Wannabe Dictator Trump Proposes Violating Constitution Due to Supreme Court’s Census Decision

The examples of Donald Trump trying to subvert the Constitution that he allegedly swore to defend keep piling up. Whether it’s his efforts to suppress the media that he calls “the enemy of the people,” or enriching himself with money from foreign governments, or his attempts to ban immigrants based on their religion, or his phony national “emergency” to get funding for his border wall, or his threats to engage in warfare without the consent of Congress. Trump has demonstrated that he has zero respect for the document that defines America’s principles.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

On Thursday morning the Supreme Court issued a ruling that dashed the Trump administration’s hopes of perverting the census by adding a question on citizenship. The Court sent the matter back to the district court that already ruled against Trump. But rather than respecting the decision, Trump lashed out on Twitter (of course) with a flagrantly contra-legal suggestion:

It won’t surprise anyone to learn that Trump is incapable of grasping why the citizenship question is improper and discriminatory. His only interest is in distorting the census results by smothering responses from immigrant residents. He doesn’t know that the census is a count of ALL those residing in the United States, without respect to citizenship. And his purpose – along with the Trump Republican Nationalist Party – is to repress the representation of districts that traditionally vote Democratic.

It’s a purely political motivation that is driving Trump. But his intention to delay the census for his partisan benefit is also unpatriotic and unconstitutional. The census is stipulated to take place by Article I, Section 2 of the US Constitution. It isn’t voluntary or discretional. And federal law goes even farther to assign an April 1st date for the census to be undertaken. Trump’s tweet, therefore, expresses a blatant desire to breach the Constitution and federal law – again. Ironically, the census is found in the same section of the Constitution that grants Congress the sole power of impeachment. Maybe that’s why Trump is avoiding it.

The fact that Trump can announce these criminal acts so publicly is reflective of his disrespect for the law and his aspirations for the powers of the tyrants he admires (Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, etc.). He often comments on his jealously of their despotic rule. And remarks like these refute any claim that he might have just been joking.

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The American people want and deserve an accurate census. And Trump’s efforts to undermine that for his own purposes have – for the time being – been blocked. But the real patriots in this country need to remain vigilant, because Trump has shown that he will continue to defile the Constitution every chance he gets if he isn’t stopped. It’s shocking and sad that we are all now conscripted into having to defeat the President’s unconstitutional ambitions.


3 thoughts on “Wannabe Dictator Trump Proposes Violating Constitution Due to Supreme Court’s Census Decision

  1. would someone please inform the blowhard-in-chief that the Constitution, Article I, Section 2, third paragraph, in addressing the Census, uses the word ‘persons’ not “citizens”.

    In other locations the Constitution refers to citizens, so the Founders knew the difference, something that Trump clearly does not know…

  2. We really MUST stop using the term “Republican” to refer to the Trump Worshiper Party. There is no longer any republican, small r (let alone democratic, small d), principle in the Trump Worshiper Party. All we have is an IngSoc Party dedicated to placating the baby ego of an unworthy god; a Big Bother who thinks everyone who won’t bow down before him and lick his orange-colored ass is Emmanuel Goldstein.

    Dear TrumpBots: Again, we MUST ask this: What. Will. It. Take? Your Beloved God has repeatedly demonstrated his utter contempt for the country he falsely swore to serve and to protect, the government he falsely purports to represent, WE THE PEOPLE who EMPLOY him to represent US, not just those who worship him, the Constitution establishing our laws and our principles, and the leaders of the world who know him for the baby he is. And the longer he remains in office, the less respect we have from those whom we need most.

    And one last thing, TrumpBots: Your Beloved God’s respect is given solely to America’s enemies – those who have committed terrorist acts against this country and are ready to do so again. You think they respect YOU? No, Tyrannus Corruptus, they do not – they know what they have in you: a little p*ssy who will do anything they tell him to do, and will just sit by as they continue to commit acts against everything we used to stand for. That’s on YOUR fake-hair topped head, Tyrannus Corruptus. ‘

    And so we again ask you, TrumpBots: What must Your Beloved God DO for you to understand what he is? What we’ve always KNOWN he is, and you are too f*cking stupid to truly understand. Sooner or later, this domestic terrorist you worship will turn against YOU as well — because you are giving him license to do just that. And his baby ego WILL attack you along with everyone else. Like the moral of The Scorpion and the Frog, it is the nature of the Scorpion. And the false god you persist in worshiping. What will you do about it? And blaming Your Goldsteins will not work forever.

    • Kali, Maybe they choose to forget both Russia and North Korea have Nuclear bombs aimed at Trumpbot’s babies, too. It’s not only sane people that should find that wrong, yet the “locksteppers” ignore a true Fact. They choose to ignore Vladimir Putin control of Trumpf’s speech. Trumpf praises him and Kim of NK to appease his Russian handlers. On he World stage he attacks our own American Intelligence Agencies since Putin orders him to. Trumpbots are fine with being dominated by Putin since they all think he’s “tough” like Trumpf, his lap dog. They forget he also attacks any Family Values Republican who does not cower before him, which means they too could be attacked during his tantrums. They are responsible for anything he does, never forget it.

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