the GOP Alabama senate candidate, Roy Moore. And his fervent advocacy of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And his close friendship with Bill O’Reilly. And his partnership with former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. And his hiring of former Fox News president Bill Shine. Does there seem to be a pattern developing here?

When the sexual harassment controversies began to engulf Cain, Trump was right there to provide immoral support. He defended Cain by maligning the women accusing him of being fame seekers:

“They probably do love their names splashed across the front pages. And frankly, that’s not a good situation and I don’t think it’s a fair situation. And I think Herman should take very, very strong action, even if he has to bring a major lawsuit against the women.”

Of course. Because what do women love more than exposing themselves and their families to media circuses obsessed with their private sexual lives? Trump seems to think that this sort of intrusive scrutiny is every little girl’s dream. He also thinks that Cain was the victim of a now familiar conspiracy that he called “a very ugly witch hunt.”

Trump, of course, is himself the subject of accusations from at least sixteen women who assert that he harassed, and even assaulted them. And he has similarly defended himself by making spurious charges against his victims. But he has never taken the advice he gave to Cain by suing his accusers. Although he swore that “All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.” Perhaps he doesn’t have enough lawyers to handle that as well as the problems emerging from his conspiracy with Russia and the subsequent obstruction of justice.

It’s curious that Trump would choose now to wade into these waters that are so perilous to his own reputation (or lack thereof). He has taken to mocking Joe Biden over allegations of inappropriate touching. On that subject Trump posted a disgusting video meme on Twitter intending to hurt Biden. But as these things often go, it was far more hurtful to Trump because it reminds people of his own bad behavior as well as affirms his grossly infantile approach to serious subjects.

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Still, he does have Fox News trying to shield him from criticism and attacking his critics. Which they are doing with devotion, but they’re getting worse at it every day. And now they need to figure out how they will put a happy face on Trump’s nomination of a sexually harassing, failed politician, with zero credentials for the job he’s being tapped to perform. That won’t be easy, but they have lots of experience doing it.


2 thoughts on “Just Like Trump: Fed Board Nominee Herman Cain is a Sexual Harasser Made Famous By Fox News

  1. Another hate trump social media website. I believe Herman Cain was in charge of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City for a number of years. I believe it was from 1989 to 1996 you should really check your sources before reporting half truths . I believe creepy uncle Joe Biden is up to 7 allegations so far. I did not get that information from For News I got it from NBC News. Then you idiots wonder why trump calls everything fake news. For starters you put out a article with half truths. You slant as a bashing of Trump. Did you ever think the man is actually trying to make our country better. He has been dogged by democrats and lies for over 2 years. That’s ok though you and the rest of the main stream media will be cleaning egg of your faces for a very long time The Russia collusion delusion was a joke from day one. None of the convictions or guilty pleas have anything to do with Russia. They are all for false tax returns lying to Congress lying to the FBI lying on bank loan applications. Failure to register as a foreign lobbyist sounds like a huge nothing burger. I can assure you the trump supporters are wise to what is going on here. We know we have been duped for over 2 years and we are extremely angry. All morons and the trump haters are doing is ensuring that trump wins by a landslide. You are also ensuring that the republicans get 60 seats in the senate and that the house gets flipped back to red. When that happens republicans will no longer need democrats at all. Then President Trump will be able to do the job we sent to Washington to do. The country can be run without democrats after all it was Crying Chuck Schumer that said before trump was sworn in that this President would get nothing from democrats. Well come January 2021 republicans will not need democrats at all. All the blame will rest at the feet of the trump haters and the democrats and the lying main stream media.

  2. Too much here to bother commenting . I see what I see and what I see is incompetence, lying, and evil manipulation at the highest level. Want to create a panicked humanitarian crisis at the Mexican border,? Just threaten to build a wall and people from the southern countries panic at the idea of not ever seeing thei r family members in the US again, and become convince the members sending their earnings home will not be able to do it afterthe wall is built. No wonder people grabbed what they could and tried to get here before the wall could stop them. 45 knew what he was doing and what evil he does he does well. We still are not done with investigations into 45s business and tax return activities yet. So it’s too eady to give him a mulligan on those issues. The man is a malignant narcissist thug and those who don’t see that need to get some counseling and see why they are so blind and ignorant.
    We who live out here in the nation know when our districts are gerrymandered and our votes not counted. We are not nearly as gullible and foolish as the Trumpsters. Its not hate to see the dangers and respond to them. Too bad so many people are so easiily swayed by the lies they want to hear, instead of being guided by the truths honest people tell. But if they want a war when it all turns to dust, we are ready to fight for our country, Expect it.

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